Easy Knit Pieces For Travel

Are you a fan of capsule wardrobes, or do you feel they limit your creativity? When I travel, a capsule wardrobe is the only way I can survive, and when the pieces are knit, they’re even more useful. They allow me to stretch my outfits by mixing and matching them for different looks. Today I’m sharing a few easy knits for travel wardrobes that also work every day of the week.

This month for Over 50 Style Edit, Cindy and I are sharing some great new pieces from Eileen Fisher and showing how they fit into our wardrobes. Eileen Fisher runs large, so I size down in almost everything.

Easy knit wide-leg pants


I’ve been singing the praises of Eileen Fisher’s washable crepe pants for many years. I haven’t traveled or packed a suitcase for over fifteen years that hasn’t included two or more pairs of her washable crepe, slim-knit ankle pants. The fabric is so travel-friendly that I decided to branch out and try their wide-leg pants.


These pants come in black or charcoal…I chose the charcoal because, let’s be honest, I already have a ton of black 🤣. I simply love these! They’re drapey yet substantial, and feel fabulous on. I also appreciate that the wider leg and their ankle baring length makes them wearable with any footwear.

I’m wearing them with a comfy jersey knit tank, also in charcoal, and a silk georgette classic collared shirt. This shirt is selling out in the bone on the Eileen Fisher website, but it is fully stocked here and comes in multiple colors. The bone is a soft white that’s neither warm or cool toned, so a great neutral for most of us.


I tied this silk shirt over the tank to give a nod to my waist without having to belt or tuck anything in. The stretch jersey tank comes in eight colors and I chose this charcoal to coordinate with the pants.


These pants are so easy to dress up or down. I’m wearing them here with my super comfy Paul Green sneakers, an Eileen Fisher white tank top, and ancient denim jacket.

Easy knit jersey tank

The denim jacket over the longer tank also gives me some waist definition and helps my legs look longer. I went a bit edgier and more casual with my jewelry for this outfit. The chain earrings are from Canadian designer Jenny Bird. She stopped making this style years ago, so I’m glad I snapped them up when I did because I love their vibe. The brooch was a gift from my mom that she found at an art fair many years ago. My Sergio Gutierrez Antique Silver Bracelet came from a boutique but I’ve discovered they’re here on Amazon.


Here’s the same white Eileen Fisher tank in a column of white, which I’m loving the fresh look of with silver accesories and soft gold sandals.

This little lightweight cardigan is invaluable over sleeveless pieces in warm weather for arm coverage and when I run into frigid air conditioning. None of these whites are identical, but they flow together well. The jeans are by NYDJ in a moisture-wicking fabric that will be great in hot weather.

Easy knit washable pants


These washable crepe pants come in ten colors in petite and regular length. I’m wearing the Ocean color, which looks like a gunmetal blue. The silk tank comes in four colors, and I chose the ocean to coordinate with the pants. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for column of color dressing. Eileen Fisher’s silk crepe has a beautiful matte finish and is machine washable, which is a win/win in my book. I love its elegant feel and graceful drape.

These low-wedge sandals were a last-minute addition to my suitcase, and I’m glad they made the cut because they’re super comfy. They come in eleven colors, and I went with the champagne for a neutral look.


This cotton sweater comes in some of my favorite colors. I opted for the petite version because I knew it would be long. I’ve worn this sweater so many times in the last few weeks I may need another color. I find it perfect for tossing over jeans, pants, or even a lightweight dress. I had to order this v-neck cotton tee in the same plume shade because it’s one of my favorites.

I’ve been adding Eileen Fisher pieces to my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. Their timeless style and sustainable fabrics are designed in a system of shapes that all work together to make getting dressed easy.

When you read the timeline of the Eileen Fisher company, you begin to see what a truly remarkable brand she has built. A few things that stand out for me-

  • In 1990 she produced the ECO collection of undyed wool sweaters in naturally occurring shades from black sheep, making the color of each sweater a little different.
  • In 1999, they signed the Living Wage Proclamation, indicating their commitment to prioritizing a minimum sufficient income for workers to meet their basic needs, including food, housing, and clothing.
  • In 2010, her shoe collection debuted, and I’ve been a devoted fan from the start. They’re extremely comfortable and well-made.
  • In 2013, Eileen Fisher launched her take-back program and began selling her recycled clothing.
  • In 2015, they committed to ensuring that the tree-based fibers in their clothes don’t come from ancient and endangered forests. They joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to help promote transparency and standards for environmental and social impacts in the industry.
  • In 2015, they also announced VISION2020 and committed to using sustainable materials in 100% of their products by 2020
  • In 2021, they expanded their line to more inclusive sizing, making every garment available in sizes XXS-3X.


