Monday Musings: Falling Apart and What You Attract

Happy Monday ladies. We’re in sunny Palm Springs and looking forward to seeing some of the sites during Modernism Week. Here are this week’s musings, also known as life updates and random things that are on my mind.

Ophthalmologist Tested

I’ve got dry eyes. Nothing new there, many of us do. Here’sJenifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life trying 6 eyeglass frames

The new mascara I told you about here, is not cutting it for me. It does make my lashes look thick and full, but it has fibers in the formula that are flaking into my eyes. Ouch. I have gone back to my old mascara which is ophthalmologist approved.


On the subject of aging, I now know why my thumb is so painful. I’ve got arthritis in my thumb joint…and lots of other places. The orthopedist prescribed this snappy little brace which should give the joint a rest so the inflammation will die down.thumb brace for arthritis

Law Of Attraction

Who hasn’t heard of the Law of attraction? The book was a major hit several years ago spawning followup books and an entire movement. I read it and several others on the subject at the time. One of my favorite bloggers,

It’s written by a neuroscientist who reveals the science that supports the law of attraction. Since I do believe we attract more of what we think about, I have to wonder about items one and two above;) I’ll be listening again when I’m not driving so I can take notes. Some books are just better in print, and this is one of them.


I packed for Palm Springs at the last moment and came away with only woman wearing blue leopard top and jean leggings

Travel outfit, day two. Big hat, loose shirt, knit leggings, flat shoes and thumb brace…no earrings in sight:(

It’s funny, but some women feel undressed without a necklace and some feel naked without earrings. I now know I’m firmly in the earrings camp. How about you?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. Mollie M. says:

    I always wear my earrings. My favourite ones are silver and gold small hoops. Now that I am older I have trouble putting them in my ears. I do feel naked if I don’t wear them. Another problem is doing up my necklaces. Does anyone else have this problem? The glasses that look best on you are the second row, first picture. The others make you look older! I look forward to your posts each day Jennifer, you do inspire me!

    1. Mollie, I have taken a few necklaces to the jeweler to have magnetic closures put in for ones I can’t do up anymore. They are not cheep but do the trick really well.

  2. I always find stylish frames at a small optical shop in our area. They have never sent me out the door with frames that didn’t complement the shape of my face. My current frames are made by Oxibis. Several styles and color combinations are available. Good luck with your search.

    Creature of habit, I always wear my signature pair of earrings. Have some metal allergies so the pair I wear are a safe choice.

    Nice outfit today but your styling is always great.

  3. Earrings, mascara and lipstick are my essentials. I usually wear a simple silver knot even if I’m staying home, and a classic silver hoop if I’m going out. I’m not sure if you were asking for our pick on the frames, but my favorite on you are the second row, left, and third row, right. Enjoy your Palm Springs getaway!

  4. Annie Vanderven says:

    Wear small diamond hoops all day all night!! cant bother to remove them so always ready!! after reaching my sixties it has been a rapid downfall with major health problems , here I am flirting with 80 have not kissed it yet!! it is all about acceptance. easy? Not but what is the alternative? Enjoy reading your opinions everyday might as well keep up with life…

  5. Mary Lou S says:

    I wear diamond (not real) studs most every day as I have gotten lazy about changing them since I don’t dress for work any more. I really like the glasses on the bottom right. I have developed excessive eye watering and need to get it checked out. Enjoy ready your posts!

    1. Believe it or not, that’s a symptom of dry eyes! Get it checked

  6. I have always loved earrings. And yes my pierced ears are sensitive. The secret for me has been quality for the posts but more important that that is the cleaning. Alcohol to clean when they come out before I put them away and alcohol again to clean the post on the pair going on for the day. And I never sleep with earrings in

  7. Kathleen P Doherty says:

    I love you in the glasses that are second down on the left. Somehow they just do something for your eyes. I hope you enjoy them!

