Monday Musings- Wonders Never Cease

Happy Monday, ladies. This week I’m musing about a recent discovery I should have known of earlier, a toner I love, why I never shave my legs, and the outfit of the week.

Please tell me I am not the only woman who hasn’t heard of or tried the wonder cloth. I’ve been using a cotton facecloth to wash my face my entire life but it turns out there’s a great alternative that may be even better.

How I’m washing my face


It’s made from a combination of cotton and rayon which is basically made from wood pulp. It feels a bit like a microfiber blanket and is super soft. It removed everything, including my waterproof eyeliner in two swipes then rinsed clean of all stains with just water.

I’m coming to the end of my umpteenth jar of Farmacy Green Clean and decided to give this Rosehip cleanser a try and love it. I’ve tried several Trilogy products over the years and love them.


I’m on my 3rd bottle of this Purito toner and love it. I apply to my face morning and evening after I wash my face.

Here’s what the website says it contains-

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Lactobacillus/Rice fermentation inhibits melanin generation and boosts skin whitening, while Bifida fermentation solution promotes skin firmness and cares for skin damage. In addition to fermented extracts of various grains and filtrates, the product also contains Niacinamide for effective skin whitening and Adenosine, an anti-aging ingredient, that strengthens cell proliferation in the dermal layer of the skin to help maintain firmness.  Niacinamide is effective for skin whitening at more than 2%, the maximum content allowed by KFDA is 5%. PURITO Fermented Complex 94 Boosting essence contains 3%.

I love how hydrating this feels on my skin so my moisturizer doesn’t have to work as hard.


Outfit Of The Week



This outfit of the week takes a sporty look at a gingham, linen blazer with a chambray shirt, white denim, and some sporty sneakers. I love the back belt you can snug to adjust the shape of this blazer.

This would be so fun over a white tee shirt dress with a pair of keds… blue jeans and ballet flats… linen pants and sandals…the options are endless.

Why I stopped shaving my legs

I gave up shaving my legs several years ago. I couldn’t see in the shower without my glasses on so I’d miss big stripes of unshaved skin and frankly, it was a pain. I do have less hair to remove than when I was younger, but I still like to be smooth and hairless if I’m wearing a skirt.


Epilators have come a long way since my first one many years ago. Mine is 4 years old so the colors are different now and it has likely been improved. I use it on my legs and underarms about once a month or so and that’s it.  I never have to take a razer when I travel or worry about nicking my knees again. When the hair grows in it’s so soft I barely notice.

Have you tried the wonder cloth?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. I knew about the Wonder Cloth but not the the epilator. That sounds interesting!

  2. Liberating!!! Not shaving, wow, what a wonderful concept. I must try it because it sure is a pain to shave.
    Love the outfit of the week. So very cute.
    I always love skin care tips, and no, I have never tried or heard of Wonder Cloth.
    Thanks Jennifer! I have a lot to go back and check out!

    1. Happy Monday, Nancy

  3. I just bought the Sundance blazer via Jennifer’s link, BUT as Sue mentions below (thanks, Sue!) Sundance has a sale w/free shipping, but you have to go to the Sundance homepage to find out about it. Code SPRING. Ends tonight.

  4. Hi Jennifer, love your informative posts on different products. Regarding the Braun Epil Silk 9 (I have never used this method of hair removal) do you have to let the hairs reach a certain length before using as opposed to shaving every day if required. I am very interested in this method but not sure if hair must grow to a certain length between each use. Thanks Jan.

    1. Just as much as if you were going to shave, not a lot at all

  5. My dermatologist in Vancouver has been selling the wonder cloth from his office for years. Dr. Jason Rivers a man working on the front edge. His products are great too. I’ve bought them for friends and family.

  6. Thanks for the tips. Especially that wash cloth. Do need to get me one.

  7. Jennifer – I read in the comments below where you used the Braun shaver on your face. Does your facial hair not grow back in similar to stubble when used on your face?

    1. No. In fact it grows in so soft I hardly notice it. There is never stubble because the hair grows at different rates.

  8. I’ve had my Braun Silk Epil since the late 80’s and it still works. I only need it for the occasional stray hair now but have been impressed with the longevity and quality of the unit.

    1. I agree, they’re of great quality and a terrific investment

  9. Just a question – why do you like skin whiteners? They’re not something I know anything about.
    I love your OOTW. I love the blazer, but I do not understand the $20 shipping charge. Any chance Sundance would give you a discount or waive the ship charge?

    1. I feel as if I should not have asked: I’m going to contact Sundance directly.

      1. Sundance is currently have a 25% off and free shipping with $150 order!

    2. Aging and sun exposure often result in uneven skin tone and brown spots, particularly in the fair skinned. Ingredients like niacinamide help counteract these discolorations.

  10. I started using the epilator 5 years ago, and have very little hair growth now. Best decision ever!

    1. I agree…there’s hardly any hair regrowth now

  11. I’ve been using Face Halos for over a year and love them. Same concept, wet face, wet Halo and off comes makeup and mascara. One at the sink and one in the shower. Thought I would miss the wash cloth but I don’t. They fit right in the hand and easy to pop in the laundry.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion

  12. Wonder cloth is out of stock and they do not know when or if it will be restocked. 😳😔

      1. They are currently unavailable.

    1. The Canadian Amazon website has them. -Brenda-

  13. Jennifer this on the dress you wore for Seder dinner was it a petite or regular I would love to order but not sure of length? I love Nordstrom dresses. Thank you.

    1. I bought the regular in a medium

  14. Might check out the epli silk. I’ve shaved my legs since I was 12 years old. I might be blonde my leg hair was black and quite hairy. Used to shave every other day, yes there were nicks. Finally at my age no underarm hair and way less on legs but still shave at least twice a week.

  15. Paulette Levy says:

    I must try that shaver! Knicks and other teeny cuts are no fun! I use lots of shaving cream and like you was taking my glasses into the shower. Luckily I was shaving less frequently!
    I love todays outfit- interesting blazer! I own some of the pieces, but no springtime blazers— just navy blue knit material ( Talbots several years back) . Have a good week!

  16. I’m curious – do you use the Braun for facial hair? I’m looking for a good solution.

    1. Interestingly, I just started to. Mine came with a small version to use on the face but it didn’t work as well so I’m using the big one. Just hold your skin taut and it works like a charm.

  17. My daughter gave me a “wonder cloth” a couple of years ago. I love it. I use it to remove make-up, on the days I wear any. I never thought of using it to just clean my face each evening.

    1. It works beautifully

      1. Velma Marie Purser says:

        I just discovered “Erase Your Face”. Could not believe I had never heard of make up remover cloths. Works like a charm!!

  18. I’ve never heard of the Wonder Cloth, and I have at least one question. Practically, how many do you need to own to get through a week (assuming that’s how often you do laundry)? This seems like it could be a nice thing to have instead of little bottles of makeup remover when traveling (especially by air), or even those packages of disposable wipes, which work but aren’t exactly ecological.

    1. I read once a week since they don’t harbor germs like a washcloth. I wash mine every 4 days, as opposed to a facecloth which I change every day.

    2. Been using the Wonder Cloth for years now. Found it through you tuber Angie at Hot and Flashy. I have 2 and absolutely love them. I replace with new occasionally.