How I Add Volume to My Thinning Hair

Happy Tuesday ladies. I’ve written here about my thinning hair often. I wanted to share my fear and frustration so others would know they’re not alone. It’s hard to miss your hair coming out in handfuls and clogging your drains. Hair loss is a common challenge for women in menopause. If you’re new here, I shared my first experience with it here and then show how I apply Rogaine here.  Several of you have asked how I style my hair to get the volume I do so today I’m showing you.

I’ve used Kevin Murphy products for years. They work brilliantly and give great results.

Kevin Murphy hair products on A Well Styled Life

They source organic products and look for companies with harvest techniques that are ecologically sound. All their products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Plus they smell amazing.

Welcome to my bathroom.

Here’s what I use in the video in the order I use them. Yes, it’s a lot of product but it works for me. Enough said.

  1. Body Builder Volumizing Mousse
  2. Anti Gravity Oil Free Volumizer
  3. Kevin Murphy Doo Over
  4. Kevin Murphy Session

Do you struggle with thinning hair?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



  1. Mary Elias says:

    Hi I have very fine straight hair as well, it is hard to find someone who know how to cut thus type of hair without it looking choppy. I have a scent allergy and gave a very hard time finding products that I can use in my hair to give me some bounce and hold. I’m looking for suggestions

    1. I don’t know of ones without scent. Some are stronger than others. Perhaps try some organic brands to see if natural scents are better.

  2. Have you ever purchased the products online and if so where? Thank you

  3. When do you apply the Rogain? Thanks for the tips – they are great!

    1. I apply it in the morning before I Style my hair and in the evening before bed.

  4. I am definitely going to save this video… and maybe share it with my stylist too. I have very similar hair, cut in a similar style. I’ve always wondered how you get the lift you do. Can I ask if you color your hair? I love the ash tones. Sometimes when I have my hair colored, the tones are warmer… not a good look with my cool skin tones. Reading the other comments, it seems that you have provided many of us some great tips!

    1. I stopped adding high and low lights several months ago because they always turned warm which I didn’t like against my cool complexion. I’m not sure how I like what’s growing in but I prefer it to warm tones. I’m so glad it was helpful.

  5. Shirley Davey says:

    Jennifer, loved the video on blow drying your hair, found it very helpful. Unfortunately we don’t have those products in Canada but, I make out quite well with what I use. Also I would like to comment on your voice, it is not harsh I find it very soothing and easy to listen to. Love the blog.

  6. Thanks Jennifer for this video! I had to watch over several times as it went a bit too fast. What size is your brush? Looks to be 3 inches? Can’t seem to find the mixed bristles on Amazon.

  7. Great video, Jennifer. I’ve got baby fine, stick straight hair like Susan above, and I am terrible wielding a blow dryer and round brush. Last year I purchased a Conair Infinity Pro rotating hot air brush. (Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler / Hot Air Brush; 2-inch; Black, about $32 ). It has been a game changer for me! Now I use my blow dryer and fingers to get the roots dry and the rest of my hair almost dry. Then I use the hot air brush to style my hair…I can lift it, smooth the ends, and get great volume and shine. When I broke my wrist and leg in August, I was actually able to do my hair one handed. I use Redken Guts 10 volumizing mousse. For color fade, my hairdresser recommended shampooing with TRESSA Water Colors shampoo once a week. (Pick the appropriate shade for your hair color, got mine from Amazon). I also use a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month to remove product buildup. That really gives me volume!

    When it comes to volume, I love what Dolly Parton said…the higher the hair, the closer to God!!

  8. Totally enjoyed your video and the applause at the end was the perfect touch! As another one with fine, straight hair, I’m thinking of trying the products you use, though I’ve been pretty happy with the Aquage line that I found at ULTA. I like to switch around from time to time and think my hair does too. 🙂 One question… do the Kevin Murphy products have a lingering scent?

    1. I don’t notice a linger scent but my daughter thought I was wearing perfume one day when I wasn’t so they must linger a bit.

  9. Lovely voice. I enjoyed hearing you.

  10. Terrific video! I can use all the help I can get on on my fine, straight hair. I’ll check out the products you mentioned. Thanks!

    1. Fine straight hair is tough to work with. I know! Good luck.

    2. Ditto to Janet. Will try the products.

  11. Jennifer, Well done! So brave of you to show styling your hair, which by the way looks great! I enjoy reading your blog, you are a real, honest woman & that is a joy!

    1. Thank you Sharon. There’s no point in showing a white washed life I don’t lead. We all have “stuff”! Let’s support each other. Thanks for being here!

  12. Julie,Melbourne,Australia says:

    Great video.What hairdryer are you using?

    1. A cheapo ionic version from the drug store. Sorry, I’m not particular about my dryer except that it be ionic.

      1. Julie,Melbourne,Australia says:


  13. Fantastic video, Jennifer! So very helpful. My hair is baby fine (can’t blame menopause, it’s been this way all my life) and pin straight. It’s pretty dry, so I only need to wash it 2 times a week. It’s a little longer than yours, because I have to have it long enough for a ponytail for exercise. (Yes, it’s the skinniest, stubbiest ponytail ever, but at least it’s not in my face for down dog.) My big question for you and everyone else with baby-fine hair: what do you do about hair coloring? I don’t want to go gray, but my lightish brown color fades so fast it’s embarrassing. Seems like the volumizing products are especially tough on color. How do these products work on colored hair? Help!

    1. These are all color safe. Don’t go by me right now because I paused my low lights and high lights several months ago to see what Mother Nature was giving me. I’ve made no commitment either way but I sure do miss the volume the coloring gave me. Have your stylist try a different product. It shouldn’t fade that fast! Be sure everything you use is color safe and wear a hat while in the sun. Stay away from chlorinated pools.

