July 4th Style (And How I Became an American citizen)

Happy July 4th everyone! Do you wear red, white and blue on the 4th of July? Here’s my nod to patriotic colors as we head off to a backyard BBQ with friends.

I’m wearing my biggest sun hat, which you can see creates great shade for my face and neck. My neck seems to take a tougher beating from the sun these days, so the larger the hat, the better.

My large Eric Javits hat offers perfect sun protection

Here’s my white

A simple white tank and maxi sweater for arm coverage. My upper arms are getting to be a problem…I see pushups in my future!

 casual red, white and blue for the 4th of JulyHere’s my blue

My Chico’s trouser jeans, which are very forgiving for big meals and sitting around.

Comfortable Pikolino's sandals

Here’s my red

Since I don’t wear red clothes, I painted my toes Well Red by Essie.

This is my first pair of Pikolino’s sandals and won’t be my last. The ankle strap is velcro, and they are very comfortable. The whipstitched edge is as boho as I get!


I can still remember like it was yesterday in June 1997 when I had my citizenship ceremony to become an American. I’d lived in the country since I was 12, both my children and husband were American, and it was a special moment to celebrate with them. Later that year I was able to vote for the first time in the presidential election, a privilege that I never take for granted.

Casual wear for the July 4th

How are you celebrating the Fourth of July?


Chico’s Trouser Jean //  Pikolino sandal // Eric Javits hat // Maxi sweater-similar // Leopard belt-similar // xo Jennifer




  1. Just fell in love with those Pikolinos! I scoured the Internet for a pair and found most prices in the mid 200.00’s….my research took me to the manufacterer’s web site and I found a pair in my size and the colour I was looking for $188.00 CDN !!! It really pays to shop around. Nordstrom’s was 245.00CDN and Amazon was 225.00. I love the shoes, they look very elegant with a funky edge and can be worn with dresses, crop pants, shorts, skirts, jeans etc. Very versatile little shoe and very, very comfortable. Worth the splurge! Thanks Jennifer:)

  2. My biggest hat is the size of Jupiter! It’s sometimes a problem, getting in and out of cars, and seat mates on airplanes don’t like when I wear it, but it protects face, neck, shoulders… It’s great.

  3. So cute! But we would have heat stroke here in the South, with temps in the upper 90’s! Shrugs are becoming a part of my wardrobe. Can you come up with a way to wear them that doesn’t look matronly? Angie at the “Hot and Flashy” YouTube channel has a great arm workout. I just need to do it!

    1. Shrugs are a challenge, Ruth. I have them but agree they tend to look frumpy on me. I’ll see what I can come up with!

  4. You look fantastic! Casual and stylish! I have a blouse that is blue and white seersucker with embroidered flags, hearts, stars, and fireworks on it. I’m wearing it with denim shorts and I have jeans-imprinted Birkenstocks.
    I LOVE those sandals! And your toes!
    You are an inspiration, thank you!
    I’ve been doing exercises for my back with a weight ball. It requires lying on my back and bringing the ball over my head, to my stomach, and back over the back of my head. This works the abs, strengthens the back…AND works the backs of my arms! What a plus! I need the arm work!
    Happy 4th! Glad you’re an American citizen. Great story!

    1. Thanks, Robin! That excercise sounds like just what I need. It would protect my back while I strengthened my core and arms! What weight is it?

  5. I understand completely about the upper arms. However, with 100+ degree temps here today I let it all hang out with a white floaty tank top and navy slim crops. Sandals and a straw fedora. I forgot the red, do fuchia toes count?

    1. I’m with you on the upper arms hanging out in 100+ degrees, Atonia. That’s brutal! Yes, I think fuchsia counts 🙂

    1. I was born in Saskatchewan then grew up in Toronto, until I was 12. My Dad’s job transferred us to NY and I never went back! I now have dual citizenship 🙂

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