A huge thank you to Eileen Fisher for sending me a few pieces of their latest collection and collaborating on this post.

Now let’s see what Cindy is styling at Cindy Hattersley Design.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. What size do you take in EF?

    1. I wear a small or XS in pants and small in most tops.

  2. You look so great!!
    Can you recommend what to wear to a May wedding in CA?
    My figure is pear shaped and I am 5’3″. I appreciate it.

    1. It would depend on the location and formality of the wedding.

      1. It is an afternoon “dressy casual”. Whatever that is

  3. About half my wardrobe is EF. I love the basics, pants, tanks, tees. I am crazy about Tencel knits. It’s the best fabric ever. I go more colorful and boho with my jackets, etc., so I’m seldom EF from head to toe. I shop the sales and I have found some very good deals on brand new pieces on sites like Poshmark. The EF knit pants wear like iron.

    1. They really do wear like iron, I agree!

  4. Cute outfits, and I love how you accessorize with your beautiful jewelry!
    I enjoy reading your posts for inspiration! Thank you

  5. Pricing is out of reach for me. I’m retired and travel a lot but I can get the same look with Alfani or JJill pants and sweaters at a fraction of the price. And those clothes last too-I have some JJill lightweight cardis and pants that are at least eight years old. Still going strong. I guess I’d rather have the money to spend on shopping while traveling😀

    1. Shopping while traveling is great fun, I agree!

  6. What pretty pictures, the lighting is so nice in Miami. EF makes beautiful clothes.

  7. Elizabeth L says:

    Love EF and almost never buy at full price. I buy when on sale at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Garnet Hill or EF website, and have also snapped up many pieces on the EF Renew site for a fraction of their original price. The value per wear is extremely high.

    1. I agree!! Cost per wear makes these so sustainable too.

  8. Can’t beat EF clothes but I sometimes have trouble with sizing as they run large. I really love the wedge sandals, so cute! Thanks for all the great looks.

  9. Leslie Lord says:

    Love to see a post on my favourite Eileen Fisher clothing!
    My small wardrobe relies and revolves around her pieces. I shop at her South Granville shop in Vancouver when we visit and pick up pieces here in Victoria when I see them.
    I love those wider legged pants and I think you look great in her clothes!!!
    Thank you again for sharing your style ideas. Your style posts are most appreciated.
    Hostess of The Humble Bungalow Blog

    1. I love that Granville store!! I go every time I’m in Vancouver.

  10. I ordered the Eileen Fisher slim ankle pant when you featured it a couple of days ago. They arrived yesterday and I love them! You are absolutely right – I did need to size down. Now I have my eye on that tank and sweater! We love to travel and these pieces will be perfect. I have one question, though. After sitting on a plane for a few hours, do the pants bag at all in the knees? I’d like to wear them while traveling and then dress them up for dinner on our upcoming cruise. Thank you, Jennifer! I don’t say it often, but I really appreciate all of your great styling tips!

    1. They don’t ever bag out on me. When I’m sitting for long periods of time, like a flight, I often pull the thigh fabric up a tiny bit before a sit to relieve pressure on the knee. (the way you see men do with a suit) I typically travel wearing a pair, then wear them 2-3 more times throughout the trip, without needing to launder them…the beauty of traveling in dark colors 🙂

  11. Petra Dando says:

    Lovely stuff, and you look chic. My only beef w EF is that her pants are way too short for me. To style as ankle pants, I need minimum 30 inch inseam. You’d think that since these crepe pants have sold so well fo so many years, she would make some for us tall women. Frustrating!

  12. These looks are fabulous!! We were on the same wavelength. Eileen Fisher is so perfect for travel. I think we all have to think of price per wear when it comes to EF. How often will you wear it? If you find you are reaching for her pieces constantly the price is not so much of an issue. I just love the pieces I chose and plan to buy them in another color.

    1. I agree! I’ve worn my older pieces for so many years the cost per wear is very low!

  13. Love Eileen Fisher except the price. Easy but elegant. Wish she had better sales. I’ve been avoiding wide leg pants because I think I’m too short, but I’m the same height as you and love the look on you with the tank and denim jacket. I think I just may have to get a pair, but a less expensive brand. I can recreate your look with the pieces I already own! Thanks for your styling idea!

  14. Have you covered the Eileen Fisher Renew website? Her clothes used and cleaned/repaired as needed. I have found pieces eyed for years at a fraction of their original price. Part of the company recycling program. And I shop at the Eileen Fisher company store outlet near Chicago for some amazing savings…always good, reduced prices but more so during the seasonal added sales. I am 5’2” but buy pants in medium regular so they become street…rather than ankle…length.
    I have met people from other areas (Montreal last time) making pilgrimages to the company store.

