Neutrals and I Need Your Help

Today I have an outfit that I love, plus I’d love to get your answers to a few questions. As much as I enjoy wearing color, neutrals have my heart. They’re timeless and easy to coordinate plus they’re less memorable than brighter colors which make them more versatile.

This faux suede moto jacket has been a best seller on AWSL for many months, with good reason. It comes in several flattering neutrals, it’s incredibly luxe and soft, and the price is amazing.

women wearing patterned blouse and faux suede jacket

This fawn color coordinates with so many other colors. It feels as versatile as black…but a lot more flattering for many of us. It comes in sizes 00-18, I’m wearing a 6-8. Leather and faux moto jackets have a hard look to them, which I avoid, but this super soft, ultra-suede dials back the edginess because it lacks shine.

blonde woman wearing cream pants and taupe jacket

These are super-soft cords from Banana Republic which have a straight leg and high rise. I like the way the fuller leg helps add balance to my shape. I’m sure skinny pants will be back before we know it, but I’m not anxious to wear them anytime soon. How about you?

The surplice-wrap blouse has a shirt tail back you can wear out, or tuck in. It has a lightly draped front with a snap at the V which keeps it from gaping open, always a plus for me. The front is the perfect length to wear over your waistband which shows some waist definition but conceals your tummy. It comes in several patterns, regular and petite, sizes XXS-XXL. I am wearing a regular in small. The subtle lug sole combat style booties are from last year, similar here, and here, and here.

Now, here’s where I need your help-

Please feel free to answer in the comments, which I feel proud to say is a safe, nurturing environment for us to chat. If you’d like to be more private, simply respond to the email and tell me that way.

Why do you follow my blog? What it is about A Well Styled Life that you enjoy most? How does it differ from other blogs you follow?

Several of you have mentioned that you’ve given up reading other blogs, but continue to read mine. Why? I am honored, but I have never asked why and I would love to know.

I would love to know your fashion and lifestyle goals and how I might help you achieve them.

Could you also please share what country you’re from.

Thank you for being here and helping to make this community what it is.



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  1. I enjoy your try on sessions with a “real person” wearing the clothes. I love your motto – wear what makes you happy. The clothes you work with are in my budget. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  2. In addition to many of the other commenter reasons I like that you explain why a style works for a body type. You educate rather than tell.

  3. Good morning, Jennifer. Thank you for asking these questions. I will try to answer your questions as briefly & succinctly as possible. I am from the US, and my fashion goals are to look thinner, taller, and “put together” while , at the same time, feel comfortable in my clothing. Since I am 78 years old, I would like to look current but not a like a fashion victim. I consider color my friend because the right colorful outfits seem to provide interest and provoke compliments, which make me feel cheerful. Your fashion blog is my favorite because you seem authentic and you provide fun commentary that is also educational (helping me reach my fashion goals as stated above). Have a GREAT day!

    1. Most of all I appreciate having a place for women of a certain age. We don’t see ourselves on TV, online, in advertising unless in health ads, I appreciate being “seen.” You help keep me current. I live in a rural area and do not have access to malls so it helpful to see clothing I can easily order online and from stores I can visit when I get to a city. Your style is accessible and appropriate wherever one lives. I would enjoy even more insights into your daily life, not just news about clothing—books, decor, holidays, health, hobbies, thoughts about aging, creating a fulfilling at home life.

  4. I am retired and had begun for feel like the “invisible woman”. After I started following your blog, I started challenging myself to try new things and felt how wonderful it was to stay current. I don’t want to give up!
    I also love to read all the comments that follow each blog. I find that I relate to so many of these ladies too.
    Life is too short to be complacent! Thank you !

  5. USA
    You show a lot more clothing than some others do. The Dressing room diary is
    Especially helpful. Also like, would you wear it segment.
    My body height is different;
    So when you, at 5’4”, are modeling a regular size, rather than petite, I know that the garment won’t work for me. Saves me shopping time!
    And, by the way, you make an excellent model.
    Thanks so much!

    1. There is a lot that keeps me a loyal follower. I feel that you have experience and keep learning and sharing with us. I follow bloggers like you to get a realistic viewpoint from someone who appreciates style and looking chic. I like your approach to sharing outfits and other thinking about how to put it together. I sometimes use that to “shop my closet”. I like the mix of retailers and that you dress to flatter your body and style. I am looking at retirement in about 4 years, and decluttering my wardrobe. I am eliminating what does not flatter, fit, or serve me well anymore. I am no longer buying work clothes, and selling things that I know I will not wear in retirement. I also like your writing style and that you are warm and professional.

  6. All the outfits you show are very wearable and affordable. I enjoy when you restyle looks to fit your taste. Our taste in clothes are very similar. When you make comments, your not “preachy “ like some bloggers and you leave room for different opinions. I agree with Nyla, you are someone I could be friends with!

