How to Wear an Unstructured Blazer Over 50

Happy Friday, ladies. This month for the Over 50 Fashion Edit, Cindy and I are styling blazers. I’m a big fan of blazers because I love the strong statement they make and the polish they give to an outfit. As our lifestyles become more casual, it’s all about comfort so an unstructured blazer becomes a great option. Today I’m sharing how to wear an unstructured blazer over 50.

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woman wearing unstructured blazer with jeans

What is an unstructured blazer? It’s a lightweight, soft, and deconstructed jacket with minimal or no lining and no shoulder pads. They are the most casual style of blazer and are often oversized. Many of the latest ones are knit, which seem like a cross between a cardigan and a blazer.

blond woman wearing blue unstructured blazer with jeans and loafers

This unstructured blazer is a soft Italian recycled wool blend with notched lapels and single button closure. The external patch pockets bring its level of formality down even further. It comes in 3 colors, regular, tall, and petite sizes 0-20. The website says it runs slightly large but not on me so I suggest you order your regular size. I am wearing a 10 regular.


What to wear with an unstructured blazer

Women’s blazers will always be in style because they’ve become a wardrobe basic for so many of us. Because the unstructured blazer is inherently casual, they look great worn with jeans. It does have enough formality to dress up, so try slipping one on over a simple dress, chino’s, knit pants, or blouse and skirt.

I paired mine with this super soft turtleneck sweater. The fabric is a blend featuring breathable fiber derived from certified renewable wood sources. It comes in 6 colors in regular and petite size XXS-XL. I’m wearing a small regular. The website calls this color white, but it’s softer and more like a winter white.

I anchored the look with a modern loafer that comes in tons of widths. So few brands offer widths these days, I’m loyal to the ones that do. Munro makes some beautiful ones and is committed to making stylish ones that fit. Did you know that 25% of our bones are located in our feet and almost 90% of us wear shoes that are one size too small? That’s more women than are wearing the wrong size bra!

How should an unstructured blazer fit?

Much like a denim jacket, an unconstructed blazer should look like you can close it, even if you never do.

Are you a blazer wearer? Have you tried the unconstructed blazer?

More Unstructured Blazers


Now let’s go see how Cindy is styling her blazer and sharing Under The Radar Ways To Style A Blazer Over 50.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Sarah London says:

    I think you were born to wear jeans and a blazer! You look perfect in it!

  2. That blue blazer looks so good on you, but I have never been able to wear one. Short waist, broad shoulders, large bust. I need more “movement” in a jacket or cardigan. As to the prices–you get what you pay for. A belt from Target might cost less, but chances are it won’t last more than a season or two. Besides, what I decide to pay for a garment is my choice, and it’s not “too expensive” for me if I choose it. On the same subject, Jennifer does show clothing from different sources and at lower price points, so I don’t feel the need to criticize her for her choices.

    1. Thanks, Kay. We all have different budgets and know when a splurge feels right.

  3. I do like the style of a blazer to add a pop to jeans or a skirt and casual top.
    Do really like that blue unstructured one you are wearing Jennifer. So smart looking. And the loafers, a must.

  4. Blue was invented for you to wear. You look fabulous! I do like this type of blazer. I don’t like the price but I understand it’s an investment for some. It is pretty. I love loafers. ❤️ 💕 💗

  5. That blazer is wonderful, and you look gorgeous in it. I love the way you styled it. Looks super comfy and smart to boot! Beautiful.

    I’ve gotten away from blazers but becoming open to a new one. The colors of this particular blazer are not quite right for me, but thanks for the idea and tips.

    1. Thanks so much, Ellen.

  6. Love the outfit, blue is definitely a color you should wear more often. Really brightens up your hair and your beautiful face!! Have a great weekend Jennifer🍁🍁🎃🎃🍂🍁🍁

    1. Wow, thank you so much, Dianne:)

  7. Jill Yemen says:

    I’m finally travelling to the US next week – I started my shopping after your post this morning – wide loafers and size tall knit blazers -does it get better than that?? – so versatile, its going to be an early Christmas for me!! Can’t wait!! Thank you Jennifer – I believe your wonderful posts have upped my style, AND my budget!! Jill from Canada 🍁

  8. You look so beautiful in blue! It brings out your complexion and suits you! Keep on watering the blues! 💕💕

    1. Thank you Bee:) I love blue

  9. cindy hattersley says:

    I really like this post. I like the new blazers that are just a little looser and not so structured. BR is really stepping up their game. The quality is like the good old days. I never buy Munro shoes. I don’t know why. I am going to check them out. I need a pair of loafers in wide (due to the darn bunion!). You look so pretty in that blue.

    1. I am smitten with BR new direction. Great quality and styles these days.

  10. As our Autumn temps are hovering in the low 50°s F; yesterday wore very similar pieces to run a few errands as try to avoid coats or jackets since have to wear for at least 4-5 months as is without option. Only difference; since somewhat cool rather than underpin my T-N sweater, added a plaid scarf to the equation for extra warmth and pattern the eliminated the need of a necklace. (Scarf = A faux acrylic cashmere lightweight weave, roughly 36″ x 36″ folded into a triangle, with ends tied behind the neck then adjusted in the front.) All said; excellent summary on how to wear an unstructured blazer Jennifer , as IMHO feel they can have a place in most wardrobes particularly if living in a climate like mine.

  11. Great look: casual but pulled together so well! Talbots has an unstructured knit long blazer that I have lusted after for months, but I decided my money could be better spent on winter sweaters that I will wear a lot more often. Love everything about unstructured except the price tag. IMHO, most are WAY overpriced for items that are unlined.

    1. I have to agree about pricing. You’d expect a lower price for garments that took less labor but brands don’t see it that way.

  12. I really like your posts. It shows the clothing on a real person and you tell us where to get an item. the posts on Pinterest do not do that.

  13. That blazer is a great color on you and very slimming. I have a black one I wear all the time. I don’t like anything too bulky under mine but you do have a lot of options.

  14. I feel that an unstructured blazer would offer unlimited styling options. The white turtleneck sweater offers such a gorgeous base and we all love a great fitting pair of jeans. This is a style that I would find so versatile and make the investment in the blazer a smart choice. Your accessories are so pretty! They compliment the look without taking center stage.

  15. I thought I would faint when I checked out the price of the silver belt….holy Toledo 270.00…..maybe it’s a mistake…but that’s the belt that pops up when looking at your sources. That’s quite pricey for most of us….🙍‍♀️

    1. I invest in accessories because I never get rid of them and they always fit. I did buy mine on sale, but that store is now sold out of them.

      1. I am weighing in here on “the belt”. Isabel Marant is the person currently making this belt “famous” and big name designers can pretty much charge what they want for everything they sell. Is this really Isabel Marant’s design…..nope just the current person making it famous again. This style belt has been around since the Sixties….back then often found at an Artisan or Craft event. Because Isabel Marant has made the belt “current” there will be LOTS of copies….you just need to watch for them and you will find a “copy” in your price range.
        I am like Jennifer in that I have some things that I invest in and keep forever….I have belts that are 30 years old and still great to wear because they are Classic

      2. So true, Lauren. In fact, I shared a dupe from Loft several weeks ago that is under $30…but it’s brown not silver.

  16. Paulette Levy says:

    I just purchased a navy knit blazer from Talbots in small. I should have sized down I think. I’m wearing it layered over brightly printed shirts or white shirts. I line it other than the fact that it’s very roomy. I think in the next few months, as weather cools off, a turtleneck sweater may be just right! I like yours in lighter blue too!

    1. I love those knit blazers:) They’re so comfy

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