How Well Does Your Bra Fit?

On Friday I did what most women need to do… yearly. I went for a professional bra fitting. Things are shifting on my body these days so I knew it was time. I’ve recently lost a few pounds and my bras weren’t doing their job because they didn’t fit properly.

It's important to have aproffessional bra fitting every year.

I met with an expert fitter who was discreet and very knowledgable. She listened to my likes, dislikes, and goals for a bra. Then we went into a changing room and she took out her tape measure.


Bras you’ll find available at Soma:4 types of bras available at Soma

Sensuous Sides

A minimizer bra that reduces your measurements by 1 or 3 inches. It has a side smoothing technology that ensures no lumps or bumps. Designed with smoothing wings and a ballet back shape that keeps straps in place.

Vanishing Back

Provides a sleek look all around the sides and back. The back-smoothing technology prevents all lumps and bumps. I have loose skin on my back, (keeping it real here ladies) which this renders invisible! It’s so soft and leaves no indentation!

Soma Vanishing Back bra makes lines and bumps vanish
No lines and bumps…even under the arm where my skin is very soft.


This bra is engineered for ultimate softness. Even the underwire versions are incredibly comfortable with a soft microfiber fabric next to your skin.

Stunning Support

Designed for a firm hold and ultimate support. These have 3 zone support with a stabilizing center front, wider-set straps and hook, and eye closure. Ideal for the large busted woman looking for comfort and support.

Enticing Lift Bra

Beautiful flat lace that is undetectable under your clothes and lifts without adding bulk.

Sensuous Lace

Just beautiful. These offer fabulous comfort and exquisite fit in stunning embroidered lace.

Sensuous Lace bra and panty from Soma
Isn’t this lace beautiful?


All Soma bras undergo a 70-point test to ensure great quality, fit and comfort. Each style is available padded or unpadded, with or without underwire or lace…your options are endless.

If you haven’t gone in for a professional bra fitting in a year or more, do yourself a favor and get one. It makes all the difference in how your clothes fit and can make you look slimmer also! Try different styles until you find the bra that doesn’t gap, offers support, is comfortable and looks smooth under your clothes.

Soma also offers fantastic panties with no-slip technology that are invisible under clothes and stay put. They carry soft, cool sleepwear, casual sundresses, and lounging clothes. I was very impressed and will be back…there is a set of lace nightie and robe with my name all over it:)

Out of curiosity, I asked my bra fitter if women cared about buying matching bras and panties these days. She reported not many women were…but the ones who did care… were adamant about it.

Is it important for your bras to have matching panties?

Thank you to Soma for partnering on this post and introducing me to the Vanishing Back Bra.


  1. I love Soma bras. But my all time favorite have to be Natori bras at Nordstrom. I JUST had a fitting last month. Wasn’t too far off but good to be updated (and uplifted). What a beautiful lacy set you featured here. Oh my!

  2. I’ve had a bra fitting at Nordstrom and it was eye opening. I went from a 34b to a 32D! Could hardly close my gaping mouth when she told me my ‘real’ size. I was so flat chested in my youth I rarely wore a bra. Now they are the bane of my existence! Wacoal has been my best fit but I will definitely check out SOMA!

    1. Many women’s bust line’s get larger in menopause. a proper fitting is frequently eye opening!

  3. Judy Heyman says:

    I will go into the Stoneridge store and ask for Gabrielle, thanks for all the great information

    1. She was terrific! Let me know how it goes Judy.

  4. I do not have matching bras and panties other than almost all of my panties and bras are a nude/beige color. I find it is the most invisible under clothing. I do have one black bra and a few black panties. I have never tried the Soma brand. Thanks for the review!

    1. Nude is my favorite color for undies…flat out…it goes under everything!

  5. Di fm Western Australia says:

    Getting a bra fitting isn’t brilliant is it and after all the trying on you are flustered and hot too! Yes, I love matching bras and and pants, I usually but two pairs, and if I can’t get pants to match I try and get a close colour. Once I find a bra that fits well I buy two or three at a time as I dislike the undressing the trying in so much.

    1. Finding the proper fitting bra is essential!!

  6. I love SOMA! Their vanishing line undies show no lines whatsoever! I’ve SOMA bras, undies (vanishing edge is amazing!!), and pajamas, as well as casual dresses. Next up – a bathing suit! This lingerie company is amazing and my personal favorite!

