Dressing Room Diary: Skirts, Patterns, and Color

This try-on session took place over several trips to the store, so you’ll notice my hair and jewelry changes. I hate to say I live at my local Nordstrom, but I am there more often than not these days. I’ve had many requests to share more plus-sized options, so I’m making a concerted effort to link more options when I find them.

If you’re new here, welcome. A dressing room diary is when I go into a local store for a try-on session so you can see what’s new and how it looks on a woman over 25. For reference, I am 5’4″ and weigh around 140 lbs. I have broad shoulders with straight hips, a long torso, and long arms. I often buy one size larger on top. You’ll see me try on clothes in colors and shapes that may or may not flatter me because I want you to see what’s in the stores and get some styling ideas. I will tell you what sizes I am wearing to help you understand how things run.

This lightweight summer dress is a deep indigo linen blend with colorful embroidery around the neckline. It comes in XS-XXL (16W, plus size is here. I love that it has pockets, and the fabric is opaque, so you could skip a slip if you like. This linen blend cardigan is one of my staple summer pieces because they’re so lightweight and pop over many things for arm coverage and frigid air conditioning situations. It has side seam buttons, so you can wrap it closed and wear it four different ways. It comes in multiple colors, sizes XS-XXL, as well as petite and plus here.

You’ll see the snaps at the waist on this skirt are black and blend in, but the picture on the website shows silver snaps…so I can only speak to the ones I saw in the store and brought home with me:). It comes in white or black, size 0-18. It’s a great stretch twill that you could dress up or down in a modest length. I’ve linked the Vince Camuto-style blouse, but the website isn’t showing the leopard print…I hate when that happens.

This flowy ribbed skirt is fully lined, which I always appreciate with white. The fabric is woven, not knit, so it twirls nicely…I tested it out. This is one of those pieces you could wear in multiple ways and dress up or down. It has godet panels which make it nice and full at the bottom but slim around the hips. It comes in sizes XXS-XXL, plus sizes here. I could not find a petite option, so luckily, Nordstrom hems items for free. The V-neck tank is a flowy woven fabric that skims over the torso. It comes in fourteen colors and patterns, sizes XXS-XXL, plus size here.

Here’s the same style skirt as shown in black above…this time in a medium denim wash. I’m wearing one size larger in this photo which makes it hang lower on my hip and look longer. It’s not distressed but has nice shading. They suggest you size down in this brand, and I would agree. This NYDJ blouse is a perennial customer favorite that comes in 36 colors/patterns in sizes 00-22.

Someone must have returned this dress to my store because it was the only one they had. I’m shocked I was able to button this XS because I wear a medium….but I am not breathing in it :). It’s a nice lightweight Tencel that would be very cool in the summer. It comes in this olive and a rust color, sizes XXS-XXL 16W. The plus size is here.

This crisp cotton shirt dress comes in five colors in sizes XS-XXL, plus size here. This runs large, so the small fits me, and you can easily size it down. It has an exaggerated shirttail hemline, and I think it would look nice belted. This sort of dress covers a multitude of sins, is very comfy, and looks polished on a hot day.

This easy a-line dress is in crisp cotton with spandex that flows away from the body. The geometric print has a fun, modern feel in neutral shades of ivory/gray/black. It’s got side seam pockets which are always a plus for me. It comes in sizes XS-XXL, plus size here.

Another great lightweight blouse that comes in 26 colors/patterns in sizes XS-XXL 14W. I’m wearing it with these fun wide-leg jeans in lemon yellow. These are selling out quickly. They’re a cotton/spandex blend with a 27″ inseam.

The same skirt as above, this time paired with a satiny camisole and linen blend cardigan. I love pale blue with white for warm weather. This is a beautiful little cami that’s miles too small for me, but it’s all they had on the rack. It’s a nice flowy, woven fabric that (should) skim the torso. It’s stocked well on the website. I topped it with another linen blend 4-way cardigan. This cardi is made year after year in tons of colors.


Are skirts on your radar for summer?

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Thank you! I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but Nordstrom is my happy place. I placed the order in my cart for the light blue Nic + Zoe camisole and cardigan, but saw that the camisole is in the color Mist and the cardigan is Zephyr. Are these the two that you are wearing together.

    1. It’s my happy place too :). Yes, those are the colors Im wearing

  2. Hi Jennifer, here is a strange question for you – when I clicked on the link for the Nic & Zoe sweater, it wasn’t offered in my size. However, on the website there was another link for the same sweater, and on that link it was in my size. Will you still get credit if I purchase it on the other link?

    1. I should but what’s most important is that you get what you need. If you shop on a link from my site, I should get credit. Thank you for asking.

  3. Kathy Dolan says:

    That Nic and Zoe and one other takes years off and outstanding on you. This is my favorite to look at. So many times you like something only to try it on and it just doesn’t do it!

  4. I love the two Nic + Zoe dresses as well as the NYDJ and Vince Camuto blouse. The white skirt would be lovely if hemmed. I adore Nordstrom but sadly do not live by one. I appreciate you showing me what is available so I can order online.

  5. Sydney Haskell says:

    I agree with Bea! Love that unusual color duo on you! Getting the bright yellow away from your face allows you to wear it. The cut of those jeans are very flattering and look comfortable. I also love the powder blue and white on you. Good choices this week.

    1. I agree. I’m not as strict about colors as many are.

  6. Lynneferd says:

    You look fantastic in the black skirt and leopard print blouse.

    1. I love that look. Thank you!

  7. I bought the Caslon white skirt at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and find it’s a very versatile piece. Wear it with a tee and sandals for a casual outfit or do a column of white with a tank top and a taupe Eileen F crochet 3/4 sleeve sweater from a few years ago on a cooler day. I know I’ll get lots of wear out of it!

    1. I thought it looked like a great skirt!

  8. Hi Jennifer! I’ve been tempted by that Nic & Zoe cardigan for quite some time, but the reviews are mixed. Some say it snags or gets holes easily, so I’ve hesitated. I know you’ve featured this cardigan many times. Have you had good luck with it?

    I love your Dressing Room Diaries. Thanks for all you do!

    1. I own several and love them. Of course I’m cognizant that it “could” snag on things so I’m not wearing it with jewelry etc they could do that.

  9. You look like a lcothing model!

    I keep meaning to ask. It seems you hold our phone upside down to take mirror photos?! Does that make it easier somehow? I’m very klutzy and have a hard time taking one-handed photos. Perhaps this is the solution.

    1. It is easier to hold but the main reason is that I can hold my phone straight up and down do it doesn’t distort the length of my legs.

      1. I’m not following. You can hold it straight up and down with the camera lens on either the top or bottom of the backside. Does holding it with the lens at the bottom do something?

      2. I am short. If I hold the phone upright, I’d have to hold it lower than my arm would accommodate to get a “straight” shot at the mirror.

  10. Great skirts and dresses. I really liked the jean skirt. I just remembered I still have mine from Nordstrom. It never seems to go out of style.

  11. Thanks for this fun post! You must have been exhausted trying on all these outfits. My favorite outfit today was the Kut from the Kloth lemon colored jeans and the flowered blouse. It is so different from what you usually wear, but I really like it on you. Thanks again for your efforts!

    1. I liked that look too, Bea

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