Easing into Chinos- What I Wore

Happy Wednesday ladies. I suddenly realized that one option to replace my jeans this summer is already in my wardrobe. In fact, I have 3 pairs and wore them all during our trip to the mountains last weekend. I’ve never been a chino kind of gal, but the idea is obviously growing on me. Today I’m sharing how I styled my cotton pants outfit with a linen cardigan for dinner out at Gar Wood’s.


I now own these Riviera Slim pants in 2 colors and couldn’t love them more. My Almondine colored ones have gone through the washer and dryer (they’re supposed to be hung to dry) and came out fine. They did shrink a teeny/tiny bit, but they were on the large side for me, so it worked. This orchid color is so much fun and I’m seeing it everywhere this summer.

Style tip and note on color trends– I passed a group of women heading out of our hotel all dressed up for a wedding on Sunday afternoon. One was wearing a gorgeous 2-piece suit in this exact shade of Orchid. I knew it was a new outfit because this color is trending. Neutrals don’t get dated so it’s something to keep in mind when investing in dressy clothes you’ll keep in your wardrobe to wear for years to come.

I’ve worn these Ann Taylor mixed jersey tanks for years. The woven front elevates it just a touch from a standard tee. They have a straight hem so look just as nice untucked as they do tucked. They also hang away from your torso and drape nicely.

I’ve had this Eileen Fisher linen cardigan, similar here, and here, and here. for at least 15 years. I don’t think I’ve worn it for the last several summers but it’s a timeless piece I’ve held on to it. I disagree with people who tell you to purge things from your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in the last year. Investment and timelessness look different for every woman’s style and you need to stay true to your own.

woman walking down steps in sweater and pants from Banana rebulic factory outlet

The third pair of cotton pants I wore over the weekend but didn’t get a photo of was these cotton chinos from Banana Republic Factory. They’ve also been through the washer and dryer but did require a bit of steam to smooth out the bottoms. These are made specifically for the BR Factory. They fit very well and you can’t beat the price at under $40.

So many of you recommended we eat at Gar Woods that we decided to give it a try. We sat on the back deck with a view of the water, enjoying a fabulous meal as the sun went down. As a funny aside, they had just reprinted their menus, adding Alasken Halibut and I seemed to be the first person to notice it was spelled wrong :). I miss so many of my own spelling errors, it’s bizarre that I spot others.

Do you have a timeline for purging clothes from your wardrobe?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Cath🇨🇦 says:

    I have been going through my closet recently, choosing quality clothing for consignment… my body’s changed up top, so back zippers are becoming an issue.
    Just received my second cheque, so now $260 + is added to my travel fund.
    If a piece is not so saleable , but in good shape, it goes to the community service shop.
    I am working towards having only clothing in my soft autumn palette that fits what my 72 year old shape is presently…no more keeping clothing that does not fit , no matter the emotional tug. So a fond farewell to a silk dress that was worn for several birthday dinners… it was purchased by a lady with a smaller bust to wear at a wedding.
    Happily, I decided to hang on to a reversible , slightly quilted cotton jacket in shades of pale green which I bought at an April Cornell shop years ago… kind of boho, but I previously never seemed to be able to put it together with other clothes. After realizing it’s ‘still hanging in there’ for a reason, I found I had the perfect FDJ (Olivia) chinos in a soft green and a linen JCrew T-shirt which works so well. I finish off the look with my comfy Ilsa Jacobsen tan tulip shoes and creative chunky jewelry. Worn the outfit a few times now, and it just feels right.
    Just shows that sometimes it takes a few years for a good piece to get some love … and wear.
    Could it be that I’m learning some tips from you !?

    1. I love the story of your quilted jacket, Jan!! Thank you for sharing it. Very inspiring.

  2. Though I edit my closet(s) annually; I don’t think I necessarily have a purge timeline but garments have to have the following criteria — proper fit/be comfortable/suit my lifestyle/be of quality fabric/well made/ in good condition and be easy maintenance otherwise they go! That being said; as I am a classic dresser and do have some clothes that date back to several years, I browse the internet as a guideline of confirmation that similar is still being manufactured which assists in keeping myself current without having to radically indulge in trends, that IMHO are often marketed only to sale – sale -sale within a short time frame. Loving the chinos on you! -Brenda-

    1. That’s very clever of you Brenda.

  3. I love a good blue door. Mine is Mykonos blue.

  4. I think that if a color is trending and we love it, we should get it and wear it when the trend passes to make our hearts sing.

    1. I agree! I love this orchid and will wear it until things wear out.

  5. I just bought the Riviera and am ready to wear them as the temperatures rise!

  6. Because of you I bought the forever sweater from Banana Republic. I live in N. Florida and love the weight and fit of this one. Ordered a red one and now have a second one in camel on the way that I plan to wear with light weight chinos. Both sweaters were a bargain. Thanks!

