How to Get Out of a Style Rut

It can happen to anyone. One minute you’re feeling inspired by your clothes and the next, you hate everything you own. Your clothes bore you. You’re in a style rut. The obvious conclusion is to think you need new clothes, but that’s not always the case.

It’s also not the best time to weed out your wardrobe because your creativity is at a low point and you may regret getting rid of some things. Been there done that and still regret donating that gray suit with the nipped-in waist…but I digress.

Before you dump your wardrobe, here are some ideas to try.

  • Change your hairstyle. A fresh ‘do makes every outfit look different. Wearing the same hairstyle year after year gets stale and that takes the fun out everything. If you always wear your hair down, pin it up to change the proportion.


  • Switch up your makeup. If you always wear pale lipstick and dark eyes, flip the contrast and go for red lips and softer eyes. Never wear eyeshadow? Give it a try. Scan magazines for fresh ideas on where and how to use colors.


  • Add interest with accessories. Costume jewelry and scarves needn’t be expensive and have a big impact on your look. Try colors, styles, and shapes you’ve never considered before. Never where boho anything? Try a boho-inspired scarf with your traditional look. Step out of your comfort zone and wear a statement piece.


  • Layers add interest. Add one more layer to your normal look. Stack bracelets, layer necklaces, add a scarf on top of everything. That extra piece can elevate your boring outfit in a flash.


  • Mix and match your casual and dressy pieces. Try a denim jacket and sneakers over a dress. How about a sequined top over jeans or chinos? Those sparkly earrings you only wear during the holidays? Try them with blue jeans and a sweater.


  • Break apart favorite combinations and restyle them with pieces you’ve never tried before. Be adventurous. If your go-to outfit is jeans and a sweater, try a blouse and skirt.


  • Ignore your body shape. Always wear V-necks? Try a turtleneck and use a scarf to create a V-neck shape. Always wear skinny jeans? Try a subtle bootcut and watch how the new shape changes everything you pair it with.


  • Change your handbag. It feels smart to buy a neutral colored purse that will go with everything. But a red, blue, yellow or patterned purse brightens everything up and makes old combinations feel new.


  • Add color or pattern. If you always wear neutrals, try a pop of color to add energy to your look. If you never wear pattern, try a subtle pattern in an accessory.

Need some fresh ideas? Head over to Pinterest for some inspiration. Take note of how others are pairing things. Pay attention to color combos and see what sparks joy. It may not be your wardrobe that needs a change. It may be the way you are putting things together.


What have you done to get out of a fashion rut?


Thanks for reading and have a great day.



  1. Christine says:

    All of your ideas are great ones! I’ll add one my daughter taught me.
    For the last three years, at the beginning of the year, I’ve hung my hangers backwards on the closet rod. Once I wear an item, it gets turned around. At the end of the year, whatever remains hanging backwards, I haven’t worn during the year and I seriously consider donating it.
    HOWEVER – my daughter suggested I hang my items by color instead of by item – blouses, dresses, jackets, etc. – and I started seeing my wardrobe in a whole new way, putting things together that I hadn’t before.
    Between the yearly hanger flipping and the color organization, it’s changed clothing shopping from what catches my eye in the store to what I wear, the colors I have, and what I would like to add to what’s already there!

    1. I have heard of that hanger flipping technique. It works for some but I’ve donated one too many things I regret to get rid of something in 12 months od not wearing it.

  2. Great ideas Jennifer! I just got a shorter hair style today to show off all the new earrings I’ve purchased recently. I’m also on the hunt for a brightly coloured handbag for spring – thinking maybe yellow, which would be a first for me!

  3. Timely post. I just made a hair appointment. I’m going shorter. I’ll peruse Pinterest for ideas.
    I occasionally drop by my local thrift store and find nearly new pieces to add to my existing wardrobe for an inexpensive change up. It’s a great way to expand what has become a boring winter wardrobe. And, that way my serious money is going into new pieces for spring.

  4. My style is constantly evolving but the hardest adjustment was retirement. I went from suits, blazers and heels daily to what do I have to wear to withstand baby puke and sitting on the floor for toddler story time? That was ten years ago, and now I’m wearing skorts and hats for swim meets at 100 degrees and jeans and boots for soccer. I always put together an outfit and believe my family and 7 grandchildren should see me looking my best–because I’m important to them and they are important to me. My life and clothes are now FUN!

  5. Free idea, cruise the mall. What window display sparks joy? People watch. Who looks chic and why?
    Cheap idea, thrift/consignment stores. How about a new color scarf or a different print in atop?

  6. This was a great post. It is so easy to get in a style rut. Great suggestions to get us inspired!

  7. Having lived in black and grey with a few color pops for years, once I retired I have been adding more color and loving it. That said, I am tired of my winter clothes now and looking forward to spring. Just found a great blue little phone case/crossbody bag to get me through.

    1. I am on the hunt for a crossbody phone case because I am never without my phone. Blue sounds pretty

  8. Great tips for All. Being home with children and animals in my younger days
    Find it difficult to get into style, definitely in a Rut..Helpis necessary!

    1. Shoot me an email, Sue, and let’s see how to get you on track.

  9. Bonnie Hall says:

    Great Tips! Thanks for sharing! Also why I like living somewhere that has 4 seasons to give an opportunity for changing things up! (Even within the same season sometimes in NC)

  10. Hi Jennifer,
    I retired a couple of years ago and just cannot find a style. I changed my hair, I have tried more casual clothes but I feel frumpy and old. I have donated clothes and purses bought new and still feel down. Now on a limited income I regret the amount of money that I have spent on clothes and just given away. You look great and I love following your adventures.
    Thank you

    1. It is hard to transition our look from work to retirement. Shoot me an email, Bonnie, and let’s see how to get you on the right path.

  11. Fantastic ideas Jennifer, thanks for posting during your vacation! I agree, blogs like yours help and you have some ideas here that I will try. we are all winter-wardrobeweary I thin here in MN!

  12. Marcia Buczek says:

    Love your ideas. I have been buying more scarfs lately and they really do make a difference. I’ve also purchased a spring green handbag, that’s really out of my comfort zone but the color was too hard to pass up.

    1. That spring green sounds fabulous. It will be fun to add to your look this spring

  13. I get into a rut at the end of winter because, frankly, I hate cold weather and the layers and colours associated with it. It might be better if I had the time to restyle the way I wear outfits but that is limited since Im still working. I get most of my inspiration from blogs like yours! ❤

  14. Terrific advice for us all!!

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