Gifts for the Woman Who Likes to be Seen

What does leopard print, red and hats have in common? Women who wear them stand out.

Most women’s relationship with leopard isn’t wishy-washy. She thinks it looks sophisticated or tacky and cheap. Red is a powerful, intense color that can’t be ignored. Hat’s and headwear are in the same category because the women who wear them always stand out.

Red is associated with passion, leadership, anger, danger, and love. A fire engine red handbag is less noticeable than a ruby red coat – and red lipstick is a quiet classic. I wore red in my youth but fazed it out as I got older because it washes out my complexion. The thing is – I really want to wear red so keep looking for that perfect shade.

Hats are attention grabbers and always get noticed. Wide-brimmed hats attract more attention than berets and headbands. I’ve loved and worn hats since my Mom plopped an Easter Bonnet on my 4-year-old head.

Do you dress to be seen? I’d love to know.


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  1. Love leopard and red. But just can’t find the perfect red lipstick. I am 70, fair skin and very short white hair in a pixie cut so bright lips are a strong accessory. Any red lipsticks you love?

    1. There are quite a few. You might be more flattered by a raspberry which would look red on you because you’re so pale. You’d also need to be sure to fill in your eyebrows and wear a bit of eye makeup to balance the lips.

  2. Susan Gowan says:

    I never liked animal prints when they were in fashion and I see they are making a comeback. I’ll pass but they look good on you, Jennifer and others who want to wear them. I do love hats and have been wearing them gladly since my university days when one fellow student dubbed me” the hat girl”. Probably did wear them to be seen then and tried many bright colours like fuchsia and purple. Now I wear them out
    of necessity in the brisk Ontario fall and icy winter months. If I don’t, I get ear infections. I am mostly done shopping as we have one gift to buy for an adult in our immediate family as we do Secret Santa for the 8 adults and just buy for the 4 kids. Helps simplify things.

    1. Lucky you! I have a long way to go on my shopping. Yes, animal prints are here to stay and not everyone’s cup of tea.

  3. I love to wear my “full on fuzzy leopard coat” with jeans and a solid top and I get a lot of compliments when I do. But, I never considered myself dressing to be seen, just dressing to be happy.

    1. That’s the best kind of dressing Dena! To make you happy.

  4. Hmmm. Never thought of it that way, but I do love wearing all of the above. Just enjoy dressing with clothes I like. Have a great weekend!

  5. I love red and will buy anything in red over another colour. As far as leopard goes, I think a little goes a long way. I have a scarf and a belt which I wear often. I can’t get myself to wear a sweater or coat though. I think around here I would stand out too much. I guess that answered your and my question. Do you like to stand out? I like to look good and will take a compliment any day but stand out – no.

    1. Understanding why we do or do not wear things makes dressing easier;)

  6. Because of very fair skin and thinning hair, I wear a wide-brimmed hat as a practical measure. It does have the effect of making me memorable since everyday hat wear hasn’t been in fashion for over fifty years. So while I don’t dress to be seen, I am more conscious of the way I dress because I know my hat draws more attention to me.

    1. I wish everyday hat wearing came back into fashion. It’s great looking and saves our skin. People look so elegant wearing a brimmed hat.

  7. I do not dress to be seen, but I do get comments on my clothes. I am beginning to wear my Burbury plaid winter coat and have had many comments. I also love wearing red and wear red gloves and a handbag. Leopard clothing and accessories I wear also. I may try a hat which I saw recently. You need one up here in Ontario.

    1. Yes, Ontario is very cold this time of year. It feels nice when people compliment us.

  8. I don’t wear much leopard since it doesn’t work with my cool coloring, but I LOVE wearing red and consider it my signature color. I have almost every item of clothing in some version of red! I’ve even driven red cars over the years. I’ve never considered my red obsession as attention-getting; I just love it and feel good in it!

  9. I have seen that leopard pullover walking around a lot. Everytime I see it I think I need that! What a great roundup for those who wish to be seen or not!

  10. Love a lot of of these. Getting new glasses this week, so I had to order the glasses case. And I’ve been struggling to find something for my 86yo mom. She LOVES red, so I’m going to gift her the leather gloves. Thanks…very helpful! 🙂

    1. Those will be so fun for her. Red is a lot of fun to wear…I may need those gloves too

  11. Some lovely choices there. I wear a lot of red, tops and accessories, but couldn’t get away with animal prints.

    There’s a lovely shade of red that is extremely hard to find, it’s a deep, dark, blue-ish red that is quite subdued, but has a brighter, lighter feel than the usual wine colours. I’d love to see you in it, I think it would flatter your colouring.

  12. Amy Robertson-Smith says:

    Good morning Jennifer! I love to wear red and leopard. I guess it never occurred to me that I was dressing to be seen. They make me feel joyful and vibrant and on tend without being trendy, if that makes sense. I have dark hair and olive to fair skin, so Red just makes my face come alive. In December I probably wear red every other day since it feels festive as well. I have shirts, sweaters, purses, even shoes in many tones of red. I own shoes, scarves, and a cardigan in leopard. So I guess I’m dressing for me! Great conversation.

    1. Awesome Amy!! Dressing for you is the best way to put yourself together. You’re who counts most in the wardrobe department.

  13. I don’t dress to be seen, but when I am seen I want people to think I look nice and well put together.

  14. I love the way you choose items that could be flashy or fit into any wardrobe! I’d wear or gift most all of these!
    ISO love your sale updates! Thanks….as I can’t tolerate a million sales in my in box!!????????

    1. Great observation Shari…they could stand out or blend in depending on what they’re put with.

  15. I never dress to be seen, but there are several items you’ve shown that I’d like to try!

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