    1. I’m so glad you love them as much as I do. They’re a great weight

  7. Proofreading trick (from someone who spent 40+ years in the business) — read the piece backwards. This technique forces one to focus on individual words, rather than skim over them.

    1. Great idea!!Thanks nancy

  8. Linda Barrett says:

    A nice look, but for my taste the black shoes are too heavy y. The chinos would look much better with the cream sandals you’re wearing with the blue pants. They’d elongate your legs too.

  9. I tend to give away trendy clothes but keep anything timeless that’s made well and fits well. I really like the chino pants

  10. My timeline for clothes is when they don’t fit well. Some fabrics bag out where they used to bounce back (pants in the knees and hips). Same for tops. I usually buy new tanks and t-shirts each spring and use a few old ones for when I’m cleaning the house. No sense ruining my good ones! My taste is classic with a few updated accessories added for going out and on various occasions.
    Your trip looks like a perfect getaway. So relaxing.

    1. It was very relaxing and so nice to escape the heat

  11. I especially have not purged as much in the last couple of years because we weren’t going out. I have things that I have had ten years and still wear. Timeless classic pieces. If I find I have stopped wearing them, maybe because the cut of a pant, I will purge them.

  12. I wore Chinos all the time but I have traded them for jeans colors, prints and shades of blue denim.
    I do have a pair of white chinos which I love.
    I do love your “out to dinner “ outfit. Very classy.

  13. Your chino outfits look beautiful and polished. I don’t currently have chinos in my wardrobe; I might need to remedy that situation! I think I’ve always associated chinos with khakis, which in my mind are more casual (and not in my color palette.) Also, I was a business education teacher for many years and have done my share of proofreading of students’ work. I think it’s more difficult to find our own misspellings and typos because our brain already knows what the text says and skips over the errors. We have to attend more when we read others’ writing.

    Thanks for another great post!

    1. That casual vibe is likely why I have not been attracted to them too.

    2. You must have been my business teacher 😀. I remember my amazing business teacher telling me about reading backward because we are our own worse proofreader. 😀

  14. Colleen Gander says:

    I am a classic style dresser so I rarely purge my closet. Colour choices sometimes date my look so I try to update easy or least expensive items if necessary. I am confused about the spelling of Alask(e,a)n. My son’s address on Alasken Drive bothers us all but it is the official mapped spelling.

  15. Hi Jennifer,

    Your black linen cardigan is a perfect example of why not to purge unmercifully. I know I keep way too much. However, I have a gorgeous periwinkle linen midi skirt that I have had for over 20 years. The quality and workmanship is outstanding and perfect for today’s trends. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I have a lot of garments in beautiful natural fabrics, wool, silk and linen that I just could not part with and now they are in vogue.

    Thank you for featuring the Banana Republic Factory items. I ordered the v-neck sweater in today’s post and just love it. I would have ordered the chinos too, but they were sold out in my size.

    Always enjoy your posts,

    1. I’m so glad you love the sweater too. Holding onto things we love that are beautifully made in fabrics we love is always a smart move :).

  16. I purge my closet every year, but it is only the trendier inexpensive or worn out items that I let go. Classic or unique pieces stay in my closet for years.
    I love the outfits you have on here. I have so many wide leg summer pants that I’m now looking for a slim leg chino in white to add. I wish we still had Loft stores in Canada.

    1. I hold on to the classic and unique pieces as well!

      1. Jennifer, you inspired me to shop at Banana Republic Factory for those chinos. Unfortunately we don’t have an online Canadian site for the Factory, so I drove (45 minutes) to the nearest location. They did not have the chinos you showed, but I ended up with the girlfriend utility pants ($43.19)and 2 of the forever sweaters ($11.99). I was impressed with the prices as I thought Canadian prices would be much higher as they are in their regular stores.
        This is why I like to try on pants instore – I thought I was a size 6 (I’m 5’7″) but I needed a 4, and they didn’t have a regular in size 4 so I ended up with a petite 4, which are just a bit shorter than ankle length, but perfectly fine.
        Thank you for the suggestions and I wish you could have had a commission on this.

      2. No worries! I’m so glad you had success and found great things!

  17. I have a pair of pale pink BR chinos in my closet that must be at least 10 years old. They were too tight for a while but recently tried them on after losing a few pounds and they fit perfectly. Wore them last week! Kept them because I love the color and style. I also have a very similar black linen cardigan that is often perfect for summer evenings-a classic.

    I normally ruthlessly purge my closet twice a year, but hold onto my classic stuff for years!

    1. Pink sounds fun! I hold on to classic and unique pieces.

  18. I love chinos. They have always been my “go to” pant. They can be dressed up or down and and actually come in different weights. Next to my jeans they are my most worn and comfortable pant to wear.

    1. I’m finding chinos have varying levels of formality which may be why I’ve never gravitated to them.

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