  8. I also feel naked without my earrings. Before I retired, I kept an extra pair in my desk at school and another in my car in case I forgot them. Now I’m becoming attached to my lipstick. I also feel naked without that! Maybe it’s one of those aging things. 😉

  9. Glasses are such a stress for me to pick out as I have to wear them all the time and want something that will last a couple years. I like the second row left side and the bottom right for the shape and the top left for the colour. I have been told with progressives that a small lens is not an option with my prescription. I need a bigger area for the close reading. Pick what makes you happy when you look in the mirror and see yourself in pictures. I wear earrings and necklaces with the glasses because that is just who I am….and do feel naked without jewellery.

  10. studs every day for me, I work in a gym. I prefer a flat shape on my ears , more than dangling types. As for dry eyes, I had a small bout , the eye doc said the area I live in is allergy and dry eye prone! I miss my Bay Area fog!

  11. Phyllis Hughes says:

    I have worn earrings since I was two years old and begged my Mom to get my ears pierced just like hers. Our neighbor did my mother’s ears and after showing me the size of the needle, she did mine. I never even flinched, according to my mother. That was sixty-five years ago and I have worn earrings ever since. The few times I have forgotten to put them in, I have felt naked all day. They are a part of me. Likewise, I have worn glasses since I was nine years old. I tried contacts for six months when they came out with the soft contacts, but couldn’t stand them. I have too many eye allergies to successfully wear them. I like to wear glasses with small lenses because large frames irritate the area below my eyes. Arthritis has hit my wrists hard in the last few years, but braces seem to irritate them instead of help. I wear wrist warmers that keep them warm and that seems to help.

  12. Linda Lennon says:

    Welcome to the neighborhood! Head over to El Paseo where you will find lots of stores to purchase earrings. I wear earrings, necklace and lipstick every day even if I never leave the house. As for mascara, over the years I have found the only one that doesn’t irritate my eyes is a Maybelline one in the green case. I toss out the old one on the first of the month and start fresh. Seems to be working since I have not had an eye infection in years.

    1. I use the same Maybelline mascara. I’ve tried all the expensive brands and always come back to this. My Target was down to 3 packages- hope they aren’t discontinuing it.

  13. No matter how our bodies change, earrings and bracelets always fit! Thank you for this post, and I hope to see more from Palm Springs. We stay there for golf every winter, leaving snowy Colorado behind. I can figure out what to wear for golf, but my Colorado clothes don’t always translate well to Palm Springs. Thanks for giving me some good ideas.

  14. Picking out eyeglass frames is so hard. I went to several places before I settled on a frame that is just OK. If you live near a Target with an eye shop, stop by – they have really nice frames.
    I wear earrings most days. I wear glasses full time so the earrings are on the smaller side. I feel really silly wearing glasses + big earrings. Just too much for me.

  15. well, as the lady above said, I don’t like any of those frames on you! Have you looked at a smaller frame? I have bifocals that are small. The eye Doc actually showed me that you need very little space to actually see. We don’t need oversized frames. Just think about it. I always wear earrings and blush when I leave the house! I also love a watch as a fashion accessory. I just another Ted Baker watch that is very beautiful. I try to match the watch to my outfit.

    1. I agree with you, Linda! All those frames just overpower Jennifer’s pretty face…

  16. Diane Rake says:

    I don’t leave home without earrings and my eyebrows done. I am lucky that I can even wear inexpensive costume earrings and some of them are so cute.

  17. You need to go to the shops and find some earrings,a souvenir of this trip.I feel manly without earrings!

  18. I wish I could wear earrings. My ears were pierced for half my life but somewhere along the line I became very sensitive to metal in my ears. Nothing worked Real gold, real silver, all the allergy types.

    1. That’s a shame. I’ve heard of people struggling with it.

  19. I do like the glasses on you but my favorite on you would be the 2nd down on our left. But you are such a pretty lady, that any of the frames don’t take away from your beauty! I have very dry eyes myself so my opthomologist has me on Restasis and Bausch & Lomb PreserVision eye vitamins. I also have the beginnings of Macular degeneration! Lucky me! But I am staying on top of it with my doctor and am hoping and praying for new technology over the years to help with that! Enjoy your stay in Palm Springs! I really enjoy your blog!! Blessings!

