Monday Musings: Style Words, Rabbits, and Outfit of the Week

I received a ton of email responses from Sunday’s newsletter. Many of you shared your dry-eye struggles and how you’re treating yours. Clearly, this is a continuing problem for many of us. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and also write a roundup with your suggestions because so many of them are wonderful!

Blepharitis is not trivial and can be very painful. BTW, I’m now being sure to turn my car air vents away from my face…who knew something this simple could matter? I’ve ordered several things readers have suggested, one all the way from England, which I am so excited about!

Updating my style recipe

I’m heading to Florida in a few weeks to meet up with a few of my favorite blogging friends. Strangely enough, I feel totally unprepared for warm weather and have no idea what I’ll pack. I know that seems silly because it was still blistering hot here just three months ago.

That warm weather section of my wardrobe has lost it’s charm for me because I’m not sure I want to dress the same way in 2023. Our style evolves as we grow and change. We need to update our wardrobe to express who we are now. I’m not the same person I was last spring. Heck, I’m not the same person I was last month!

My style recipe has been on autopilot for far too long. It’s feeling stale, and that’s not fun. Clothes should not only cover our bodies…they should also give us pleasure. I’ve fallen into the trap of too many basics in similar colors and not enough pieces that delight me. I’m guessing that by the time this process shakes itself out, I can expect to have one or two new style words. The word feminine comes to mind, but never girly. Pretty may be in there, or it could just be soft. I know I want to shake things up, and this is the perfect opportunity to explore what I’m looking for because my things from last spring are a bit too snug to wear for this trip to Florida. Have you felt stirings of change in how you want to look this year?

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, often referred to as Chinese New Year, was celebrated yesterday. I love the feeling of new beginnings, so I’ve gone down a bit of a rabbit hole on this one. Interestingly, this is now the year of the rabbit! I was born in the year of the Monkey, which doesn’t sound as pretty as a rabbit, but it is what it is. I’m seeing lots of retailers celebrate this year. David Yurman has gifts for her and him to celebrate the year of the water rabbit.


This bunny charm isn’t any more up my alley than a monkey charm would be…although if I went on a safari, a monkey charm might be a great souvenir. If you really want a gold bunny charm, one could be had here for much less…although this one does have a Playboy bunny vibe 🙂

Senreve has different bags for each sign in 2023.

Vanity Fair covered how some fashion designers celebrated with see-and-be-seen parties. Many fashion brands have released capsule collections in honor of the year of the Rabbit.

Louis Vuitton’s Lunar New Year capsule collection includes a variety of accessories, such as a scarf, beanie, a rabbit cup, and a rabbit box. Some of the products feature embroidery of small rabbits and rabbit charms.”

Gucci, Valentino, Nike, Burberry, Loewe, and on and on, have all created capsule collections.

Too much? Cultured magazine wonders if Lunar New Year has become too commodified. I think everything is these days.

Outfit of the week

I haven’t put an outfit of the week together for a while, so I thought I would, and no, there are no rabbits included 🙂


Double denim is trending for 2023, (what else is new?) as are ballet flats, and fresh green shades. I added a very affordable silk bandana which would be great tied around the handle of the crossbody bag or at the neck. I bought this Chantecaille lipstick in Foxglove last week and I LOVE it! The brand is cruelty free and their products are free of phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, palm oil, and GMOs. It’s a gleaming, creamy lipstick that lasts and lasts.

I don’t think ballet flats have ever been out of style. And because they are on trend for 2023, our options will be plentiful making it easier to find the fit, comfort, and color you like.

BTW- sheer black tights (that’s panty hose ladies) are back on tend for 2023 and my pasty legs couldn’t be happier.

Now that you know what’s rambling around in my thoughts this Monday, Please share what’s going on in yours.

Thanks for reading and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident and that it expresses who you are today.


  1. Your post today couldn’t have been more spot on for me. I recently had my colors and body shape analyzed. In some ways it’s been very helpful but in other ways it’s been very restrictive. I feel like I can’t find any fun, artistic clothes that fit my new wardrobe recommendations. I get lots of compliments on my new wardrobe but I find it boring. At 65 and retired I don’t need a large variety of types of clothes but would still like my simplified style to have some unique and interesting pieces. Please share what you find out there. I always enjoy your posts.

