Monday Musings: Hindsight is Always 20/20

Happy Monday, ladies. Our weather has really heated up, so it’s full speed ahead for operation, blow town. We have dry heat here, so I am beginning to get used to it, but Kevin and I both have cabin fever, want to go to the ocean, and really miss Canada.


Our plan is to head north and spend some quality time in Vancouver with Vanessa and visiting my brothers. I really, really, really regret selling our second home on Vancouver Island, but try not to whine about it too much. As you can tell, I’m not succeeding.

Family Vibes


New Sunscreen

As you know, I’m a sunscreen fanatic. I read labels obsessively and try new ones regularly. I dove down the rabbit hole of chemical vs. physical block sunscreen over the last six months and began experimenting with them. Not smart! During my last trip to the dermatologist, she commented that my rosacea was looking worse. I know the National Rosacea Society and my dermatologist both recommend a physical block over a chemical sunscreen, so that may be why it’s gotten worse.

When I saw that Colorscience had come out with a new and much improved invisible physical block, I ordered it right away. Their products are cruelty-free and feel elegant on the skin. This really is invisible and leaves zero feeling on my skin after it dries. Hindsight is always 20/20, and it’s clear to me now that I’ll be giving all my chemical sunscreens to my husband and using them up on my legs etc.

Outfit Inspiration

I know many of you are not on social media, so here are a few of the outfit inspirations I shared there last week:

I just love this neutral look. This relaxed outfit would be super comfy for a trip to the flea market, running errands, or meeting a girlfriend for lunch. Flat espadrilles would be easy on the feet, and the linen tops would breathe in the heat.

These Frame jeans and Ray Ban sunglasses are marked way down…which is why I love Nordstrom Rack! I paired them with a soft tee, some comfy wedge sandals, and a great summer tote. The leather cuff adds a bit of attitude to this easy spring outfit.

This pretty pleated dress has loads of texture in a soft color palette. The bag and sandals add even more texture to this look. Tie a white shirt at the waist for some arm coverage and you’re ready to go.

Have you updated your sunscreen lately?


  1. Enjoy your time in Vancouver! I live in Southern Maine and enjoy my ocean and lake visits, too. I enjoyed your pictures, as well. I also spied with my little eye, the brace on your left hand. I wear the same one. It’s incredibly helpful to offset the weakness and support my thumb joint due to arthritis. I hope you have the same benefit.

    1. It’s a great little brace! I had no idea so many of you ladies wear one too.

  2. Saundra Fish says:

    What a beautiful sight of Vancouver Island! We flew in from London Ontario on Westjet roughly 7 or 8 years ago! Just fell in love with Nanaimo. Enjoy your time in Vancouver, you do have a lovely view from your high rise apartment! I have been using 50 skinceuticals sunscreen that I purchased from my Dermatologist. It evens skin tone lol! Will you be showing us some of your outfits from Canadian stores?

    1. Yes, I hope to try some Canadian stores while I am here.

  3. It is sad to not have that home to return to. Perhaps you’ll find another small home with a water view on Vancouver Island to return to in the summers. Up island is less expensive than Victoria. A quick little scoot down Island and you’ll still enjoy all Victoria has to offer, friends included.
    Enjoy your cabin, time out of that brutal heat, and of course, your beautiful daughter, Vanessa.

  4. May I ask for opinions on the new (to me) YUKA app, which scans and rates beauty products by their bar codes?
    I was appalled to find that many Neutrogena sunscreen products that I’ve used for years, are rated poorly.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. I have not tried that app, but I will. I check most brands with the Inci Decoder or the EWG

  5. I can always count on you for sunscreen recommendations! I wear mineral only otherwise I break out and it gets in my eyes (great when driving)! Some are hard to find/more expensive to ship to Canada but I keep trying all I can. Right now im using Vichy mineral tinted at Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario.
    Welcome back! 💜🇨🇦

    1. Shoppers has some great options. My husband struggles with sunscreen getting in his eyes too.

  6. Cath🇨🇦 says:

    You just brought me home to Vancouver Island with that photo, Jennifer !
    We walk five minutes down to the rocky beach , and this year the cruise ships from Vancouver to Alaska are back, and we can see them at twilight with their lights on. They are much too big for me , as I prefer the much smaller cruise ships now available. That’s what just got me from the Tower Bridge on the Thames in London to my cousin’s home here on the Clyde in Scotland. Wonderful afternoon sun ☀️ after a rather chilly morning. Their view is across the river Clyde in Gourock, west of Glasgow. We kept moving around in and out of the sun, and did apply sunscreen during lunch and a long chat.

