Monday Musings- Strolling Along

Happy Mondays ladies. It really is a happy Monday here because my family is all healthy and our veggies appear to be surviving. I miss the heck out of my daughter who is stuck at home in Canada, but we Facetime at least once a day and talk often. As soon as the border is open, either she is coming here or I am going there for some long overdue, big, hug sessions.

I think with everything that’s going on, we need to continue to count the blessings we do have and look for ways to feel happy.

Here are a few things I’m musing about this week:


The colors we live with, wear, and that surround us are all on my mind these days. The wild grasses around town are still green but I know they’ll be turning brown as we move towards summer. The brown always feels very dreary to me so, in addition to planting some flowers #blackthumb, I’ve been looking for fresh patio cushions to brighten things up. I love a fun

My favorite cabana stripe is black and white but I’m guessing that won’t brighten my mood so I’m searching for other colors. This green is really cheery but the wrong size for my chairs. Who knew I had unusually wide chairs? My hunt continues and if all else fails I will just update my throw pillows.

I must admit, I am becoming very a bit obsessive about color lately. I’ve been going back through my books and reading online about personal color theories. I’m following several color experts and other Image Consultants on Instagram who specialize in color. I have decided that the next time I go through London, I will schedule with Red Leopard to go through the color process that my friend Susan did. Susan looks absolutely stunning in her new colors. Red Leopard is offering online consultations while we are all staying home but I really want to meet the ladies in person and go through the whole process, live.


I am drawn to it more and more these days but not sure it works for my style. I found some Johnny Was on major sale last week and fell for musing about boho styleWhen it arrived, I hated it on sight. It has colored embroidery that in person, looks like a pattern. I never wear patterns. They feel too memorable and visually busy. It’s also a peasant shape which has never been flattering on me. I bought it because this isolation has my tastes changing and I want to experiment with more lighthearted items. In truth, I really wanted this linen kaftan but I’m trying to avoid buying more black.

Johnny Was On Sale


I live in an active retirement community so there are very few if any babies around. But that doesn’t mean there are no strollers. In fact, there are plenty of them. But instead of carrying babies, they’re filled with aging dogs.

ming about dog strollers
Honey Pug

I always thought a stroller for a dog was a silly thing until our pug with treats in stroller

So when my daughter’s 12-year-old little dog Honey Pug started to struggle with walking last month I ordered her this stroller. She hated it instantly and it took some getting used to. She’s a tough old gal and would certainly rather walk, but the handy snack tray in back keeps her seated and willing to explore the world on wheels. In retrospect, I should have ordered this one because the color is so pretty.

Unless you’ve looked, you simply would not believe the variety of strollers available for pets!

What are you musing about this week?

Thanks for reading ladies and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.


  1. I am dragging out all of my BOHO from the back of my closet, that easy flowing style is calling me “home”. Skirts and tees mostly and some bell bottoms some that I embellished with brocade and velvet ribbons at the hem. I think that I am drawn back to the style because of the colors though I do still love my black. BOHO reminds me of my much younger days when I felt free. I love the green & white stripe cushions, the color is so fresh looking. I am getting rid of a lot of the B&W striped cushions on my patio too. Everything is going to be red on patio now. My wicker furniture in my screened porch has island print cushions that I am tired of so I am going to recover them in off white canvas and add red geranium flowers on black background fabric pillows. Red geraniums in pots everywhere.
    I look forward to hearing more about your color consultant experience. Years ago I did Color Me Beautiful consultation which I found helpful.

  2. I would love to go to Red Leopard! They seem very thorough, about all aspects of a makeover, which I would enjoy. I so wish we had Red Leopard in the US as well!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Look forward to your future report on working with Red Leopard. Susan’s transformation has been wonderful to follow. She looks amazing! If I ever find myself in London, I would totally make an appt with them.

  4. Great minds think alike,LOL. I just bought the cutest top from JonesNY. It is black/white gingham with a small hem of flowered material with a yoke of the same colorful fabric. I like boho in the Summer because it’s hot where I am on the Coast and they are usually some type of gauze or crinkled fabric. Really cool with jeans and sandals.
    I miss my dogs every day after all these years but we decided against another because of the vet bills and we are getting older too. Dogs do need walking.

  5. I am boho. I also do more conservative, too, but my heart is boho. I always wait for Johnny Was to go on sale because it’s too expensive, IMO. Love that black linen kimono. I never got my colors “done” because I wear what I like. I know it’s useful for some people, but it feels like giving control to someone else. I don’t want to be told I can’t wear yellow or green or whatever. If I think the color works on me, well, then it does!

  6. Judith Robb says:

    I so appreciate your interest in colour. Why not travel to the UK, see Red Leopard and report back? Of course this will have to wait until the virus is over but think of the columns and you tube videos you could do.
    Love to see people loving their senior dogs. Hope you can get a new dog soon.