    1. I’m curious about how you had your style analyzed. Would you be willing to share more?

  2. So many things to comment on! Thanks.
    I like the look of the lipstick, but the Amazon link says it is sold out sadly.
    I have suffered from plantar faciitis a lot this past year and ballet flats don’t have the support I need right now.
    I always have dry eyes in the morning which is irritating. Usually my eyes get better during the day. The condition is exacerbated by seasonal allergies, especially in the spring (I’m in the Vancouver area, so spring is long!).
    Thanks for your blog. It is always interesting.

  3. I love the outfit you show today, especially the jacket in the lovely green color! Green clothing can be difficult to find, but so complimentary on a green-eyed person! Thanks, Jennifer!

    1. I don’t have much green, but I’m really attracted to it this spring.

  4. Hi Jennifer! I thought your information on dry eye was so useful! The outfit of the day is so cute! That is “right up my alley”
    You could always switch out the ballet shoes for a style that is not so flat and more supportive. I have discovered Vivaia shoes and love them. They accommodate my high arch and bunions. I have 3 pairs! I would leave the belt off,but that is just me. The spring quilted jacket is adorable,but Nordstrom,doesn’t carry my size. I was able to find a Kelly Green Spring Jacket at Kohls in my size(plus) They also carry misses sizes and my jacket was only 37.00 plus tax. I get so much useful information from your blog.
    Thank You!

    1. Booties would be cute with that outfit too. I’m so glad you’re hear with us.

  5. A few months ago had Lasik (cataract) surgery on both eyes and coincidently it is the first time I’ve ever been diagnosed with Blepharitis so currently am practicing a regime of: warm compresses (Bruder Mask) plus use of lid wipes (Blephaclean) 2x a day /Hypochlorous spray with eyes closed and preservative-free artificial tears (Hylo) once a day, ALL every 2nd day as recommend by my eye specialist. As to the subject of ‘style recipe’ I like yourself and as a classic dresser hope to add more garments that have a feminine ‘touch’ both in design and fabric. (For example: A soft draping blouse with an optional tie neckline and/or one with sheer sleeves. A cotton blend top with pin tucking or eyelet inserts. All of which could still be worn with blue jeans ….. 😊.) In regards to ballet flats, I’ll be on the hunt for those that elongate the leg/foot (shallow upper vamp or less round toe ) giving the illusion IMHO of more height/longer leg and can be worn with a selection of a variety of bottoms. Last but not least; hooray for the return of panty hose/tights and hopefully their hybrid knee high
    stockings depending upon the climate/season. -Brenda-

    1. Wendy Tangen says:

      For Florida trip, look into RipSkirt. I now have 4 and am looking forward to wearing them on my late February Cruise to Caribbean which leaves from Ft. Lauderdale.
      I usually wear short and skorts but I’m changing it up this year with wrap skirts and tees from RipSkirt. I wore them last summer in Hawaii and loved them. They come in 3 different lengths and definitely suit all age groups. I’m 73 and like length 2.

    2. I’m using the hypochlorous acid spray morning and night too. I’ve got quite the list going. Agreed on the toes shake and softer fabrics for blouses. It makes a nice change.

  6. suzanstew says:

    Love the outfit and the idea about changing it up in 2023. However, I was taking a look at the new arrivals at a more-high-end-than-I-am-accustomed-to website and was depressed to see that it is featuring all sorts of those baby doll, puffed sleeve long dresses that I had hoped would be out of style real soon…

    1. I’ll be skipping babydoll puffed sleeves

  7. If I saw this outfit while out and about, I’d think well put together. I like the bookend fresh green colors.
    Well done again Jennifer.

    1. Glad you like it Fran. I like it 😀

  8. I, too, have extremely dry eyes and I live in Arizona and have multiple allergies that bother my eyes! Not a good combo for sure. At one point my ophthalmologist said I had cornea damage from their dryness and he prescribed an intensive program of Systane eyedrops and eye supplements which I followed closely and the damage was healed. I still take eye supplements (you can find lots of them for vision support online) and my baby cataracts that were growing have not progressed in size for the last few years which is a good thing. Now I use Restasis eye drops — they are prescription drops and they are pricey so check your RX insurance — but they work very well and my eyes are more comfortable than they have been in years.

