How Would You Style This Boho Skirt

Happy Saturday, ladies. It’s time for our weekly chat about how we would style a look. Each week my friend Pam and I share a mannequin we’ve run across to share with you. Out goal is to spark conversation and give you fresh ideas. It’s easy to get into a styling rut…I know I do…so this is a great way to hear what others would do with the same items.


This skirt has a bit of a boho vibe with its Ikat stripe and metallic thread. The fabric is a lightweight cotton. How would you style it? I couldn’t find a link for the sweater, but I can tell you it’s a mid-weight sweater tank.

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Now let’s go style Pam’s mannequin on Over 50 Feeling 40.

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  1. I think I would try a darker sage green top.

    1. I have a skirt very nearly the same as this skirt and wear it with a light knit darker sage sweater. I love it. I am trying to change my wardrobe from pants to skirts with leggings because I now need to wear a leg brace and the skirts are more comfortable. I like the waistband on this style because it is not easy to find fitted waistbands that fit comfortably.

      1. This waistband is very comfy.

  2. I would substitute a shell in the same color for the sweater. Sweaters are unfortunately too hot for where I live. The skirt is lined so no need for a slip. The top of the skirt is a little problematic and the top should cover it. The rest is great for a taller thinner woman.

  3. Since the skirt is full, I would style it with a simple tee in a bright color like turquoise. I’d add a cute white or silver sandal or ballet flat.

  4. I would style this skirt with more colour. Would depend on the shade but I think a simple purple top would be fun. Add a white jean jacket, sandals, simple silver jewelry and ready to go. Alternatively, the top could be white or sage and the colour pop could come from the shoes. Red might be too much but I’d be wiling to try it.

    1. It’s close to a sage green color.

  5. I like this skirt! The very wide elastic band does not show on the model. IRL one would pull it down a bit for a slimming look AND she has pockets!

  6. I really like this outfit but think the sweater plus jacket would be too warm with the light cotton skirt. I’d pair it with a simple olive shirt such as a short tee that didn’t need to be tucked in. Nude sandals or wedges, keep the purse as shown, and fun earrings. Sometimes those wide waistbands aren’t comfortable but I love the flow of this skirt so I’d love to try it on. Nice summer outfit!

    1. It’s comfy, I tried it on😁

    2. The wide waistbands that advertise as holding in the tummy area are impossible. This is a smocked waistband and I wonder if that will be better.

  7. I like the skirt and the way its styled though its just a tad too neutral to be interesting. The skirt is not for me but I can see that it would be a great look on someone taller and with the vibe to wear a long skirt. It looks like a versatile piece that would go well with several colors. I would like to see a pop of color from simple tank top. Or swap out the jacket for a traditional blue denim jean jacket. I like the shape of the cross body bag. Again, swapping out the beige for a bright color would add some life to the outfit. I’s suggest simple strappy sandals. There’s enough going on here that the only jewelry I’d add is a pair of earrings and a bracelet or two.

  8. I like this outfit as is! Since I’m petite I would probably have the skirt shortened a bit but there are many things you could do with it. You could wear just about any shoe.

  9. I would style the top pieces with trousers the same / similar color. IMHO, the skirt has way too much material no matter how slim one is. (click through) The look is too monochromatic for me: I’d replace the bag with a black one and add black sandals or maybe a scarf with both the neutral and black tied onto the bag shown.

  10. Now, this I like very much. I love the subtle, almost monochromatic colors. I think the stripe on the skirt would make it work for shorter women. I would wear a shoe with a bit of a heel, maybe metallic or light taupe.

  11. I almost never say this, but I would wear these pieces as styled on the mannequin, adding accessories. This is very much my style vibe! For the accessories, I’d emphasize the Boho-type pattern in the skirt: Possibly an ankle-tie, block heel sandal in a neutral shade such as bone or light tan; raffia drop earrings would be cool; and then maybe some one-of-a-kind artisan bracelets to polish off the look. I might experiment with my bag. A slouchier, hobo-type bag could be interesting.

  12. I find it difficult to sense the vibe in this skirt. I like the colors and the ikat design but am puzzled by the hemming of the skirt. I have done quite a bit of sewing and know that a hem in a skirt is usually at least 2 inches. What style does this minimal hem indicate? I would associate this hem more with a nightgown or blouse. It’s a pretty skirt but I am not tall and thin so it wouldn’t work for me.

    1. Styles are all over the map with hems these days. I’m noticing a trend of top stitched 4” hems on skirts lately.

  13. This looks like a versatile skirt that could be dressed up or down. I’m not sure how the smocked waist would look on me so would definitely have to try it on. I would wear it with a navy or olive tee in the summer, or a tank top with a denim jacket in the spring. I like the sweater but think it adds bulk and might be too hot. I would add a simple necklace like a long silver chain with a geometric pendant. Shoes would be ballet flats or a metallic flat sandal.