  7. I followed Brenda Kinzel (RIP) for years and believe she turned me on to you.
    Your blog addresses all the issues we all have at this stage (am 67) in our lives honestly and without the drama.
    Because of your blog, I also read Over 50 Feeling 40, 50s Not Old and Style At A Certain Age. I also follow Susan After 60 (for years) but she’s considerably cut back on posts. 😕 All worthy sites for the every day woman who’s pretty darn special.
    My fashion style is fairly conservative yet classy. While petite and mildly obese (according to the charts…ha!) your tips still apply, I just have to shop petites. Side note: Would love to also follow someone this age who is petite and based in the Upper Midwest instead of a warm climate so any recommendations appreciated!
    Keep up the good work; appreciate your efforts!
    God bless the USA!

  8. I love the confidence and style you share and your encouraging other women like myself (over67) to feel that’s expressed and shown! In your blog!

  9. As someone else has mentioned you are so relatable, Jennifer. Everything you write about and highlight is in good taste, and yet modern. You remind us that we are women, first and foremost. Some of us are retired yet still moms, grandmothers – others are working out of the home. Your fashion sense and real life approach to your blog is just that— real! Another aspect is your reminder that we are often fragile suffering from unseen health or orthopedic issues. Self care is the order of the day when these issues crop up. It’s all real!

    1. Agree with Paulette! You share your vulnerability with us: foot problems, asked us for shoe advice and through the comments, learned of a few new great shoe brands! Learn from others. I am 49 yrs old and try to be fashionable, not frumpy or living in athleisure. Following you from Alberta 🇨🇦

  10. Shop at many of the same stores you do.Love your affordable style and I’m in your age group.Keep up the good work!

  11. Hi Jennifer,
    I read your blog because you have a sensible approach to fashion. Your style is easy going, you don’t try to dress “young” but you never look “old” if that makes sense? You don’t bend to trends that don’t work for you because you know who you are and you just want to be your best you. Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  12. Apologies in advance for a long post.
    First, I did stop reading all fashion blogs, including yours, as part of my effort to be more mindful about my wasteful overconsumption of clothing. It was hard to buy less when regularly reading what I could buy. Yet, I find myself lurking on only your blog for several reasons.

    I appreciate your concerns about the impact of the fashion industry on our environment. Still, I want to look nice and get ideas about sustainable choices in clothing.

    You are honest. You don’t “love” everything you share, and you don’t endorse ideas or products that don’t work for you.

    Your blog is not one long ad by a sponsor. Don’t misunderstand – I realize blogs are enormous work and bloggers should be rewarded for their time and effort. But when the majority of content is an appeal for the same services or sponsors, it feels like reading a commercial. Your use of sponsored ads is reasonable and your endorsements are authentic.

    So, Jennifer, you are stuck with me.

    1. Late to the game here but this comment summed up my thoughts very precisely! As a Midwestern woman of a certain age, I find your approach comforting and honest. I, too, am trying to buy sustainable clothing only occasionally and make do with what I have. But you give me styling ideas (and purchasing ideas to fill in the gaps of my wardrobe) and you are one of two blogs I continue to follow.

  13. You seem “real” and like a friend…I enjoy you. The clothes you feature are appropriate for my stage of life. We are close in age. Your clothing items are at the right price point for me and you use accessible vendors. I really like the way you style clothes…you give me great ideas. I’m learning a lot about style from you. I also enjoy your advice on beauty and health products. You are fun!

    Thank you!

  14. I still haven’t recovered from the shock of seeing you in the bright, multicolored top the other day, ha! I think I reach for your blog first every day because it is a warm conversation. You write so smoothly about the health, style, and everyday topics that interest me; I really have learned so much from you. I appreciate so much all of your hard work for all of us.

  15. I enjoy your blog because I like your style. I’m close in age and coloring and your posts/photos give me style ideas on looking current not trendy. I really enjoy “would you wear it”. I’m in the US.

  16. I follow you because your style, age, issues and clothing goals are the same as mine. Your shopping price point and the stores you shop are also in my wheelhouse. All of this makes you relatable to me in my day to day life which keeps me coming back for more. Thank you for doing what you do with your blog—it’s great!

  17. I’m originally from England and now live in the States. Being new to fashion blogs l started following you in spring 2020 and l now read you every day. I really like your warmth and honesty hearing about your world, and your amazing style sense. Since following you my appreciation for style and clothes has increased enormously. You could be my dear next door neighbor whom l have known forever, and l have come around again to see you and chat. The blog is fun, passionate,smart, relevant and being 57 l feel l need the emphasis on ‘real life living and solutions’. You highlight clothes that l can afford, or reasonably aim for, and you introduce me to labels and stylist tricks that really elevate my look. I also enjoy and value being part of the community and reading the responses. Keep going strong Jennifer AWSL is a joy to read xo

    1. Really nicely put, Francesca! Additionally, Jennifer, I really like that your blog is as much about us as it is about you. My style and coloring are completely different from yours, and yet your styling, tips, and comments make me come back every day to read what you have to say. Also, you have a strong work ethic, which is really important to me. You are genuine in a time when many are not. (I live in the Northeast.)