  9. Hi Jennifer, perhaps I wasn’t paying close enough attention, but are your current subscribers automatically entered in the drawing for the Nordstrom gift card? I’ve been a subscriber for some time so never thought I needed to enter.

    I’ve had dry eyes for years, so I’ll be interested in reading all your findings.

    I read that not only black but also nude pantyhose are now acceptable! Not that I wear a lot of dresses, but if that’s true I may reconsider!

    Good luck with your warm weather choices—I look forward to seeing them!

    1. Yes, you are automatically entered!

  10. I had a love-hate relationship with pantyhose and am not sure a comeback is a good thing, but I don’t wear dresses / skirts enough to care really. Jennifer, I wish that you did not assume that everyone can wear flats. I had orthopedic shoes as a kid and have flat feet, so I can’t wear flats. I need at least a one-inch heel. I’ve thought about changing style. I love Sundance but am in the Northeast where their clothes seem less appropriate, but … maybe this is the year to try one shirt and pair of trousers from their catalogue.

    1. I also struggle with ballet flats because I have narrow heels and walk out of most of them. Love the look, but without a strap they don’t work for me.

    2. I don’t assume every woman can wear flat shoes. I’m simply showing some ballet flats, which are plentiful this year.

  11. I suffer from dry eyes as well and am interested in what you’ve learned. I, too, am feeling bored with my wardrobe; I seem to be craving more color. I’ve always struggled with warm weather outfits. As an apple body shape, I’m most comfortable wearing a third piece, but it’s usually too warm here in the summer for a cardigan or jacket. I’m also not a fan of linen. I will be on the hunt for petite tops in woven fabrics this summer; I’ve decided t-shirts are just not flattering on me any longer. And summer bottoms that aren’t shorts are another issue altogether! (By the way, the Barbara bootcut NYDJ jeans that I ordered the other day are a winner!)

    1. I have two pairs of that style and love them!

      1. I’m so glad you showed the lovely green jacket. I’ve been debating getting one of two colorful cotton quilted (pieced) jackets at Lands End. My hesitation was which length and do I absolutely need this? I bought a foldable puffer jacket from Penney’s years ago but the fabric is so cheap feeling and slippery. The jeans and chambray shirt are such a play on blue, actually looks great together. I am going to pair mine together more! I’m noticing on social media that many people are really grumpy lately and I’m sorry you’ve gotten some unkind responses at times. I wish I could wear fun shoes but with arthritis and the need for very padded insoles like athletic shoes, I can only long for those green ballet flats. Maybe I can find that green tone in orthopedic shoes as I’d surely wear it. I a new reader and I came here to enjoy something and you always deliver a positive and happy blog and photos. Than you!

      2. Our feet really are a challenge, I know. Have a great day, Babs

  12. I am in the same boat as far as my spring/summer wardrobe. Things seem to have shrunk over the winter! Leaving in a couple weeks for a short trip to Punta Cana and will be packing my Rip Shirts, tees, and my new jumpsuit from Quince in my carry on. Easy and comfortable are my buzz words when traveling and I love clothes that are multi-functional. My Rip skirts will carry me through a whale watching excursion during the day and on to dinner at night. The days of lugging big suitcases around are over for me! Have fun in Florida!

    1. Did you get the french terry jumpsuit?

  13. My eyes get dry from too much screen time, but only need refresh eye drops to be comfortable. This year I am buying more athleisure as my lifestyle is slowly scaling down from work. Plus the stretchy waistbands are more comfortable during IBS episodes. Self care and travel are my goals this year! BTW I LOVE that Yurman bunny charm, it is beautiful!

    1. I’m sorry you’re dealing with IBS. That can be so uncomfortable. It is cute:)

  14. I’m over the moon that tights are back in style. I feel my outfit is finished when wearing hose, especially with a LBD.
    I have never worn ballet flats. They seem too ‘precious’ on my 5’8” frame.
    I look forward to your new three words and how you decide to dress going forward. To be honest, I have found some of your outfits to be repetitive and boring. You’d lost the flare you had years ago when I first started following you. I hope by being straight forward, I haven’t offended you. It certainly was not my intention,

    1. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, we all are. I’m not offended. You may have started following me when I worked with Artful Home, which is quite different from how my style has evolved.

