Monday Musings: Quiet Luxury in Color and a Clean Beauty Routine

Our last weekend in Vancouver was a busy one. I got back to Spirit Park for some much-loved forest bathing, hit the bookstore, had a fabulous dinner at Provence, and attended the symphony.


I love the Orpheum Theater here in Vancouver because it’s intimate enough to feel close in no matter where you sit. The downside is my husband has trouble getting enough legroom, so we’ll need to be sure to get him an aisle seat going forward.

Quick Clean Beauty Routine

While I put my makeup on for the Symphony, I made this little video showing what I was using and how. There is music on this one, so if you’re in public, you might want to turn the volume down.

The products are all listed here if you’re interested.

Back to basics

My weak nails are a constant battle. In part because of my Thryoid issues plus I was just not blessed with strong nails. I refuse to commit to wearing arcylics and had no success with gel nails. I did have great success with the this Dazzle Dry system, but the minute I stopped keeping them coated all the time, they broke off.

I picked up a bottle of this Nail Tek which I used years ago and am finding my nails have stopped peeling. They’re not long or glamourous, but I’m happy with the results. Once I get home, I’ll probably go back to the Dazzle Dry which does fall closer to a clean beauty product that this Nail Tek.

Save or Splurge

I’m a big fan of the quiet luxury “trend” that’s not really a trend but a chosen way of dressing. Quiet luxury emphasizes understated elegance, quality, and timelessness over flashy logos, bold designs, and conspicuous consumption

The term was coined last year, and it continues to be popular this year. Most quiet luxury wardrobes revolve around neutrals but let’s look at a save or splurge outfit today with some subtle color.


This look starts with a pale blue shirt with ruffle edging along the collar. I added navy pants, two-tone loafers, a tan belt, tan bag, and gold tone earrings and necklace


I find the difference is pretty subtle for most pieces. What do you think? The save comes in around $150 and the spurge is closer to $6,000.

Was there one thing that tipped you off. Are you a fan of quiet luxury dressing?


  1. Hi Jennifer. I love the red jumper on you and hope you wore the black midi skirt with it as it looked fabulous

    Am wondering if you can remember the name of the ‘doo flicky’ you featured a while ago which attaches to the apple ear buds so they don’t fall out? My husband has lost one of his and is. I have gone through several posts, but cannot locate it. Much appreciated if you can help at all.

      1. Thank you Jennifer. I am sure as soon as he buy replacements, the missing ear bud will be located.😁

  2. Christi S says:

    Sorry to hear that your chair saga continues. We’ve found it easier to keep looking and purchase “off the floor.” As for the Save/Splurge, it was fairly easy: the puckering along the ruffle on the blouse and the heels on the shoes were not what you would expect of an expensive item – they were rather sloppy. Love the Splurge blouse but don’t need another one! Safe travels home.

  3. I actually bought the low earrings and necklace on Amazon. They are feminine without being fussy. You look great in your raspberry sweater! Thank you for the video on getting ready with your hair and makeup.

    1. I really like them too! Price is not an indicator of style!

  4. I’m on Team Blouse as the tip off. The bright blue one with its showy ruffle is not “quiet.”

    1. Agreed. I did have a closer match but it sold out before I could get the post out.

  5. Francesca B says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Lovely picture of you and your hubby and that sweater is just fabulous on you !! And l really liked the make up video as well as l think it’s time to try rollers for my thinning grey hair. I used to do the ones with pins and sleep on them, so hateful ! The necklace gave it away for me. And l have my eye on the Sezane blouse, l love the ecru and the guipure lace version. My daughter is getting married in May and l figure it will be a pretty look when l meet my future son in law’s family! Travel safe:)

    1. It would be beautiful! I used to sleep on those torture devices too!! Or at least I thought I was sleeping.

  6. My doctor recommended Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies Advanced. It has 6,000 mcg of Biotin and after four months my nails are notably harder and stronger.

  7. Being a classic dresser; am a big fan of ‘selective less is more’ and will often mix high and low ends. With that said as to the save or splurge items besides the loafers the blouse with its self-covered buttons and fitted cuffs was the give-away to me. Going forward on the topic of nails; mine grow so fast and seldom do I experience breakage but do notice since aging that I now require for esthetics a base coat of clear polish to even out slight vertical ridges that seemed to have developed, which also prevents discoloration of the nail itself after wearing a deep color top coat (regardless I only use Vegan polishes). Last but not least; loving the shade of your sweater on you and appreciated your mini makeup video.

    1. Thank you Brenda. You are fortunate to have strong nails.

  8. Love both of the looks. It always comes down to the bag , or jewelry at least for me to determine splurge or not. By the way you look amazing in that gorgeous red sweater

    1. I agree accessories can make or break an outfit.

  9. The shoes gave it away!

  10. Lynneferd says:

    I love the vintage blue blouse! This collection is simple and does quiet elegance for me. I like watching your informative video of hair and make up. I have pretty thick hair, but I also use velco rollers occasionally to smooth my hair. I think it works well and is less harsh than heated tools. Have a great week!

