Long Days on the Road: What I Wore

Happy Thursday ladies. We’ve arrived in Canada and are ensconced in our campsite on Vancouver Island. Yay! It’s been a long five days behind the wheel, with multiple trailer issues so we’re glad to be here in one piece.

I know many of you also travel in motorhomes, fifth wheels or with trailers and are curious about my clothes. So today, I’m sharing what I’ve been wearing during the drive.

The day we left was so busy we didn’t get any pictures. Day two, I wore a blue and white striped no-iron shirt over pull-on white jeans with white tassel earrings and a white hat.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life traveling wearing a white hat, white tassel earrings and blue and white striped shirt

We had battery problems that morning so part of the day was spent sitting in the Costco parking lot. Fun times 😉

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life at a rest stop wearing leopard cardigan with white tee and black lantern pants

Day three, I wore black (stretch) lantern pants, Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life dressed for RV travel wearing leopard cardigan from Banana Republic with black knit pants a Eileen Fisher sport sandals

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing leopard cardigan from Banana Republic and stiped pom-pom earrings from Target

I’m wearing the same lipsticks every day. First, I coat my lips with this long-wearing, non-drying stain, in “Fascination”, then use this lip pencil in “Stylist” and top it with this Pure Moist lipstick in “Lucy”. I just learned this is being fazed out so I’m ordering 5-6 tubes. I hate when they discontinue my favorites. I’ve been wearing this shade for years. It’s bright but not overpowering and perfect for summer.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing long black tunic over white stretch pants with beige hat and black sneakers on the dock at Port Townsend, WA

Day four, I wore a Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life traveling in and RV we with beige and black scarf and Target earringsI looped a beige and black scarf (sold out) around my neck for some texture and a bit of coverage on the breezy coast.

Day five it was foggy and cool with rain threatening. We were taking the ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life on the Black Ball Ferry Ferry wearing chambray shirt and blue jeansI expected to need my jacket on the deck but ended up inside with Lucy for the whole ride. She got a particularly short haircut last week (she hates it) and shivers in the cold. I wore Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing crystal necklace from J Crew with Jenny Bird earrings and chambray shirt

In honor of crossing the border to Canada, I wore my favorite Jenny Bird silver earrings. She designs modern, bold jewelry and is out of Toronto. I also wore the first necklace of the drive, and it was short.

My Travel Basic’s for Driving

  • I wear pull-on pants with a stretch waistband. Zippers and snaps on pants dig in so aren’t comfortable when I’m climbing in and out of an SUV, driving for seven or eight hours a day.
  • There’s always have a hat on the backseat, within reach, for when the sun reaches a level that the visor can’t protect my face and neck from the sun.
  • I keep a cardigan or light jacket handy for rapid changes in weather. Our first day started at 85  degrees in California and was 62 when we stopped in Oregon.
  • A sunscreen stick to reapply to the backs of my hands while driving because who wants those nasty liver spots? Not me.
  • I skip necklaces which can struggle with the seatbelt and get crushed against me. I bump up the size on my earrings and bracelets to compensate. I don’t see the earrings but the bracelets definitely put a smile on my face when I see them holding the steering wheel.

Note – I won’t wear heavy earrings because I don’t want sagging earlobes plus they’re just uncomfortable. Even lightweight earrings can hang crookedly and look funny. I discovered these magic earring backs which keep your ears flat so your earrings hang straight and are more comfortable. They’re really remarkable.

Do you stock up when your favorite beauty products are discontinued?

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


  1. Love your eyeglass frames.What brand?

  2. Hi, Jennifer!
    I struggle with the sun visor not protecting my neck while driving or riding. However, I’ve yet to find a hat with a rim that isn’t uncomfortable while in the car because of the headrest. Do you encounter that problem, and if so, is there a particular brand of hat you buy that solves the problem? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Oh my, we fulltime and I rarely look so put together. We just have almost no room and everything has to be laundromat proof. I do what I can with hats and scarves. Y’all have fun, we are in Canada right now but on the east coast. It’s beautiful.
    I stock up on bras when I like them, they always change those up.