      1. My comment was poorly worded and rude. I just meant that your style has changed drastically from when I first started following you. I dress much the same as you do now. My “uniform” is jeans or chinos with a white button down or cashmere sweater in the winter and tees or floral tops in the summer. I’d like to change it up some but always go back to the same old, same old comfortable way of dressing.

  15. I’ve had blepharitis and dry eye for years. I’m in an especially bad flare for the past 6 months. I use the heat treatment, lid scrub, and Retaine drops 2 x a day. Do you ever have severe blurriness? My eyes can go from seeing clearly to blurry in just a few minutes making driving difficult. My eye dr. says it’s a side effect of the dry eye.

    I ove the outfit today. It’s something I definitely would wear. That green jacket is a favorite and I will have to look for it. We don’t have Nordstrom here so I’d have to order it online. I would have to change the shoe from a flat though because my feet and back cannot handle flats. I think there are many of us who feel they are in a rut with what we wear and some new things would definitely be in order.

    1. I absolutely get blurry vision. It drives me nuts.

  16. Sometimes I think that it’s not our wardrobe that needs refreshing…it’s our attitude about ageing. Like Bette Davis said, “Ageing is not for Sissies” . Yep, it’s not easy. I find when my weight is up I do more shopping because I’m not happy with my body, not my wardrobe. When I straighten out my diet, I’m happy with my head and everything once again looks great.

    1. Susan Gowan says:

      Love the entire outfit and would definitely wear it as a travel outfit. I am into soft colours and easy breezy. I do suffer from dry eye so thanks for the tips. I need a product to soothe the eye so thanks for the reminder. Have a great week and enjoy Florida.

    2. Good point. But when our style feels stale, adding different types of pieces help us express the person we are now.

  17. Barbara Hogan says:

    I’ll be following the dry eye conversation closely. This is a new condition for me and I’m so grateful to learn from you and this community. I’m taking a series of classes online with “Adore Your Wardrobe.” I’m learning how to dress my body shape to accentuate my strengths and downplay my weaknesses. And also how to put an outfit together. It’s fascinating to learn about the math and science behind fashion and all the things our eye and brain do automatically. This week we’ll learn more about color. The course is making a big difference in helping me feel “pulled together” with more deliberate wardrobe choices. Have you ever heard of it? I’m curious what you think. Thank you for all you do! I’m new to the community and I’m truly enjoying it!! Xxoo

    1. Hi Barbara from another Barbara! I took Kelly’s “Adore Your Wardrobe” course immediately before the pandemic set in. I did it mainly for winter entertainment, but I did find it more helpful than I thought it would be! For example, I learned that I’m long waisted–not short waisted as I thought I was for 60+ years! Suddenly many of my fit issues made sense. It was fun to learn with so many other women, and I definitely put much of what I learned to use when choosing and wearing clothing. Enjoy!

      1. Barbara Hogan says:

        Yes! So much to learn, but the payoff is worth it!

    2. You’ll find this community has some wonderful ideas. I have heard of her course but I don’t know more than that.

      1. Barbara Hogan says:

        I love your posts and your take on things. Thank you for all you do!

  18. I’m anxious to see what new ideas and outfits you have for spring. I, too, feel like I need a new direction for spring and summer, especially with tops and tees. I like the outfit of the day, especially the jacket. Looks perfect for spring since it’s cotton. I hope your new item ideas cover all price points, too. Happy shopping!

  19. I’m happy to see my favorite shade of green in today’s blog. I never stop wearing it, in or out. I love my ballet flats, too.

    If you’re watching the series For All Mankind, there is a scene where one of the women is doing a deep squat to get into her pantyhose. That made me smile. Who doesn’t remember doing that? I still wear tights, especially under pants in the winter. Layers are the only way to keep warm.

  20. I, too, have had the same look for decades. Jeans +lighter version in soft colors or a skort (live in SW FL), a tee (mostly white, occasionally a brighter color), sandals or sneakers, earrings and a sentimental necklace. Can’t get more basic than that. Yet when I attempt to change, I feel uncomfortable. Is it possible to escape “traditional,” “tailored” and “basic.”