    1. I agree. Happy Monday!

  11. It was the necklace that caught my eye. The splurge one exudes elegance and detail.

  12. Jennifer, I would love see a series of posts regarding all your color consultations. I always imagined a color analysis to be the ultimate luxury but I wonder sometimes when I see someone wearing their “ color” but maybe it doesnt look great as good as another. Thanks!

  13. Try taking Biotin. Helps hair and nails

  14. I love the quiet luxury way of dressing. Looks very put together. I can usually tell the splurge by the handbag. But these were very close. The save was great!👍

  15. Sharon K. says:

    It was the muted color of the blue blouse that tipped me off. And the bag. I’ve been online shopping for my perfect crossbody bag, so my eye is trained on bags right now. Love that sweater on you!

    1. I do like DeMellier bags. The quality is beautiful.

  16. The red is a good look on you.

  17. Rhoda Clark says:

    So glad you are wearing that color! This particular quiet luxury was a bit difficult for me. I think they both look great and really can’t see where there is a definite item that stands out as expensive, on the first look. But I will say the handbag.. I just can’t see spending thousands of dollars on a hand bag.
    I have spent $200 on a bag that will let me forever. But yesterday I found a black bag that checks all the boxes and was under $22.00. 😊

  18. I love the photo before heading to your blog – knitting is one if my “happy places” and always helps me calm my mind and unwind (reading too – wish we were neighbors to share yarn and books). My nails are a mess too and I have a friend who has experienced treatment for melanoma UNDER her fingernails. FYI everyone be aware of dark spots, lines, discolorations under your nails. I go to dermatology appointments now sans polish and have (sigh) given up gels, etc.

    1. I love knitting too! I didn’t know you could get melanoma under your nails. Thanks for the heads up.

  19. The blouse was the item that tipped me off. The hard ruffles all the way down the front of that shirt did not seem to exude quiet luxury to me, but other than that, these looks are quite similar. Great job, Jennifer!

  20. What 3 colors of Jones Road eye shadow are you using in the video?

    1. I start with “Chic”, then “Ash”, then “Smokey Grey”. They’re all totally matte and cool based.

  21. Sandra C. says:

    I am definitely a fan of quiet luxury! Since I started reading your blog in December I have begun rethinking my wardrobe in a big way. I have already started the weeding process and will replace items as time (and budget!) allows. I am turning 71 this month and it was past time for a change. As regards the Save or Splurge outfits above, the one item that did leap out to me as luxury was the ruffled Chlo blouse—the material, color, cuffed sleeves, and more subdued ruffling sets it apart from the other blouse. At $130, it is worth the splurge, but that’s just my opinion, of course.

  22. Teresa Landers says:

    In the photo, this one fooled me. “In the person” it would of course be a bit easier to distinguish even without seeing labels. Good job showing that dressing nicely within a budget is possible.

  23. When you use the velcro rollers do you spray first with something to keep the oomph all day? My hair is fine and looks good in the AM but by noonish it has lost the heighth from the rollers. Thanks.

    1. Mine looses its oomph too but at least I start with a bit. On the second day, I spray lightly, after rolling, with light hold hairspray before my shower.

  24. It’s kinda funny how everything gets a label these days. Maybe this “quiet luxury” is the backbone of my choice of dressing. It’s the subtle addition of minimal accessories that elevate a more neutral style. It’s knowing when to say no to layering on too many extras that will quickly become distracting and not approachable. So many times I’ve put a neck scarf on to only quickly remove it. Less is more?
    Still love your raspberry sweater!

    1. I’m a fan of less is more too now.

  25. Maribeth Conklin says:

    I have been using the expensive Dazzle dry system for about a year. I have good nails to start with but this product has made them better. I love the system easy to use and wears like gel but comes off with regular polish remover. Safe travels to you

  26. Jan Canapp says:

    You look beautiful in that red sweater. I love the quiet luxury look too, and would definitely wear that outfit, I think the loafers tipped me off in the splurge outfit.

    1. I agree, the loafers aren’t quite as sleek.

  27. I was having trouble with peeling nails and have been using Hard as Hoof nail cream. It works best on bare nails, but I just rub it into my nails and cuticles a few times a day and the results have been amazing. I would highly recommend it!

    1. I remember hearing about that product! I’ll have to try it.

  28. I know what you mean about ordering furniture and then having to wait for it to be constructed! I guess that is the price we pay for custom. How fun all the things you are doing in Vancouver! Forest bathing, dinner, the symphony! Wow! I would be happy doing that solo, with a girlfriend, or husband! Way to inspire us with your get up and go!

    1. I’m doubly blessed to have done those with my daughter! I love our time here.

  29. Good morning, Jennifer
    I use a similar nail protein product called Nailtiques Formula 2. It’s a terrific aid in keeping my nails strengthened as I also suffer from soft peeling nails.
    Glad you are happy with your solution.

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