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I wouldn’t say I’m a beauty product fanatic…but some may. Ahem…Mr. AWSL has so little of our bathroom vanity space it’s appalling… but I digress. I love beauty products. The skin creams, lotions, and potions all speak my language, hope and pampering:) The best beauty products smell divine, feel luxurious and promise to make things a bit prettier.

I have plenty of one-offs in my current arsenal but those things I know I’ll purchase again and again, get stockpiled when they’re on sale. Right now, Sephora is having its Beauty Insider Event so I went shopping.

It’s free to become an insider. Your level is based on how much you spend over the year. Rouge members save 20%, VIB members save 15%, and Insiders save 10%. I’m certainly not at the top level, but I do know a certain someone who is…I’m looking at you, Vanessa:). For this sale, you use the code HOLIDAYSAVE at checkout.

My picks are all cruelty-free, and many are an Allure best of beauty award winner.

Here’s what I’m reordering and what looks promising:


This Brow Wiz in Taupe is my favorite eyebrow pencil. It’s retractable, so no sharpening is involved. It comes with its own spoolie brush to finish the brows.

This Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. It’s a physical block that rubs all the way in and doesn’t leave a white cast.

This Lip Polish is a recent find and I’m obsessed with it. I love everything I’ve tried from Herbivore. This is a hydrating, sugar-based lip polish made with organic coconut oil, creamy shea butter, fine sugar, and Moroccan rose absolute. It smells amazing and gets rid of the flakes I get on my lips this time of year.

This Littles Set. I pretty much love everything I’ve tried from Drunk Elephant. I started getting their little sets to sample the products, but now I repurchase this one for travel. It’s got most of my favorites in tiny sizes, so it’s easy to pack and go.

This Ilia Multi-Stick in Dusty Rose. I’m on my third one of these. It’s great as a blush and now that I’m enjoying a nuder lip, I swipe this over my lip pencil and call it a day.

This will only be my second tube of Shadow Insurance because it’s taken me forever to go through my first one. I only use a tiny bit over and under my eyes before I put on makeup. It’s like glue for my eye makeup. Nothing budges, all day, even during allergy season.

This 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Smoke. I’m on my 5th or 6th of these. They’re very soft, come in tons of colors and stay on all day. The smoke is a deep gray that is perfect for my soft coloring.

Looks Promising

olaplex hair perfector

This Olaplex Hair Perfector has impressive reviews. Since I’m trying to wear my hair a bit longer, it may be a must-try for me.

Replica By The Fireplace fragrance. I’ve been on the hunt for a cruelty-free perfume for a while. This one sounds interesting. In fact, all of them do so I think this sample kit might be a smart way to try them.

herbivore exfoliating prism

I’m a big fan of exfoliation. It brightens without beating my skin to bits. This Prism Serum has a great combo of AHA and BHA, which sounds promising. The BHA is what clears the gunk and sebum out of your pores, which I seem to need more these days.

Do you have favorites you repeat over and over?

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. The Shadow Insurance sounds great, if it’s more than a 3-4 hour event, I don’t even try for eye shadow.

    This is off the subject. We are in Washington DC for 2 weeks. I am having a ball people watching. Wow, people dress so nicely here, especially compared to the town we came from, the Pacific NW place where it rains a lot. The coats! I have seen a black satin trench, a navy Dupioni silk coat, beautiful gray with a lavender lined big collar. Also those bigger necklaces and sparkly brooches (not at the same time) but lots more jewelry than you see ordinarily. This is daytime, working people. Younger men wear some very fitted suits, they must have spandex in suits now.
    Thanks to your blog, I can really pick out details as to why this is more interesting than that, kind of why they look more put together.

  2. I really like MAC lipsticks and eyeshadows, although I’m anxious to try the Shadow Insurance that you recommended. Sometimes my shadow creases or moves a bit. My all-time favorite skin care product is Dermadoctor’s Kakadu C serum with ferulic acid. I’ve used it every morning for years and it feels like it smooths and tightens my skin.

  3. Nyla Watson says:

    The Olaplex products are good for thinning hair! Shampoo and conditioner too.

  4. Moisturizer link broken.

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