Dressing Room Diaries: Shiny and Bright

Today’s dressing room diaries is a day late for two reasons. My phone was acting up and my pictures were awful (the dog also ate my homework) then I didn’t have time to retake them because I got a surprise visit from my daughter. She rerouted some flights from her vacation to pop in for a quick stopover which meant… I dropped everything to spend the evening with her. She lives far away so I grab every opportunity I can to spend time with her.

On the way back from dropping her at the airport, I popped into Chico’s and found 2 gorgeous sweaters and my phone was working. There’s a lot of shiny and bright, sparkly jeweled things in the stores these days and being a bit of a crow, I love to try them on.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Chico's
Faux-Fur Collar Lurex Cardigan

This 3/4 length black cardigan immediately caught my eye. It has an elegant pattern out of lurex thread and a removable faux fur collar. I put it over Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Faur fur collar Lurex cardigan from Chico's


Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Embellished cardigan by Chico's
Embellished Tonal Cardigan

This cardigan has gorgeous embroidery that’s subtle enough to look great dressed down with jeans or way up for formal events.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Embellished Cardigan from Chico's
Embellished Cardigan | Juliet Velveteen Pant

Now on to my really bad pictures. I’m also sharing the images from their website so you get a decent look at these pieces.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Falling Star sweater from Anthropologie
Fallen Star Cardigan

This Fallen Star Cardigan was adorable. It’s the perfect amount of colored stone I could wear without feeling sparkle overload.

Fallen Star cardigan from Anthropologie on A Well Styled Life
Fallen Star Cardigan

Here it is from their website. It closes with giant snaps which takes the dressy level down to everyday wear.


This Sequined Hooded Sweatshirt was fabulous, but you sure can’t tell from my photo’s.

Sequined Sweatshirt from Anthropologie on A Well Styled Life
Sequined Hooded Sweatshirt

It’s a gorgeous navy blue and very soft.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life wearing Anthropologie sequin shirt
Sequined Button Down

I noticed my sequined shirt is on sale so if you were on the fence about it, now’s a good time to get it. It washed beautifully and is a favorite!

These slippers are a fun way to glam up your at home loungewear. These earrings combine vintage flair with modern quirky and would look great with a denim jacket. I also spotted this top which I’m still kicking myself for missing out on in petite. I found these in the category of who would wear these? My style is evolving, but I’m not sure these will ever be my style. I have learned never to say never about fashion so am keeping an open mind:)

Are you wearing sparkle and shine this season?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  1. Since I’ve been following your blog, I have purchased a couple of items that you featured; things I might have passed over! The sequin blouse being one. But I could never find a leopard jacket that I liked. Until yesterday! In a shop called Evereve, I discovered a short, gorgeous one for $128, which I thought was a great price for a rather trendy piece. The colors are really pretty, and the faux fur is of good quality. Much nicer than the online picture shows. I am a blonde, and other customers commented that it looked good with my hair. Check it out, I think it would look beautiful on you!

    1. Thank you Lisa!! As you know, I’ve been hunting too with no luck. I’ll pop over now! Have a great evening.

  2. I love the 3/4 length cardigan in your first photos. The removable collar is a nice touch giving it greater versatility. I’m wearing a bit of sparkle this season, but keeping it subtle. Like you, I’ve learned to never say never though. I don’t ever see myself in all over sparkle like the sequinned sweatshirt, but who knows? Maybe someday.

    1. That’s my thinking too Elaine! I never thought I’d wear a floral pattern and proved that wrong last summer. Keeping an open mind.

  3. What a lovely surprise. Time spent with your daughter is precious. Will she be joining you for Christmas, as well?
    I love the first sweater. It makes a nice statement over all black. But, I’ve made a promise to myself to stop shopping for clothes, as it get hard to wear everything you have in your closet. Third World Problem, eh?!

    1. Lol. So true! Yes, she’ll be home for Christmas. I can’t wait to spend more time with her.

  4. I hope you bought the long cardigan. It looked fab On you!

  5. Love that sequined blouse! I just ordered it. Don’t need it, mind you, but that sale price and free shipping are WOW.

  6. How wonderful to have a surprise visit from your daughter which, yes!, should take priority. I’m swooning over the long cardigan with the faux fur. It looks gorgeous on you! I loved your crow comment because that is what I always say about myself…attracted to anything shiny. You’ve helped me make up my mind over what to wear to lunch this week with The Girls…a beautiful black beaded sweater I bought in Hong Kong years ago and have never worn paired with a black jeans. I never knew what to do with that sweater, only that it was to pretty to hide away. Thanks, Jennifer!!

    1. That sounds fabulous Roxanne!! I’d love to see it. Have fun!!

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