Haircut and Products I Use For My Over 50 Thinning Hair

My hair has always been baby fine, poker straight, and very thin. Add menopause and thyroid issues to the mix and you have the perfect storm for hair loss. It’s always a struggle to find a hairstylist who knows how to cut fine hair so I’m thrilled to have discovered one near me.  I’ve recently updated my hairstyle so today I’m updating this post to share my unusual haircut and the products I use for my thinning hair over 50.


woman examining her thinning hair


Midlife hair loss is not unusual for women but I also have thyroid issues that can cause my hair to shed with no warning. My endocrinologist monitors my thyroid levels carefully but it still goes out of whack for no reason. I’ve discovered that the way my hair is cut, the products I use, and the way I blowdry it, are my best hope to camouflage hair loss.

over 50 Haircut

My new haircut is a short, blunt bob with no stacking in the back. It’s the same length in front as it is in the back. Then she cuts a blunt layer around the top of my head which allows me to get some lift. I use a round brush, mousse or gel, dry shampoo, and hairspray. I use a lot of products yet when I’m done, it doesn’t look like helmet hair.

I’ve made a little video you can watch here to help deconstruct my haircut, the products I use, and the process I go through to style it.



I am a big fan of this Kevin Murphy Anit-Gravity Oil-free Gel. It adds volume but isn’t greasy, no matter how much I apply.

Any dry shampoo helps make your hair look like it has more volume, but this Perfect Hair Day is my very favorite.

I love this round brush for helping to add extra body too. I have several sizes, based on how long my har is:)

Do you struggle with thinning hair?

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.






  1. My mother and I were looking at some of my childhood pictures when I asked her why my bangs were soooo short. She said she had given me a Tonette perm and burned my hair off! “Tonette, with the younger woman in mind”. If you look on YouTube, there are some cute commercials for Tonette perms! Luckily, my hair grew back but it’s still stick straight and baby fine.

    1. Sorry to say, I’ve had that same disaster. My mom also used to cut my hair and the bangs were always crooked and miles too short. Luckily it grows but some of my pictures are hilarious.

  2. we have very similar hair and by your description exactly the same cut. I have moved quite a bit and the. Last time my stylist offered to be on call for the new stylist. It worked! I would drive to get a good cut but that last move was 4 hours each way and I couldn’t do that!

  3. You don’t feel good if your hair doesn’t look good. I moved 12 hours away from my stylist so I had to get my new one trained right. It took me four years but I finally got her cutting my hair exactly like I like it. We live in a small town and I reall did not have many other options.
    Your hair looks great and I would definitely drive two hour shift to keep it the way I wanted it.

  4. The blu capelet or shawl in the first photo is a fabulous color, who makes it please? Your hair always looks great in your photos but I hear your pain!

    1. It’s several years old Deanne from a company in England called Catherine Robinson Cashmere. I’m not sure they still make this color but you could google them.

  5. I can relate. I’ve been driving an hour each way for the last few years to get to my old stylist, in very heavy traffic. So I am going to try someone here locally. Yesterday was my last appointment with my stylist, she gave me the formula she uses for my hair color and when I got home I took a few selfies so I can show the new person how my hair looks right after I get it done. My hair is a simple below chin-length bob but I can’t do layering, it just makes my fine hair look thinner. I’m not good at blow-drying. I am probably one of the few people who still uses hot rollers, it gives my very straight hair the body it needs. Hair is so important, if its not right, nothings right.

  6. I’m currently experiencing exactly what you’re talking about Jennifer! I think it’s a new trend in haircutting :/
    My current cut looks like your first picture and resulted in all of the body being taken out of my hair. My hair is thin only in the front but now my entire head of hair feels thinner than ever after this cut. In the 4th picture down of you, your hair looks beautiful – very full in the back. Is this the front of your old hair or new haircut?

    1. These are my old haircuts before we moved. With fine hair, every hair counts and I wish stylists would be more careful. I’m sorry you’re struggling with this Laurie. It sounds like you need a new stylist.

  7. Hi Jennifer. Am I correct that you’re living in the Sacramento-ish area? If so, my aunt has a stylist in Woodland that she’s gone to for years that she swears by and she also has fine, thin hair that’s a little below chin length and always looks good. Let me know if you’d like the stylists contact info and I’ll get it from my aunt

  8. My hair is thick (not as thick as it used to be though – thanks menopause!) and curly, but very fine. It has to stay short because the weight of it will make it flat and I have to have some height on top! Thank goodness for hair products! BTW Jennifer – I always think your hair looks great!

      1. I my self have thin hair from Menopause, and try so many tricks in my bag , but the dry shampoo , I’m giving it a try .
        thank you so much!! Marilyn.B

  9. I have a theory that stylists create styles the exact opposite of what they themselves have. Hence Christina, with her gorgeous curls, loves blow drying me sleek and straight. Everytime. Nothing like the pictures I show her. Nothing can be done about it. We’ve been friends since our children were born. -Lily

  10. Well, at least I’m not the only one with stylist frustration!

    The latest thing after years of going to the same stylist? She suddenly cut my hair about 1/4″ long at the crown. This led it to stick straight up for several months until it regrew. I have no idea why she did this, because I would have said no. Maybe the cut was taking too long?

    Now that is sorted, so she cut my bangs crooked. Always something lately.

