Monday Musings- A Fresh Start

Happy Monday, ladies. I hope your weekend was a fun one. We had rain which allowed me to catch up on some reading and do my ironing…I know, I lead an exciting life:) I also moved some things around in my wardrobe and started another bag to donate once things open back up here.

Here’re are a few things on my mind this week-

Location Is Everything

Have you heard of the Nuface? It’s an at-home, advanced microcurrent facial toning device that promises to help improve facial contour, tone, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. trinity nuface in packageI bought one a couple of years ago because women seem to love it! I was excited to use it but hardly ever used it. Not because it’s hard to use or time-consuming, because it’s quick and easy. I never used it because of its location. I kept it on my dressing table where I sit to apply  “putty and paint” as my husband calls makeup. By the time I spotted it there each morning it was too late to use. I vowed to remember the next day, then the day after that, and so on. I never did remember to use it before my shower, so I gave up and stowed it under my sink.trinity nuface and gel primer on counter

After reading another glowing review last week, I hauled it out and plugged it in right next to my toothbrush. Not glamorous, but I’ve used it every morning since. Proving that location is everything and that having things handy means you don’t have to rely on your memory. A win-win for me.

Winewine tasting

We belong to several wine clubs and love to go wine tasting. Several weeks ago I got an email asking if I’d like to receive two bottles of Far Niente wine in exchange for sharing Far Niente’s Join a Club, Help the Community initiative. This initiative donates $50 for every wine club signup to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation and the Napa Valley Food Bank through the end of May to provide relief to those in need. I said heck yes and decided to share it here as well in case any of you are wine lovers like we are.

Hair Raisingpainting on hair color

The salons here in California aren’t open yet and are showing no signs of doing it anytime soon 🙁 The longer I go without a trim or high and low lights, the thinner and flatter my hair becomes. My daughter is adamant I shouldn’t trim my own hair but I did do my bangs and that turned out ok. The color issue is a real struggle. The decision to go gray or silver has many working parts but the one I forgot, was how much benefit I get from the color process.madison reed hair color kit

I have messaged Madison Reed and we’re talking about a color that could/would work for me. They promise salon-quality, at-home hair color that is ammonia-free and has no parabens. My mom used drug store hair color her entire life and looked great so how hard can this be?

Hummingbird Updatehummingbird at red feeder

You ladies were right! These cheeky little birds prefer the least expensive feeder possible. I took your advice and boiled the filtered water and sugar and mixture and they’re coming around! The brazen little fellas aren’t concerned with my presence at all! There are so many around they’re even drinking out of my old feeder they previously wanted no part of.


Do you color your own hair? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks for reading and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.






  1. I coloured my hair for the first time in 20 years a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have a lot of gray but my hair colour is blah so I get it done every 10-12 weeks. Fortunately I have a wonderful stylist and when I texted her that I was desperate she went to the drugstore and sent me a picture of the brand and colour I should use along with specific instructions which included leaving it on for 45 min instead of 25 that the box recommended. I am pleased with the result but not with the mess or how difficult it was for me to sustain my arms above my shoulders for so long. So as soon as the salons open I will be back!

  2. Please follow up with your experience with NuFace Trinity. I would like to hear results from someone I have faith in to tell her true results using this device. Thank you.

  3. Yay for the hummers! Aren’t they fun?

    About hair…I stopped coloring mine 2 years ago (I’m now 67.) I’d gone in for a color appointment, saw my stylist of over 30 years, and said I think I’m done. Totally spontaneous. We cut it short and she gave me lots of highlights so that the growing out period was pretty painless. My hair color is actually pretty! My eyebrows are still very dark brown, but somehow it all works. Once I got some length, I got a very modern short angled bob with an undercut. My hairstylist advised that a very modern haircut would offset the aging effect of silver hair—boy was she right! For the first time in my life, I get compliments on my hair! For the record, I don’t have good hair, it’s baby fine and straight as a stick. I do miss the body that coloring gave me, but find that using the right products helps with that. I use Redken Hardware for blow drying. It adds thickness to my hair without weighing it down.

    Right now, I’m missing a good haircut, but will make do until it’s safe to get one. In the meantime, Bobbi pins are my friend to keep hair out of my eyes. I’ve tried to have fun with them, using bright colors since there’s no hiding the fact that there are Bobbi pins in my hair. 😊

    Cheers to all!

  4. My natural colour was a warm brunette and I loved it. In my late 50’s it started to fade some and I started to colour it to my original natural colour. I retired almost 4 years ago and decided I would dye it myself because of the cost. I was using eSalon and they worked with me to get the colour pretty good but after a couple years I felt my hair was getting dry and decided I was done colouring and would just see what was under there:) My grey is fairly dark and I’m not completely grey yet but I feel like there is more volume to my hair now than before. I struggle with some hair loss especially on top but with a good cut, which I desperately need now, I’m happy with my decision.

