Tips for Flattering Legs Over 50

They say the shoulders are the last to go and for many, their calves are the same. I haven’t worn shorts for years but I do like to wear skirts and dresses. Today I’m sharing the lengths and tools I use to keep them looking their best.

Love them or hate them they aren’t the same legs we dressed in our 20’s. I’m fortunate that mine are still shapely, (from the knee down) but they’re definitely a different shape.

Pants are an obvious fix for many of us but I’m going to focus on bare legs today.

Gone are the days when short skirts are flattering on me. The skin above my knees has sagged so I have loose skin that I prefer to cover. This skirt is as short as I’ll wear these days unless I’m wearing opaque tights.

flattering skirt length
stretch pencil skirt

Having your skirt hemmed to where your leg narrows helps them look more shapely and slimmer. This skirt is a longer version of the stretch pencil skirt and hits just below the knee which is also very flattering.

showing where to hem your skirt
This dress is hemmed to a wide spot on my knees and makes my legs appear wider than they are.

My calves are a nice proportion but have a few varicose and spider veins that I like to hide. I seldom wear dark pantyhose anymore so I use a self-tanner to “tan” them slightly. My favorite is Jergen’s Natural Glow, which is lightweight, subtle and builds slowly so never gives me strange colored ankles.

Some women struggle with their thighs rubbing together. I have a tip that does may sound strange but works! A quick swipe of stick deodorant on your inner thighs provides relief by helping your skin slide without sticking.

What tips can you share that work for you?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. I use self tanner year round, also light beige shade of fishnets stockings from Banana Republic, I believe…or maybe summer item from Anthropologie. Don’t recall. But I have three or four so alternate…Wash carefully by hand always!

    1. I love nude fishnets! They add a touch of edgy attitude and help smooth things out visually.

  2. sophia montgomery says:

    My skinny ankles are the last to gain weight, thank God! A shoe salesman said that with my small ankles never wear shoes with an ankle strap as it cuts off my legs visually. Even today my shoes have a “v” vamp to lengthen my legs and show off my ankles. My skirts are at the knee unless a few kiltskirts are slightly shorter and then only with tights.

    1. Lucky you! I do wear ankle straps because I have nice ankles but agree they do cut off my leg:)

  3. Debbie Klausing says:

    Thanks for this interesting article! I am also 5’4″ and length makes such a difference! I have thin legs and ankles and the wrong length can look ridiculous on me.
    I have a question for you. Is there a fashionable way to wear leggings in the summer with dresses? I love wearing them- they seem to give definition. I love them with a slightly fitted tunic, which is hard to find that fits my frame.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m honored to be such fabulous company.

  5. I have had severe allergic reactions to self tanners. I have tried several. Any suggestions? I too have spider veins.

    1. There are some waterproof body makeup products you could try. They’re made especially for legs, so they just cover but do not interact with your skin.

  6. Great article,as usual,and I love to wear skirts,especially in summer.I got out my sewing machine last year and made some skirts with wonderful stretch cotton fabric:very comfortable and great for the Australian summer.
    I really like your fishnet tights and would love to know what brand they are.They look very flattering on your legs.I’m also a self-tanner fan as my legs are as white as snow and the harsh Australian sun is not my friend.

    1. The hot sun is no one’s friend:)! Smart of you. The fushnets are by Ormolu but many companies make them. Cheers

  7. Haven’t tried the deodorant trick yet. I wear a pair of slip shorts under my shirts. I need to have my knees covered for modesty. It’s hard to find dresses that completely cover the knee. Glad for maxis but at 5’4″ I can look really short lol

    1. I’m 5’4″ too so I look for maxi’s without too much volume and wear with a closer fitting top or bodice.

  8. Bare legs really help our Texas summers and I you have such fun shoes…why not show them off with confidence!

    1. Self tanner is a miracle tool for many of us!

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