  18. I follow you because you present yourself as a real person, not perfect but perfectly imperfect like the rest of us! I like to see how the clothes drape on your body and I enjoy your chatty style. You have helped me elevate my wardrobe and I appreciate that. So thank you!

  19. I don’t follow any other blog. Your’s appeals to me because of the neutrals, with splashes of color. I like that you have varying price points. Left to my own devices, I would only shop at Nordstrom’s and only buy NYDJ and Vince Camuto.

    I look forward to your blog with my morning coffee and at that time of the day I like the kindness and that there is NO snarkiness. I can’t deal with rudeness or sarcasm that early in the morning!

    I would like to see more clothes and products for people with sensitive skin. All synthetics cause me issues, so highlighting when the clothes are cotton would be a plus for me. Right now, I am struggling to find thin cotton base layers to wear under otherwise unwearable itchy sweaters.

  20. I started following your blog because I am the same age as you are and I saw a post where you were showing how you style your hair. Your hair and mine are the same! I was happy to find that I am not alone in the difficulties with super fine, super straight, thinning hair and I always look forward to your posts regarding how you care for yours and any new and helpful products you might have come across. I also enjoy the fashion info every day. So, I am a regular follower now.

    1. I love your blog because we have similar taste in style and hair. I like how you show how you style your hair and make up. You have great fashion ideas. Have you ever shared your diet, exercise routine and any supplements?

  21. I particularly enjoy that styling outfits is at the heart of your blog, and that you draw on years of professional experience when sharing your perspective. I appreciate how you remain open to new ideas and trying new styles (Right now, am looking forward to hearing about your recent colour analysis and your reaction to it). Through your blog, I am honing my own eye for styling, even though I have a different seasonal palette, silhouette and style to you. That’s been fun for me – and a nice distraction during a very long lockdown in Melbourne, Australia.

    1. While other bloggers may share styles from many of the same retailers as you do, you also share your very helpful styling expertise. The retailers you represent are accessible to me with prices in my budget. Thank you, Jennifer.

  22. Hi Jennifer. I read your blog because I like your style and I get ideas for my wardrobe here. I also enjoy your stories and your frank description of issues— health, hair, and otherwise— that are the same issues we all face as we get older. You are relatable and I like that. Keep blogging!

  23. You seem more like a good friend talking all things confident. Clothes are in my price range. Bottom line you talk to me n not at me

  24. I follow your blog because you shop at stores I like, and for the most part, your spending is reasonable. I like that you are not hawking products or trying to sell your readers on lifestyle choices such as diets and exercise plans. You come across as poised and confident, yet real.

  25. Your blog is my favorite because you are honest about the products and clothing you present. You are also honest about your appearance, i.e., you don’t photoshop your pictures to make yourself look better which matters a lot to me. Your honesty and comfort in your own skin encourages me to try the things you try and wear the things you wear which reflect my style. I learn a lot from you!
    Thank you!

  26. I appreciate the tweaks you make to clothes that are similar to what I would wear. You have wearable ideas. Thank you!

  27. I like seeing you model the fashions even in the store without purchasing them. Which I feel is different than other places just trying to sell their product. Not all of us can afford to buy all the fashion trends. I don’t follow other fashion bloggers because they are not realistic, and not moderate in their clothing. At my age I don’t need everything hanging out but something flattering. I am in an area that does not have access to a lot of the stores you shop at like Ann Taylor and banana republic so therefore I would have to buy clothes online which are hard to try on. Size guidelines also help when buying clothing online. Keep up the good work I enjoy your Well styled life. Someone once told me I was a well-kept woman, lol, that’s debatable.

  28. I continue to read your blog because the style choices you share fit with my lifestyle. They look pulled together and current but are not too trendy. They are at reasonable price points and from stores I already shop at. Your tone and approach are very real. My goals are to keep my wardrobe updated, find new ways to style things I already own and identify the pieces I might want to buy to fill in gaps or update an outfit. Your style resonates with me, although we don’t have a lot in common physically. I live in the Mid-Atlantic area of the US.

  29. Your style is similiar to mine, your choices are in my price range, your hair is thin and fine like mine, and you show your relatable side—health scares, aging, moving, etc. You make yourself sound like a neighbor or work friend.

    1. Couldn’t have said it any better!

      (Also in the USA, although for the longest time I thought you (Jennifer) hailed from Canada!)

    2. I started following Brenda Kinsel, and then started looking for women bloggers closer to my coloring, I’m a summer, fair, with grey hair, and close to my age. I follow a few English/ European/ and younger bloggers, as I like a variety of styles, even though I’m from California. I like the combo of reality, curiousness, humor, and low key sell of your blog.
      DRD helped tremendously during lockdown and online purchasing.
      Thanks, and keep up the good work.