  5. I’ll be interested in how your Madison Reed adventure goes. Like you, I have highlights and have been letting the gray grown in around them a bit, which has saved me from total awfulness. But it’s getting worse and worse. I’m not brave enough to try coloring at home, but if yours works out, I just might. I really notice the volume difference without color.

  6. Wine is always a good idea ! I know what you mean about going gray….I always feel I would not be a “good gray” ! I have been cutting my husbands hair since before our first date, so he is getting regular cuts during this time. I have baby fine, thin hair that I wear in a short, spiky pixie. It is the best cut for my hair and super easy to style. Turned 65 this year and not ready to give up color. I have so little hair….I get it cut every 4 weeks and use 1/2 of NicenEasy package. I bought a little bottle at Sally Beauty to mix it, and save the rest for the next time. It works great for me, is a real bargain, and since my hair is short and gets cut so often every 4 weeks works. I ask my hairdresser if my hair is ok, am I damaging it….and she whispers “no, you are fine”….but I don’t think she wants anyone to know because it would cut down on her business. I get lots of compliments on my color….always use the same shade. Every once in awhile I go a little more golden in the tone….I am going to continue coloring. No plans to go gray!

  7. I bought a Madison Reed kit. It was easy to use, I have a lot of hair so it seemed like more dye was needed… but I made it work & it came out just fine!
    Also, I cut my own hair using the “unicorn/scrunchie” method that is on Youtube – it looks good, also. I would do it again!

  8. Hey Jennifer,

    Sipping wine looks like a lot of fun! My husband cuts my hair for now and doing an ok job and he will do my roots tomorrow. I also have cut his hair for a long time now. I also took up ironing its part of my routine! It is actually kind of calming. Maybe I should sip wine and iron at the same time!
    I like the idea about the hair dye I will check that out. Love your blog and so glad you are doing well…prayers are the answer.

  9. Is been 19 months since coloring my hair and its the best decision I have made for myself in quite some time. Wish I would have done it 10 yrs. prior but my hairstylist kept telling me that I was too young! Well, guess I am stronger now because I now do things that I feel will be best for me no matter what others tell me! I colored my hair dark brunette for many years because I thought it was close to my natural color, but to be truthful when I look back at photos, I feel like it really was too dark for my skin tone. I can now go much longer in-between washing my hair, and I also do not lose all the hair in the shower like I did when I colored. And the bonus is, more $ in my pocket for the many other good things in my life…….healthy food, books, flowers and plants, etc.

  10. Glad to see you have the Hummer feeder that has a rest. They do like to rest while they drink the nectar/aka sugar water.
    I have the same feeder as you show. Home Depot usually has them every year.
    So glad people are interested and help the hummers by hanging feeders, as so much of wildlife habitat has been destroyed…especially in urban areas.

    1. My take away from this…Jennifer irons! Cool! I thought I was the last woman alive who irons!

  11. Hair length & colour receives _so_ much attention it’s challenging. Your photos belie lack of volume, thinness or *gasp* greying. Had you not mentioned, i’d’ve not thought twice. Just noticed a stunning woman of confidence.

    Stopped coloring my hair mid-1980s as DH couldn’t stand the stench, salon or home. Newly wed bliss was paramount =}.

    It transitioned from ash brownette to silver with white & brown swirls. A co-worker’s son called me “Hugs”; finally figured out he meant Hershey’s chocolates! Great boost to periodically remember looking into the mirror wondering “what if”.

  12. I’m in Illinois where salons may open in June, at the earliest. My Madison Reed order arrives on Thursday (long backorder). I’ve never colored my hair at home and I may not do it now. I’m worried my stylist will have to undo mistakes. The few greys don’t bother me that much and where am I going anyway??

  13. My wonderful California hairstylist is struggling. Please may this be over sooner rather than later. I am letting my hair go. I was only getting some darker highlights among the grey, but now it is coming in white. I like that. It has been hot down south here, so I hope you’ll send us some of that rain for a day or two.

  14. I’ve used Madison Reed and it worked well. I quit coloring my hair early last year and now it’s a combo of shades of gray and a little streak of white. Making the decision to go gray was not easy but I’ve enjoyed not having to worry about my roots growing in! I actually get compliments on my hair color which is a nice confirmation that going gray was a good decision. Now, all I have to worry about it getting a good haircut! That’s challenging right now but so far, I’ve resisted trimming my hair myself. I’m hoping hair and nail salons will open soon so I can get a haircut, manicure/pedicure for my granddaughter’s wedding on May 30.

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