Escape to the Coast: What I Wore

Hubs and I have escaped to the coast. The stress of keeping our house looking like no one lived there was intense…so we decided it was easier not to live there right now. We’d made no plans or reservations so mentally flipped a coin when we got to the highway. Since our last journey was south, we decided to go north this time. We headed over the Benicia Bridge and up through wine country. Every time I see those rolling hills of grapevines I wish we lived there…food for thought:)

It was mid 80’s when we left home but mid 50’s when we got to the coast. I packed so quickly I didn’t color coordinate anything so feel a little mismatched but it doesn’t matter. We are sitting at the beach, having campfires and doing a little exploring.

Day 1 I wore an old cashmere sweater, sneakers, jeans and a big sun hat. The waves were loud, the sun was strong and the relaxing was easy.enjoying the beach in MendocinoDay 2 was a bit warmer.

I wore my new Fig & Lily Tee on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life

We drove into Mendocino for some sightseeing. It’s filled with Art Galeries, noisy Ravens, fabulous eateries and interesting shops to explore. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life exploring Mendocino

Although the setting of this necklace is brass, it coordinates with silver earrings because the crystal shines white.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life exploring Mendocino

Lucy pooped out during our walk around town and I ended up carrying her for part of it which really torqued my back. I’ve never considered a dog stroller but begin to see their value now.

I’ve topped everything with a down vest or jacket this weekend because the fog chills you to the bone.Bite Beauty lipstick and lip pencil on A Well Styled Life

The other constant I’ve worn this weekend is my new lipstick by Bite Beauty in FIG. It’s a versatile nude rose color that’s long-wearing, isn’t drying and has a light citrus flavor from fresh pressed fruit. I’m wearing it with their coordinating Lip Pencil in 024- Nude Rose. There’s nothing like a new lipstick to make me feel refreshed and hopeful… Bite Beauty is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals and is cruelty-free, I love that!

reading by the campfire in MendocinoThe perfect end to a relaxing day is a good book, a sweet dog, and a roaring campfire. We head back to reality tomorrow and hopefully a sold house…fingers crossed.

Have you treated yourself to a new lipstick lately?

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Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day!

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  1. You are amazing – with everything else you have going on. Many thanks for this particular source, and for all the inspiration and encouragement.

  2. Love you how look so polished even in a casual outdoor outfit. Such great style!

  3. They say people look like their dogs. I chuckled to see Lucy’s grey salt n pepper,highlights n lowlights, a layered “do” and crystal collar!

    1. Lol. That’s hilarious!! I assure you she’s not wearing my new lipstick too.

  4. Lucy is adorable…I know she is enjoying your vacation on the water…Why don’t you try a stroller?…Maybe you could borrow one to see how it goes…She would be so cute in her stroller..Hope the back is better, the house is sold and the lovely weather is around for a long time…Take care…

    1. I may try them Deede. She tuckers out quickly these days but loves to come with us everywhere. My heating pad is getting quite a workout but I’m assuming stress is playing a roll too.

  5. Thanks for the fabulous finds. So, where did you find those greats silver hoop earrings?

    1. They are from Nordstrom several years ago. I’ll try to find them for you. I wear them often because they’re sort of perfect.

      1. THANKS, from a big hoop fan . They look perfect on you.

        Definitely interested in source, but understand your home is “in transition” at the moment.

      2. They are my very favorite hoops which I wear a lot! I bought mine at Nordstrom several years ago but found them here for you.

  6. Looks like a wonderfully relaxing weekend! Even though you packed quickly, everything looked fabulous together!

  7. Glad you were able to escape to the coast for some well deserved R&R. Nothing like down vests. They are a winter staple for me – they keep you warm yet leaving your arms free.

  8. Hope you are feeling better, Jennifer….now that you are in a place where you can unwind and relax! Moving is the pits, and I know you were fried. Enjoy each moment by the ocean…I am super jealous and wish I was sitting next to you in a lounger!