  7. Connie Haines says:

    I noticed an older couple pushing a stroller with a dog in it just yesterday! I wondered about it, but here you are with several plausible answers.
    I went to a party back in the late eighties where everyone had their colors done. The lady doing the readings seemed uncertain. I think maybe she was new to it and probably was just part of some home-party scheme which was catching hold back then. At any rate, I’ve always relied on personal feedback and my own “feel” about the colors I wear and which ones garner the most compliments. Navy and a whole range of blues and greens ground my wardrobe, while true whites and clear pale yellows and peach tones also work very well for my skin, hair and eyes. (Pale, golden brown, medium blue.)

  8. That would be exciting to have a consultation with Red Leopard. I’ve followed Susan’s journey and she looks great as a Spring. Back in the 80’s I worked for a company that did a similar service to what Red Leopard does, but without the personality typing . Ours was called Colours and Your Style. I still find it useful to this day, although I have had to make some modifications due to a 65 year old body rather than a 30 something.
    It will be interesting to see what changes you make to your style and colour choices.

  9. Phyllis Hughes says:

    When I was seven years old I had a doll buggy that was the perfect size for the family chihuahua. She was perfectly happy to be pushed around in the buggy. As soon as I stopped pushing, out she hopped, still in her doll dress and bonnet. She was a very patient little dog and I loved her dearly.

    I like the Johnny Was top. The embroidery is in the yoke area only and would pull attention to the face. There was a time when I did embroidery by hand to decorate my clothes. Now I do it by machine because of arthritis. Each has its challenges and therefore I value both. I don’t wear many prints either, but this is not a print, but an embroidery. Have you tried it on to see what it looks like on you.

    A color make over would be a wonderful luxury for myself and I don’t know why I have never done it.

    1. Great point about the embroidery directing the eye to the face

  10. carolyn LASSONDE says:

    I’d never heard of Red Leopard before. Thanks for the information about this company. Is there a USA company that does the same thing that you would recommend? I love your blog Jennifer! I always look forward to reading it from southwest Colorado.

  11. The first and only time I saw a dog stroller, it was full of a litter of Cavalier King Charles puppies at a pet food store. They were about to be weaned. Such cute little fluff muffins!

  12. Julie Pounders says:

    I cover Johnny Was and can’t afford it even on sale!I’ve seen some knock offs on other sites but I’m Perry of quality and sizing, as I’m a plus.

  13. Barbara K says:

    The last couple of years have seen me buying a few boho shirts! I tend to stay away from patterns – because I find it much easier to accessorize with plain colors. But in the last few years, I have really enjoyed the boho look. One of the main reasons is because these shirts are never tight around my (problem area) midriff! Also, I enjoy the “folk art”, cheery look.

  14. I love dog strollers. So sweet. Those are sharp patio cushions. I love the stripes. I’m craving green everything right now, which is not a colour I’ve gravitated to before. I think I’m really appreciating nature and being outside. Stay safe and virtual hugs to you and your family. Xx

  15. Good Monday Musings! Yes on Red Leopard consultation. Susan looks so much more bright and alive since having her colors done. Now the trick is just finding the right colors and styles online.

  16. The boho shirts take me back to being pregnant in the 70’s!! I had an array of colors and some pretty the dye ones! LOL
    Trying to avoid them but I did buy one from Lands End that is a print and tee shirt material!
    I love it and it works with tights.
    I had dark brown hair and dressed a lot in brown when I was young…then came the color analysis showing me to be a winter! Now my base color is black or navy…much better with white, white hair!
    I have the cutest and brightest throw pillows. From World Market!
    Thanks for the fun musings!

  17. Great idea about the dog strollers! I see people on my FB site that use them for their cats! Great choices for anyone wanting to try them! Also provides some protection should you encounter a large mean dog!

    I like that top you showed! I would certainly wear it!

  18. - Vicki Mikola Dack says:

    I am not much of the colour brown wearer. Have three or four pieces — jacket, dress, shoes, and bag Was raised on a Farm in Ohio in the 1960’s and wore so much brown shaded clothes (didn’t show the dirt t easy) and made up my mind that if I ever “made” it outside of the farm life my wardrobe would not be loaded down with brown coloured clothes. Its crazy what you remember from your teenage years.

  19. Hi Jennifer…..yes….we do have a stroller for our 14 yr. old, Shih-Tzu. BUT, I have had his stroller since he was about 8 yrs. old. He loves it and goes a lot of places with us….

    Will you be getting you another dog soon?


  20. For me, the boho shirt is a great option to wear when the heat and humidity settle in. I would not and did not pay very much for these casual tops.
    I think our aging pets deserve some extra special attention. What a great idea to use a stroller to help them travel. Your pictures are so darn cute!!
    Stay well, be kind and remain grateful!

  21. I never wore the boho look in the 70’s so I am wearing it now! I have bought a few linen peasant shirts from Macys that have embroidery. I like them now! This boho look seems to work well here in Florida where all dressing is so much more casual.

  22. Not musing about anything in particular except getting back into a decent diet and exercise programme. I know Johnny Was huge a few years ago, but was surprised to see it is still around as it was a very boho look which isn’t quite as popular these days. Agree with you about Red Leopard, your friend Susan looks really great since her ‘colour makeover’. They remind me a bit of Trinny and Susannah (from a few years ago). They always eschewed black and embraced colour whole heartedly. By the way, your pug is as cute as a button

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