  14. I love this outfit that Miss Mennequin is wearing just the way it is.
    The skirt it beautiful with a touch of metallic and the sweater pulls the whole outfit together.
    This choice is a big “YES” for me. 🤗

  15. Such a pretty outfit for Spring! I love the jacket, top, and skirt. As I am short, 5’2″, I would have the skirt cut off and hemmed to knee length. This would look so cute with a pair of white sandals.

  16. I love styling other ladies…so much fun. While the skirt would not work for me, I know many cool ladies it would look lovely on. I think I would want it styled with color on top…even a nice navy blue. Since I love color during the spring, I believe it needs a pop…and would also look great with silver turquoise jewelry.
    This styling challenge is meant to stretch our thinking to inspire others who might like the garment…so let’s just be fashion stylists for a day!

    1. This is a fun exercise! Happy Saturday, Pam.

  17. I agree with Jan I too would wear the top but the skirt is great if you are tall, thin and young, I am none of the above. Taupe is a great top color because it can go with so many things.

    1. Taupe is one if my favorite colors for just that reason.

  18. First off as I do like the skirt and the top chosen to wear with it, for a ‘casual’ look I would: a) replace the denim jacket with a lightweight jersey blend sweatshirt in the olive color family and drape it over my shoulders b) footwear could either be metallic silver sneakers, a flat leather slide sandal or a wedged canvas espadrille c) bag would be an unstructured shoulder or handle design (hobo or tote) in a neutral color (ivory/eggshell/ecru/lt. beige d) or footwear and bag could be reversed in color or yes even matched e) jewelry would be kept to a minimum and be dependent upon what I chose for the footwear/bag. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Re the top, I think it may be: (under new) Penny Cotton Crop Sweater Camisole/Thistle/$128.00.

    1. Metallic sneakers would really be fun with this. I love the sweatshirt idea too. Your outfits come to life with these descriptions! Thank you Brenda!

  19. As I scrolled down this featured style today, I totally loved the top pieces. But, when I saw the skirt, it made me pause. It’s very difficult for me to offer style ideas on something that just would not work for me today. Sometimes when I view a piece like this, all I see is a lot of fabric. It a light weight fabric that would likely require a slip. This style of skirt targets a taller frame with slim hips, sadly, not me. Lol
    Still a fun exercise! Have a great weekend everyone!

    1. Happy Saturday, Jan

  20. I think it would look good with a black short sleeve t shirt, or tank and a blue denim jacket. The sweater is too heavy looking, and too many neutral colors going on.

    1. I love your idea of blue denim with it. Adding a bit more contrast.

  21. I think this is the first mannequin I’ve ever liked. I would wear the outfit exactly how it is.
    Have a good weekend!

  22. I like that skirt and everything with it…’s a very versatile skirt and can dress up or down and the striping is going in the right direction to be slenderizing. You could change the cross body bag or denim jacket for one of color for that punch of color if you desire.

    1. Agreed! It’s a bit of a chameleon.

  23. I’d start by adding a ballet-neck top in a deeper shade of sage. This look, as shown, seems washed out. It needs some depth. I want to push it in a global direction. I’d switch out the handbag for something artsy & interesting (think World Market). For accessories, I’d go with silver hoops, a bold bangle & pendant necklace. Lastly, I’d do a neutral slide or sandal. I like the jean jacket for a casual look. A pashmina could move it a different direction.

    1. Great ideas Jan! It could easily go several directions.

  24. I think I would remove the jacket it and pair it with a chunky necklace and earrings. Also add low heeled strappy sandals. It would be lovely for an evening out

  25. Since I’m a neutral dresser, primarily – I like the way this skirt is displayed on the mannequin. I wiukfb rf t change a thing for me, that is.
    Without a jacket and for a younger person I might try a flowery peasant style blouse, pretty sandals or a light bootie. I’d like a wicker-tyoe small bag for this young woman. Simple thin jewelry only.

    1. I know what you mean. I love the wicker bag idea.

  26. Can’t believe I’m saying this, because Jennifer I love your posts, but this is an insipid and uninspiring outfit. Honestly, I can’t figure out who would wear this and pull it off. The only take away is the jacket with a completely different top & skirt. Total miss in my book. Sorry my dear. 🙁

    1. Sorry you don’t like it. The goal here is to explore styling options, even if it’s not our style. Happy Saturday

  27. I’d keep it light and summery, and let the shirring at the top of the skirt be the star. I’d add a soft white fine cotton tank or tee tucked in, dull silver bangles and jewellery, and silver sandals/Birkenstocks. For a bag, I’d go with a light straw tote, although the small crossbody works.

  28. I would exchange the sweater for a black v-neck t-shirt, swap the purse for black or the green color (on the link), add black sandals and off I go. Happy Saturday!

  29. Jennifer C. says:

    I really liked the boho skirt. It had a good style. I usually don’t like the Saturday challenge styles.

  30. I really like the look. It is lacking a pop of color though. Not sure if I would do that through jewelery or the jacket or both. I’m thinking a shade of pink.

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