    1. I wish we could visit too Pam! I enjoy spending time with you so much my friend. XX

  9. Good luck! A good book and a getaway, perfect! Enjoy????

  10. How nice to take off and go exploring! I know how you feel about trying to keep the house up while selling it. We wound up staying with a friend of ours for two weeks. It really helped with the stress factor. Best of luck selling your house. You look comfy during your trip/adventure and still quite lovely. I purchased two of the crystal necklaces you told us about, because the price was so right! One for me and one for my daughter. I am grateful to you for letting us know about the sale!!

  11. I enjoyed your post, as always. I hope your house sells as quickly and painlessly as possible. Thank you for the link for that crystal necklace. I logged on and snagged one right away! I had been eyeing a different, very expensive one, at another website so was delighted to find this one instead. I also plan to check out that lipstick brand. Their color selection is fantastic. BTW, are you letting your hair grow out? It seems slightly longer in today’s photos. Maybe I’m hallucinating.

    1. It is a bit longer. I’m not sure I will keep it or cut it shorter again. I’m letting it’s volume and body determine how long to grow it. I’m so glad you got the necklace. You’ll love it

  12. Nifty that Lucy, too, was wearing. Rystal….or are hers, diamond??

    1. lol. Her crystals are much shinier than mine. Her collar was also twice the price 6 years ago. 😮

  13. C. Washburn says:

    I have a fashion type of question for you. What do you do if you are wearing a dress and bare legs to visit someone at their home for a gathering/get together/party. Many people like their guests/everyone to take off their shoes at the front door, I’ve found, to protect their flooring/carpets. I don’t like walking around in bare feet, both aesthetically and for comfort. I’ve thought perhaps I should bring nice slippers, ie. not my home ones but that would mean bringing a tote bag to carry them as well as a long. shoe horn to put my shoes on with again at departure. These items wouldn’t fit in my purse. I usually default to wearing pants and then shoes with socks but in the summer I’m often wearing sandals with both dresses and pants. Any ideas?

    1. Yes, a small pair of roll up slippers would be perfect. I knew an elegant lady on Vancouver Island who always carried hers because she didn’t like to be barefoot. Get a very pretty pair. Perhaps metallic or with small jewel accents.

  14. My dad (many years gone) always used to say to my mom( also gone) “ Bunty put on some lipstick you will feel better”
    And for some reason it does make me feel better!
    I will have to see if I can get the one you bought in Canada!

    1. Bite is a Canadian company. It’s available at Sephora ( stores and Sephora.ca) Fig is a beautiful colour from the Amuse Bouche collection but my favourite is the lip crayon in Quince

    2. That’s a clever man, your Dad Colleen! It does make me feel better. You should be able to find it easily.

  15. Love hearing about this current journey you are on-selling a home is not for sissies! Your book-our book club read this month with a bonus Skype conversation with the author! She is fabulous. If you get an opportunity to meet her-take it! Happy journeying.

  16. Your getaway sounds just great. I enjoyed the photos too. Whether planned or not, you look very stylish. Love the hair color and style. And Lucy is so cute!

  17. Have a lovely break!
    I may have missed this info from a previous post but what happened with your RV? Are you still using your older one or did you wind up getting something different?
    Thank you for posting – Suz from Vancouver

    1. Thanks Suz! We are still in the old trailer. We got it repaired after it was rear ended last July. We’ve been talking about trading up but the larger they are the more limited the ability to get into state campgrounds. So we’ll see.

  18. Looks relaxing and you have one of my favorite authors there to keep you company. Love her books!

  19. Escaping was a great idea! Selling your home is very stressful and tiring. Having a trailer is great for quick, short breaks. Pack a few things and go! Happy Easter!

  20. I can feel your tension slipping away. Great plan. Hope you return home to good news.

  21. Any new red lipstick brings me joy and confidence. My drawer has many brands and varying shades of red! I always have one of them on. Good luck on selling your house. I have been there 6 times and I’m not moving again. It’s a very stressful time and one where you are in limbo and can’t seem to move on or settle in. It will all work out!

    1. 6 times!! That’s brutal. Yes a new lipstick cures many ailments. 🙂

  22. I love your style. so glad you are getting away from the torture of moving. I love your taste in books too

      1. I am looking for a new author to read, will check her out

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