    1. We haven’t taken our trailer to the east coast but I’m very anxious to see it. Maybe next year. Laundromats are the hardest on clothes so I understand what you mean.

  4. Welcome back to Canada, and British Columbia. Hope you get over to SaltSpring Island.
    As ever, you look wonderful.

  5. Definitely the black tunic and white pants! Tomorrow I will be on the road for four or five days because we are headed to Tennessee and leaving Cali behind! I will admit that I really won’t look as classy as you on the road.
    I’ve packed a couple of denim capris, a few pairs of shorts, and several tops. It’s going to be 105 degrees that day we leave! If I remember to wear accessories, that will be a good thing. I will, of course, have my sunhat parked in the back seat, so taking a tip from you here. We are also traveling with three parrots so this really will be an adventurous road trip!. I may miss your posts for a few days until we get established and hooked up with Internet in our new location, but I will be back! Enjoy your trip!
    And, as far as stocking up, sadly I have learned that you can do too much! I must have thrown out bags and bags of cosmetics and perfumes that I’d kept around forever but were long past their prime!

  6. Lots of great outfits for traveling – hubby & I are fulltime RVers, so I want to be comfy when driving long distances. I really like the black tunic & white pants. I’ve been hesitant to try a tunic like that because of my height (or lack therof!) . But it looks great on you!
    I do stock up if I find out that my make up or skin care faves are going to be discontinued. It’s frustrating when I find out too late!

    1. I am 5’4″ and decided I’m not going to let that hold me back if I really love an item.

  7. We are flying to Seattle on Saturday and on to Vancouver Island on Monday to begin a 3-week road trip. We’ve never been past Victoria so we are looking forward to it. Your wardrobe tips have already come in handy!

    1. You will love it, Janis. We miss having a second home here so visit whenever we can. Safe travels.

  8. Jennifer, you look so good! Amazing really considering the moving and then the travel. I think the black tunic is so attractive.

  9. Angela in NZ says:

    Always disappointed when a foundation is discontinued as it takes much testing to find the right consistency and colour again. 🙁

  10. Good tip about oversized lightweight earrings sans necklaces. My favorite outfit here is that oversized tunic and white jeans! Enjoy Canada!

  11. I love that you concentrated on bare basics. I have every piece so I can put together this same wardrobe if we need to leave because of weather. It’s hurricane season here on MS Gulf Coast and one is trying to form out there.

  12. That lipstick is lovely on you. When looking for a lipstick substitute recently, I had to fight the pressure to purchase items to please the sales associate. I try a sample, then look at it in daylight, because the color changes so much. Yes, it takes so much time, but I’m looking for my next favorite that might last for years.

    1. Never let sale people pressure you. And if you do, simply return it the next day.

  13. Hi and welcome to Canada!
    My favourite outfit is the black tunic/white pants. Looks great.
    Looks like Lucy is a Yorkie… they’re the best!

    1. Thanks. She is a Norwich Terrier and should be pretty fuzzy. She’s not happy with her haircut one bit.

  14. I do not stock up on beauty products because I always worry that they will get too old by the time I use them. Love your black tunic over the white stretch pants outfit. Stretch bands are so comfortable and this outfit looks chic as well as comfortable.

  15. Hi! Quick question… the black JJill tunic you’re wearing, is it a regular or petite? We’re the same height and I love the way that looks on you.

  16. I’m going on a motorhome trip around the Pacific Northwest in mid-Sept and will use some of these ideas. Have you found any high-rise no-zipper jeans? I cannot do mid-rise with my body shape. I bought some terrific Jag mid-rise jeans and after all of the tugging and fussing, I gave them to a friend with a body shape that works in mid-rise.

    1. Nicki Cormier says:

      Just back from a three month trip with our Airstream to the Pacific Northwest , Denver and Phoenix. It took me weeks to sort out my wardrobe. Don’t overpack. I did and even though it was all mix and match, I was exhausted pulling clothes out of the small wardrobe and cubicles. We are going up to Virginia next week. I am packing light.
      Best Wishes with your trip.

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