    1. Wishing you best luck with your eyes. Self care and staying on top of health issues is so important. It seems the older we get the more we need.

  20. I love your travel outfit for today! Comfort, color and style are all working so well for you.
    I struggle picking out new frames for my glasses. I wear them all the time so I really want something that works with the whole picture. For me, I don’t like the lens to dip down too far on my cheeks because that just magnifies any under eye issues. Since I wear glasses all the time, I consider them as an accessory and don’t wear earrings but I do wear the longer necklaces.
    Hope you’re having a great vacation Jennifer!

  21. Paulette Levy says:

    Wear everyday? My thin bangle bracelets by Alex and Ani. They are silver and thin and I stack three it more. They even go with jeans as they are casual! I don’t wear them for dressy events but yes every other day!
    On the eyeglass frames I love my Kate Spade tortoise and my thin rimless and that’s it. On the display shown I like the two on LEFT, 2nd and 3rd row the best.

  22. Violet L O'Brien says:

    Hope you enjoy your time away. I too love earrings and also bracelets. I feel naked without earrings so I can only imagine how you feel being away with only one pair. Thoroughly enjoy reading all that you write…,.,so friendly and helpful. You are also very down to earth which is helpful to women like me. Thank you!!

  23. I knew I was an earring woman when I got out of my car and went back into house to put earrings in before heading to Walmart! By the way, for those looking for great NAVY PANTS, JJill has their great Essential Cotton Stretch pants in navy this season. I ordered them immediately as I already have them in black, tan, and white and wear them all the time even in hot summers here in North Carolina. So comfy!

    1. Thanks for sharing. J Jill is popular with many of my readers

  24. GAYLE OLSON says:

    OH, I don’t love any of the frames. I like what you have worn on here before. I have same dry eye issues. I use drops and the eye wipes but ordered the other items you mentioned as the wash cloth trick does not work! Thanks for this informative post.

    1. The eye pad is wonderful. Be sure you leave it in long enough to get the glands moving.

  25. I have had the joint replaced on both of my thumbs because of the pain. I know exactly what you are going through. I, too, feel naked without earrings. It sounds like you have an excellent excuse to go shopping. ?

    1. Great idea Michele! I’ll tell my husband you said to go shopping 😉

  26. I really like Monday musings! I’m with you…
    Unless I’m doing housework, I have earrings on.
    I’m also a HUGE fan of bracelets.

  27. I also wear earrings every day, even when I’m working at home for the day. I have my “signature” earrings – 14k gold hoops worn with gold earring charms. I have quite a collection of earring charm pairs! Some of the charms are all gold (hearts, tear drops, etc.), some are gem charms. This has been my signature style for more years than I can remember. I occasionally wear a different style of earring, but five days out of seven I wear my signature look.

    1. Wow. I’ve never heard of earring charms. These sound fabulous.

    2. Those sound like a clever idea. I’ve never seen charm earrings.

  28. GAYLE OLSON says:

    My Mother wore earrings and lipstick to age 98, when she died! I do wear earrings every day. You have been a very expensive read today! I ordered the sleep tracker, 6 mini mascaras, the double hoop earrings and I would order the shirt if you had linked it!! I love happy exclamation marks as you see!

  29. I wear earrings every day and will do so until I die! My mother wore her lipstick and earrings until the last few months of her 86 yrs.

  30. Marsha Gibbons says:

    I wear glasses too! I wish I had a committee with me when I buy a new pair. Anyway, I love the second row, left hand side. They look beautiful. They are all great!

    1. Karen McKain says:

      That is my favorite also.

    2. Sometimes too many helpers can effect your intuition about it. I highly recommend selfies then you can study them later.

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