  14. Very helpful video, Jennifer! I can’t remember a day when my hair wasn’t thin and baby fine, but I sure had a lot more of it than I thought I did when I was younger. It has thinned considerably since I hit menopause. Just when I think I’ve tried about every hair product on the planet trying to plump out those limp tresses, someone comes out with something new. I recently purchased a new line called Color Proof volumizing conditioner and shampoo. Haven’t used it yet because I’m trying to use up the latest “miracle” products I purchased. My recent endeavor was to put in hair extensions because I was going on a trip to Hawaii and wanted my hair to look good and not limp in the humidity. They were actually pretty great, but I’ve left them in too long, and now they are the biggest snarly mess you’ve ever seen. Granted you can’t see it, but I can sure feel it and I can’t really style my hair the way I want. My hairdresser assures me she can get them out with minimal hair loss and damage. We’ll see. I’m prepared to go back to my shorter layered style. At least I’ll be able to run my fingers through my hair again! I may give a couple of your products a try, particularly the Doo Over. I always love that you go for products that are cruelty free; I try to do the same. Keep these helpful videos coming. It’s so reassuring to know that other women are struggling with the same issues.

    1. I hope you don’t loose a lot when she takes them out. Maybe try a few clip in sections you can remove nightly! That’s what I’m going to do. I’ve never believed shorter is always the best answer. I was told blunter looked fuller but I’ve found the opposite to be true for me. A few layers allows me to get lift in them which makes my hair look fuller. That Doo Over is my holy grail. I don’t use it as they direct but how I show works miracles. You can’t use too much! Keep me posted Kathy!

  15. I also have straight, fine, thinning hair and use a lot of product to create fullness. But what worked best for me was cutting my hair short. I went from long hair in my 30s to a bob like yours in my fifties to a pixie in my sixties and never looked back. (Of all those styles, I found the bob the hardest to maintain.) Short hair is not for everyone, but I think you have the right face shape for it, Jennifer, if you ever wanted to give it a try.

    Going to check out the products you are using!

    1. I did wear a pixie in my 40’s. I loved it then. I love my hair pulled back or pinned up but not crazy about super short on me now. I have very wide shoulders, a wide jaw and very high hairline in front and back so look better with a bit more length.

  16. This was the best most helpful video. I appreciate everything you do on your blog. Could you tell us how your hair is cut? I am assuming you have several layers. Your hair always looks great!

    1. Thanks Karen. It’s basically a bob the she cuts layers in to allow me to get lift. She calls is disjointed because it’s a combination of two cuts.

  17. I don’t have a problem with thinning hair but a friend does. I’m going to pass the video on to her. I’m sure she will appreciate it.

  18. Excellent post! Thank you so much for the helpful tips. Your hair looks fantastic!

  19. This is a very helpful video. For several years my hair has been thinning. I keep going shorter and shorter because I’ve never been very adept with a blow dryer and brush and I exercise nearly every day. My stylist says to NOT wash every day but sometimes I just have to. I’m 5 weeks post op from open heart surgery and have noticed that my hair is noticeably more limp. I assume that’s the anesthesia working itself out of my system . I had to cancel an appointment last week because I still can’t drive so it will be interesting to see what I’ll look like in 5/6 more weeks.

    I was wondering what shampoo and conditioner you use. I’m thinking that my conditioner might be dragging my hair down. I use Oribe products for colored hair recommended by my stylist. They’ve been fine, but I am always open to trying something new.

    1. My stylist insists that washing daily includes a great scalp massage which stimulates hair follicles. I’ve washed my hair almost daily my entire life. I use Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse and blueing shampoo. I do add water to my conditioner bottle to thin it because I don’t want to weigh my hair down. Good luck with your recovery Jan! Sending prayers and hugs your way!

  20. Great video….thanks for all the tips. I’m looking for a new blow dryer. Do you have a favorite?

    1. I just buy ones that are affordable and have ionic properties. Perhaps I should pay more attention to what I use but it dries my hair:)

  21. Deborah Davis says:

    Great video and great results!! Really enjoying the video portions of your blog!! Have you scheduled the Facebook Live as yet? Don’t want to miss it!!

    1. Thanks so much Deborah! Tomorrow’s post is all about the FB live!

  22. Great video. Thanks for your tips and advice.

  23. Pat Nelson says:

    I have always had thin hair.. How often do u wash your hair.? hopefully I can find your products and give them a try.. Love all your posts..

    1. I wash it almost every morning. Other products might give the same results. I included links to find exactly what I use. The Doo Over is quite miraculous… used the way I use it.

  24. Hi Jennifer, what a great video! I must admit that I am very wary of product, but recently I have been adding dry shampoo on freshly-blow-dried hair and that seems to help. How long would you say your routine takes in real time?

    1. 6.2 minutes. I know because that’s how long the video was before I speeded sections up and cut out boring parts.

      1. LOL. Love this. I’ll have to time my routine.

  25. I have just started using the Aveda invati products and really like them for my thinning hair. I use the Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo and Conditioner. The product that I am also using which is my favorite is the Aveda Advanced Scalp Revitalizer which you apply to your hair once a day. These products are for thinning hair. Even though I have only used these products for a short time I have noticed an improvement in the volume of my hair. I will wait a little while longer before I comment about whether the hair loss has improved as well.

  26. I’m going to try the products as well. I dry my hair in a very similar method but do not get the volume. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Remember to cool the roots while they’re lifted up and against the direction you want them to go. Good luck.

  27. Great video. What brush do you use?

    1. It’s a Thermo Active large round. The bristles are half boars Hair half plastic.

  28. Great tips! I could be your hair twin, and you’ve got way more volume and heft than I do — I’m going to give your methods a try. Thanks for sharing.

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