    1. Lovely, Cath! The cruise ships looked like floating hotels!! It’s an amazing place

  7. Sydney Haskell says:

    I love my Mountain View but that one of yours with water and mountains is breathtaking! I loved our one visit to Vancouver Island many years ago. It was a very long road trip as we lived in Iowa then. Our usual road trips were to here in Colorado. That is why we moved here in 1995. It is cooler here this spring so long sleeves and jeans have been my go to casual clothes. I do love that J Crew short sleeve linen shirt and May spring for it! Have a wonderful and safe road trip.

  8. Nancy Choat says:

    Well Jennifer, having moved over to Brentwood Bay from West Vancouver 21 years ago it was a move we never regretted & live & love every minute of our lives here near the ocean. I adored our character home West Van with its incredible views but those are memories I still enjoy. Life is what you make of it. It’s nice to connect with someone who I admire, who provides helpful & wise advice & who actually was/could have been a neighbour………YOU!
    Enjoy your visit & thank you for all your fashion & life style advice. I LOVE the combo ideas! Keep it coming….…
    Thank you

    1. Brentwood Bay is so very lovely!! We could have been neighbors 🙂

  9. DeeAnn Boyd says:

    Where do you live now? I’m in oregon. Heating up.

    1. Northern California and it’s hot!

  10. Such helpful information! I too have rosacea & I have had great success with Elta MD Broad Spectrum spf 44, as another reader suggested. I also like DRMTLGY Universal tinted moisturizer spf46. This latter is great if you don’t want much tint.
    Enjoy your time with your daughter!

  11. Thank you for your sunscreen reviews!! I exercise outside and so am ALWAYS looking for facial sunscreen that doesn’t feel like anything. LOL. I was using Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen but found it doesn’t offer enough protection. EltaMD breaks me out. La Roche Posey fluid sunscreen seems to work but greasy… Going to try your ColorScience one. I am just now purchasing all new sunscreens for the whole family–two very very fair daughters, including one with Rosacea. Always a journey to figure out “better” sunscreens.

    1. I’m always on that same journey for the best sunscreen. I never feel SPF 40 is enough with my skin cancer history.

  12. Beautiful outfits today! Inspiring me to do a little shopping. Love the Nine West dress. Not sure I can carry it off but may give it a try. Before doing that I definitely need to check my sunscreen expiration date!

  13. Love learning about all the different sunscreens. We play golf and it’s a challenge to cover up from the sun. Those outfits really look comfortable. 🌼

  14. Jennifer
    Remembering that gorgeous sea view would make one have sellers regret, you must feel torn as your heart is in two places.
    I often think about “what if” as there are so many decisions that we make in our lives. We lived in Vancouver fir two years when my husband was in school and real estate prices were actually somewhat affordable!!! I toy with the idea of us buying the townhouse we saw in Champlain heights in Burnaby at $89,000 or the new built townhouse on False Creek…$65,000 I loved the city vibe and enjoyed the stunning scenery. But alas we returned home to make a life with family…
    If you do happen to be in town and have time I would love to see you ♥️

    1. Those prices are long gone, as you know. I would love to see you again!! I’m not sure if we will get to Victoria but I will email. Xx

  15. Enjoy the cabin! I’m in northern Mn here, it’s been beautiful and hot! But the mosquitos are horrendous! So if you can do some type of preventative treatment before you go….not sure what rules are for spraying in Canada..

    1. Thanks for the warning. I’ll grab my Deet free mosquito wipes. I hate mosquitos and they love me!

  16. I understand how it is to live with regret. But, is it too late to do a u-turn? Could you return to the Vancouver area and buy another place? I’m often filled with radical ideas and ask myself, why not?!

    1. Believe be, we’ve been wondering too. The prices have exploded since we bought and sold our little spot but we do have our eye out. Perhaps just a rental…

  17. Jennifer, have you tried Vanicream sunscreen? Another blogger turned me on to it. I had never heard of the skincare brand which I understand was originally formulated by Mayo Clinic for patients with sensitive skin. Their broad spectrum SPF 50 is a cruelty free, mineral sunscreen that blends decently, doesn’t feel tacky on me, and comes at a very reasonable price from Amazon ($17.95). It’s my new favorite after, like you, trying dozens of sunscreens over the years.