  11. Yes, Jennifer, I will never forget the smell of the Toni perms my mother gave me in attempts to give my fine hair some body! My hair and haircut is very similar to yours. For me, It’s worth the extra cost and 1+ hour drive out of my small town to go to a Gene Juarez salon where my young haircutter seems to know how to give me a cut that makes me feel good about being 62. You look amazing!!!

  12. Do you have the video you mentioned posted anywhere online? I used to wear a very similar haircut, but since I moved I can no longer find anyone who can replicate it, and unlike you, I was not smart enough to take pictures of a fresh cut. Driving to my former stylist is not an option :(.

    1. I didn’t post the video anywhere, sorry. You could show them the photo of the back of my hair which might be a good visual…although it didn’t help me;(

  13. Love the haircut. I have just the opposite hair. Mine is coarse, thick and straight. But thankful for a good hairdresser who gives me a great cut and recommends products. That all being said my hairdresser recently received her Real Estate License and I am always teasing her about making that big sale and no more cutting hair. She said she doesn’t think she can totally give it up though.

  14. Having been extremely dissatisfied with my colorist near my home and my haircutter “retiring to be a new full-time Mom”….I was faced with a similar challenge. Living 75 miles from NYC I chose to try my daughter’s haircutter and salon and have been thrilled ever since. I make the drive every couple of months and try to stretch out in-between colorings/trims etc. But to me – it is definitely worth the time and effort to get there…even with NY traffic!!

  15. It’s fabulous. Typically, I suit long hair. I’m growing out my highlights, which is taking forever so I might shorted it at some point since, otherwise, uniform colour is about 5 years away!

  16. Oh, Jennifer! I can sure identify with your hair struggles over the years. My mother, a Shirley Temple lover, subjected me to the same awful Toni perms when I was in grade school. Believe me, my perms looked nothing like Shirley Temple’s hair and I still groan when I look at old photos of myself. Fast forward to now: I have been with the same stylist for over 15 years and have tried more hairstyles, colors and products than you can know. Most times I have been pleased, but I can never seem to replicate the way she styles my hair. I do like your current style and wore a similar style myself for several years. Now I wear my hair just about shoulder length with interior layers and a darker base color to boost texture and volume. Dry spray powder, dry shampoos and root boosters have been my best bets.

  17. Your hair looks great! I have a similar cut and find it hard to describe. I don’t personally like my stylist very much and she is expensive but she gives a great cut. Of course I choose the great cut over great personality! Hair IS important.

  18. You look beautiful. The haircut and style are perfect for you. We’re lucky when we can find the right style and stylist. Happy holidays.

  19. I have this same problem!!! My Mom always told me that I couldn’t wear long hair (even chin length) because it was fine and limp. My hair has always been short and looked good. Then I lost nearly 100 pounds 5 years ago and discovered my face shape wasn’t round … and at 60 (earlier this year) I decided to grow it out. With volumizing products it works! I’m loving doing something new. And I found a new stylist who “gets” my hair!

  20. It’s all about the haircut–if you don’t have the right haircut, nothing works. It is so stressful to have to try to find a new hairdresser. I can understand the drive back to your old one. My husband learned a long time ago that if my hair is not right nothing is right. Good luck.

  21. I have a different problem with my hair. I have very thick hair. I keep it short because it has no body at all! And I hate hair spray and only use it when going out to dinner or the theatre. I only use styling products in the winter since I live in Florida and keeping a “style” here in the summer is next to impossible! My hair looks great in my house but once I step out the door, my hair just flops. Using Styling gel in the summer just makes my hair gummy. I did find a really great stylist when we moved here, but it took 6 months before she got my hair the way I like it. The style is short and layered. I get it trimmed every 5 weeks. I would like to keep it a little bit longer, but I cannot deal with the hot weather and longer hair. I think your hairstyle looks great on you! It is very becoming. and I love the color!

    1. Humidity is tough on most hair textures. It would make mine look like a skull cap. I’m glad you found the perfect cut Linda That’s more than half the battle.

  22. It’s really cute on you Jennifer…..I’m trying to let my hair grow out from being short for over 20 years. I just want a change as I age, my face is slender and my neck is long. I have a lot of body so therefore I can go a bit curly……which I love to finally show off my curls. I would drive a far distance if I had the right stylists who I loved and made me look beautiful!

  23. I have had the best stylist for my thick unruly hair for about 2 years when she decided to move about 6 hours away to NOLA ! So I am lucky so far she comes back here once a month to check in at her salon here. Before her my hair was always am embarasing challenge!

  24. Here’s a thought: Immediately after having your old stylist do your hair, visit a local stylist and say, “This is what I want.” Let the stylist play with your hair, check out the layers, see how your hair falls. Then *maybe* you’ll get a decent cut. But maybe just stick with your original stylist. I love your hair style. It’s flattering and breezy.

  25. I agree that finding the right stylist makes all the difference!! I have very curly hair and I finally found a stylist who knows how to cut and style my hair in a way that is just right for me. She also knows how to straighten it for those times I don’t want to wear it curly. She is a gem!! And, I would drive hours to keep her!!

    By the way, love your hair style!

  26. I travel an hour to my old stylist. I tried 2 stylists when I moved and they didn’t get it! I would call your style a stacked Bob. I like it!

  27. Hair cut, stylist is sooooo important. Most seem to want the clients hair SHORT. No. I too have a squarish full face, and short is wrong! I need a longish bob, with layering on top. I get compliments with longer hair(shaped) and when I do it myself…..why?

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