    1. It is certainly possible. How would you like to look?

  21. I liked your wardrobe pick for the week. Double demin could work for me. My wardrobe needs some changes. Sometimes not so much fun shopping for petite clothes, but I will enjoy shopping, then hopefully some buying.

  22. I think my word would be “polished.” I do have a question: How do cords fit into the picture? I see that jeans are offered up as an option but have not see any reference to cords. Are they “beyond the age” for those of us in the 60, 70 age bracket?

    1. Violet OBrien says:

      Love my cords! If they fit properly I don’t see why they can’t be worn by 60, 70 even 80 age bracket. They can look very smart with the right sweater or button down. Enjoy!!

    2. Hi Anna, I’m 62 and I only wear cords in the winter (I’m in Ontario) – I find them cosier than jeans!

    3. Love my cords(preferably thin wale) as not only come in many colors and design selections but can be styled for casual or dress up wear depending upon pieces and accessories chosen. Needless to say as a result they are a staple in my Autumn and Winter (Canadian) wardrobe. FYI I’m in my 70’s.

    4. Cords are not beyond any age. If you love them, wear them.

  23. Pat Patterson says:

    Excellent choice for the outfit of the week. I mentioned pantyhose to my granddaughters and they had no idea what I was talking about, then I said, like your dance leotard but not as thick. I think I’ll go to Nordstroms to see if they still sell them!
    Have a great day everyone.

    1. They do sell them because I have a sheer black pair in my cart.

  24. I like the outfit of the week. I finally found some Levi straight jeans that aren’t too baggy in the legs, yay! I have been having so much trouble with my feet that the only pair of ballet flats I can wear are my Borns. That might be misspelled. I kind of have my dry eye system down but still have good days and bad. I am the year of the Tiger. Just fun to read about these things. I guess this is my Monday musings.

    1. Judi Baker says:

      Rosemary, could you share which style of Levis you found that aren’t too big in the leg? I’m wanting some Levis ( they were my staple back in the day!) but there are too many styles now and it’s overwhelming to think about trying them all on!😳

  25. Oh yes, it’s so very important to take extra care with our eyes. My ms has attacked my eyes several times and it’s been a long but successful recovery. I hope you find that personal recipe that gives you lasting comfort.
    For me, the desire to keep changing up our style and keeping current is what keeps us young at heart. I don’t want to become stagnant and critical of any new or even trending ideas. It just seems that by adding a pinch of fun here and there we will say active with those younger people in our lives too. I can’t wait to see what new things come into your radar this year.
    Happy Monday to all!

    1. I agree Jan! Fashion is essential because for so many reasons.

  26. I love the article but I am not sure I can find my 3 words. Trying to figure out how to dress since I am now 70+ but I still diet and exercise seems very confusing. Not sure if anyone mentioned serum tears for dry eye, that is what I use and it is made from your own blood.
    Have fun in Florida.

  27. Love the blue on blue monochromatic look and the earrings are just what I have been looking for. Most metals irritate my ears, but sterling is a winner. Already have them in my cart! Happy Monday : )

  28. Hi! I am so glad you are getting lots of ideas for ways to make your eyes feel better. Keep us posted. The outfit this week is kind of boring. The shirt and jeans are ok, but tucking it in with a matchy belt is not something I would ever do. The jacket and matching shoes seem off to me too. So you can guess the matching purse belt thing doesn’t work for me. It is all too prissy for my tastes. Some pieces don’t need to be elevated into an “outfit”. That is my humble opinion.
    I am thrilled about panty hose!!!!

    1. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “some pieces don’t need to be elevated into an outfit”?

  29. Love your outfit of the week, Jennifer. Th paler denim shirt with sweet green jacket ( and shoes!) are such a wonderful combination.
    I think I’m on auto pilot too— when it comes to my everyday wear. It’s straight leg or mini flare jeans with a cashmere sweater. Plain – boring?
    I do add a colorful scarf at times or a necklace but the bare bones of my clothes couldn’t be more boring.
    Must see what summer time brings!

  30. I, also, suffer with blepharitis. It seems to attack more in winter (here in Va) when the air is dry. I have been on doxycycline for two months ( and a steroid eyedrops for one) Hot compresses on the eyes, plus massaging after has helped my meibomian glands produce more tears.
    Good luck in your journey. I can definitely empathize .

    1. Which drops are you on?

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