    1. I think it is my personal favorite now too!! Their selection is amazing.

  7. Gabrielle says:

    It was great working with you Jennifer you were such a joy. A professional bra fit will make a world a difference; from the way your clothes fit to the way you feel. When you ladies decide to go in don’t get caught up in the size of the bra, if it fits and looks great, that is what really matters. Happy bra hunting hope to see you soon 🙂

    Soma Intimates
    Stoneridge Mall- Pleasanton

    1. You were a delight to work with! Thanks so much for knowing just what I needed.

  8. I’ve never matched my bra & undies–oops does that make me a terrible fashion blogger?
    I make sure if I have light colored clothing pieces on, that my undergarments don’t show through (although that’s probably okay with the younger generation)

    1. I’m with you Jodie…I don’t like my lingerie to show under my clothes either. That may age us…but it is what it is 🙂

  9. I went in for my first professional fitting a few years ago and after I got the right bra, it made me look 10 lbs. lighter! I love Soma, but have never tried their bras. Need to check them out.

  10. WHERE IS This SHOP?I have been FITTED Twice by NORDSTORMS in one year and I AM STILL NOT HAPPY!In fact,I haven’t been HAPPY about my BRA’s in YEARs……..the best place for me was with YOUR BUDDY in FRANCE at the SUPER MERCADO!!!!!!!!LOVED THOSE BRAS and PANTIES!
    And you know IAM NOT a small woman!
    TELL me where this shop is and off I GO…………….or BACK TO FRANCE!

    1. They are in Pleasanton!! Of course France is a longer trip:)

  11. Mary Hartman says:

    I also had a wonderful experience at Soma. The woman who did my fitting was professional, listened to me and knew her inventory. I color coordinate my bra and panties but do not match. I consider well fitting underwear that makes me feel good an important part of my outfit.

    1. I agree Mary…it’s an important part of my outfit too.

  12. I love pretty lingerie and if the bra and panties match it is much better…but I do not always abide by this French inspired rule.
    We have a few lingerie shops here whose service exceeds the department stores but you pay a lot more for their beautiful brands…Chantelle, La Perla and La Donna.
    As to your comment about excess skin in the back…I think we are all in the same boat, even my sister who is a size 2 has it.

  13. I’ve hated shopping for bras since the day my mother took me to buy my very first one! I know that a professional bra fitting would probably be very helpful, but so far I haven’t convinced myself to go for one. Perhaps it’s time!

    I don’t wear matching bras and panties.

    1. I only wear matching… if my outfit supports it! The outside view is what mattters when I consider the color of my lingerie!

  14. Matching, always! (Unless the garment does not allow for it!)

  15. I only own one Soma bra, and although I went through the fitting, it has never been a favorite. My problem with bras is the straps fall down even when tightened. I must have narrow shoulders. I finally found a Wacoal bra that fits me perfectly! I think I have it in four colors. Wacoal doesn’t go on sale often, but you can be sure that when it does I snatch this style up. It is comfortable, no slipping, lifts, separates, and makes me feel pretty. And yes, matching panties is a must. I have Soma vanishing edge panties in a ton of colors. Love them!!

    1. What’s important is finding the best bra for you! I’m glad the Wacoal works for you. Yes, those Soma vanishing edge panties are amazing!!

  16. This is a great topic! I am sure there are many of us that need a consultation!! Thanks for the reminder.

  17. Jennifer,,

    I have been wearing Soma bras and panties for the past year. I fully recommend an expert bra fitter. Of course at my first bra fitting I found out I had been wearing the wrong size bra. What a difference the correct size makes.
    After trying several bra styles I found the ones that fit my 70+ body. I also really like the vanishing edge panties. No more panty lines for me!


    1. I agree…the proper fit, makes all the difference!

  18. Janet Lewtas says:

    Thank you Jennifer for modelling the lingerie. It gives your followers a proper idea of fit on a “real” body. I have battled weight all my life and envy your svelte figure. congratulations on losing those extra pounds. love your blog.

    1. My weight goes up and down with my Thyroid Janet! It is a fact of life…we are all beautiful, no matter our weight.

  19. Yes! They have to match! Otherwise I feel sloppy. I also have to buy some new bra’s. But fitting is very important.

  20. Margie in Toronto says:

    I am rather well endowed and always had problems with bras until I finally went to a proper bra boutique where they know how to do a fitting – what an eye opener! Of course I was wearing the wrong size – the comfort and look of a properly fitted bra cannot be beat.

    As for matching – I try to match colours top and bottom but it’s not essential – my bras are so expensive that I don’t have a ton but I do like having nearly a month’s worth of undies so not every day is a match – as long as neither shows under my clothing I’m fine. 🙂

    1. And that’s what is key to me Margie…it must not show under my clothes!

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