    1. I do like the Vanicream moisturizer. I should try the sunscreen. Thank you, I didn’t know they made one.

    2. I use Vanicream sunscreen, also, and I love it. So far, it’s worked extremely well for both my and my husband’s sensitive skin.

      1. So good to know, I will pick some up.

  18. Love that JCrew linen short sleeve shirt so I ordered it. Thanks!

  19. I live in Victoria and the weather is supposed to be hot this week, up to 27 celsius on Wednesday! Not sure if that will be better than the dry heat you have there. I am another whitey and need my sunscreen, as I burn and never tan, always wear either 50 or 60 SPF now.

  20. I use Elta MD tinted sunscreen, SPF 46 on my face, which is rosacea prone, acne prone, weird rash prone- you name it! Once I find something that works, I am not likely to change and experiment with on my face, it has led to too many disasters. I use a benzene free Neutrogena spray on my arms and legs when I’m not covered up with spf clothing. Having had skin cancer too, I am very careful. Always a hat.

    1. You’re really smart to be so careful.

  21. suzanstew says:

    I love your navy dress in the dinner picture. I am thinking it has been on your blog, but I am not remembering where or what retailer. Can you help?

  22. Good morning, Jennifer. Because you mentioned sunscreen, I will add something I learned just this morning from an NPR article. If you have sunscreen from last summer, throw it away. Apparently it degrades and is not offering you the protection you think you’re getting. Stay safe everybody!

    1. So important and true! Thanks for reminding us all Jo.

  23. Like you Jennifer I am quite fair and I walk daily (2-3 times daily pretty much yet round unless very hot / humid) I seen it tolerate our New England winters better than the hot and humid summers. I wear isdin 50(?) SPF year round on my face and neck. My chest has developed some pre-cancerous places where ill be starting a chemo cream soon. Ugh.
    I need a new body sunscreen; I’m looking at Cerave mineral.
    Hoping you stay cool wherever you land! Your formervVancouver home certainly has a gorgeous view!

    1. Good for you! That’s a wonderful sunscreen! I have used it. I prefer mild temperatures the older I get too😀

  24. Love the neutral look, especially with the linen pants. I don’t wear shorts much, so wide leg linen pants are my go to for summer. Pairing with a pop of color is exactly my vibe!!!

  25. Jennifer, please post links to your social media accounts here! Are these capsules on LTK? Insta? Thanks!

    1. I’m on Instrgram here-
      Some of the outfits are here on LTK-
      Some are here on the Collective Voice platform

  26. Pat Patterson says:

    Good Monday Morning Jennifer, lovely photo of you and your family. It’s been so dry here in New Jersey that our pretty green lawn has turned to brown. Very much like the airy outfits today, I haven’t had espadrilles in such a long time, I must get out there and find a pair. We are off to Estes Park, Colorado Wednesday to visit our daughter & attend a family wedding, I checked the weather, it’s suppose to rain the entire 4 days we are out there, however, Colorado is very green right now! My dermatologist recommended I use baby sunscreen, it works great for me.
    Have a great day

    1. Have a wonderful time at the wedding, Pat and stay dry! Happy Monday

  27. OK, Jennifer, I’m not trying to make you feel worse when I write that the view you shared is stunning! Enjoy your trip and the memories.

    I changed sunscreens this year to Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop. It’s gone missing, so for the last few days I’ve returned to Kiehl’s Super Fluid Daily UV Defense at SPF 50. Both work for me- they go on sheer and handle make up.

    I want to give a shout out to a few items in your outfits. I purchased the Bambein bag from your post a few weeks ago. It’s a new brand to me, and I like it. It is on the small side, but lightweight and adds the texture I’m always looking for it outfits. I also
    Purchased the JCrew chinos that you feature. They are really nice pants, pretty flat waist for an elastic waistband, but run large. Definitely size down.

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. I love the texture on those bags. I’ve also had my eye on a dragon diffusion tote. I can’t make up my mind. I do like that unseen sunscreen. Very smooth application! Thanks for the info on this chinos. I really like them.
      Sigh, yes that view is something. That was taken on a Wednesday evening when they used to have sailing races from the local marina.

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