    1. I seldom buy petite pants for the same reason. You’re so lucky to live close to a company store. They’re amazing!

    2. And if you go to the outlet outside of Chicago, Eileen’s sister may help you.

  15. Thank you for sharing these pieces. I own one pair of EF pants and love them. I love the wide leg pants and will probably get them Traveling to Holy Land soon and these pieces will be perfect for modesty requirements while staying cool.

    1. Have a wonderful trip! How wonderful. Yes, these will be great for your trip.

  16. Jennifer, you look great! I love Eileen Fisher, but rarely buy anything full price. I’ve had great luck at her Company Store, her Renew website, and consignment stores. The clothes is indeed timeless.

    1. I used to live near one of her company stores too!! They’re fabulous. I miss mine.

  17. I’m inspired to visit an EF store to try on some of these pieces. I’ve never owned anything by her but would love to see if I could make the pants fit – my body and my budget. Thank you for the ideas! (There were so many pop-up ads today. I’m wondering if it’s something that can be adjusted from your end or from mine? Maybe I’ll add it to my list of questions to take to the Apple Store. Thanks again for sharing your expertise!!)

    1. You’re so lucky to live near a store!! Have fun. I wrote to my tech people to cut down on popup ads. It’s an automatic system, so they should be able to fix it.

  18. I love the ease EF clothes make for travel but I wonder if anyone else has trouble with the sizing. Everything seems to run very large. Fortunately I sew so I have been able to make smaller the armholes in some of the dresses, for example. I agree with the other comments about the pricing but I will attest that the items do last.

    1. Jennifer, thanks for sharing your EF. Love her philosophy and clothes, and like others, shop her sales. I have to remind myself of price per wearing, but her things are what I reach for time after time, and wear for years. I also love she carries a full line of Petites, as well as labelling regular sizes that work for Petites. Sure wish Renew was available to Canadian shoppers.

      1. Hopefully, she will bring Renew to Canada.

  19. Pat Patterson says:

    You have provided me with so many great outfit ideas for my cruise this summer. I did check out Eileen Fisher, I agree with the other ladies, on the pricey side, and yes, JJill wearever can give you a very similar look. Saying all that, I most likely will indulge in one pair of E Fisher washable crepe pants,
    Have a great 😍

  20. Hi Jennifer-
    Are you wearing XS? The EF size chart makes me think I should go larger on the wide leg pants, but then they get longer! I’m 5’4” and wear 8-10 pants. I’m a bit hippier than you are!

  21. I love EF! All her clothes last for a long time and look elegant and timeless. I pounce on her sales. Thanks for giving so many ways to style her clothes.

  22. Price is a problem, but mostly the inseam is 26” which doesn’t work for someone 5’7” or taller. Seems odd AF doesn’t have a tall version.

    1. She may add talls in the future; I don’t know.

  23. Ditto to Eileen Fisher! Love the look not the price. Maybe follow the simple classy style.

  24. I love Eileen Fisher! This spring, I’ll travel with two pairs of her washable crepe pants that are 10 years old. In a few years, they’ll be teenagers! And, they still look great and fit into my style.
    Don’t you live the plume color for spring? It’s perfect for those who prefer softer, cool colors.

    1. Susan or Jennifer…..curious about washing and drying of crepe pants. Price maybe worth it for the timelessness and how good they look (people should calculate price per wear vs. just the cost as a whole). I was wondering if you’re machine washing and can they go in the dryer and if so any shrinkage (I’m tall and inseam is a challenge sometimes).


      1. I always put mine in the dryer, and have minimal shrinkage. Luckily, many of her things are meant to be shorter. Those wide-leg pants I’m wearing would probably look better an inch or so shorter.

      2. I hang my crepe pants to dry out of personal preference. From memory, they dry relatively quickly. Handy for travel if a wash is necessary- just a quick wash in the sink in the evening and they’ll dry by morning.

      3. I’ve done that too on our Riverboat cruise.

    2. I am obsessed with the Plume color. It’s stunning. Many of my crepe pants are teenagers too 🙂

    3. Thanks both of you for information….I’m going to check into and order.

  25. Love Eileen Fisher…so elegant…I get the same look with J Jill Wearever collection.

  26. I agree with Meg. Her clothing prices seem out of reach for most retired folks. Love the look though.

    1. I hear you, they are an investment. If you count cost per wear as a factor, and I always do, my black EF crepe pants that I’ve been wearing for 15 years probably cost less me than 15 cents per wear.

  27. Meg Anderson says:

    Jennifer, I have always loved the look of Eileen Fisher. However, being retired causes me to cringe at the price. Do you know of a less expensive, yet still stylish? Thanks, Meg

    1. Yes! You can shop their renewed line here. I also haunt the sales at major retailers for pieces at the end of the season because her timeless designs never go out of style.

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