New Beginnings in an Active Adult Community

After an epic 5 days of packing and unpacking, we are finally ensconced. The garage is jammed and most boxes are still full but we can now unpack at our own pace. I woke up early on our first morning here and discovered a great place to enjoy my morning tea. I loved my old backyard so much and was worried I would miss it…I don’t yet.

Renting feels very strange and will take some getting used to. Several of you have told me how freeing it is so I look forward to that. The funny thing is I’m a doer, fluffer and fixer. My eye is always looking for a way to visually improve things. Now when I look at something and imagine how it could be improved or look better a certain way I realize I can’t change it. It’s not mine. That hedge that’s 6” too high and blocking the view? Has to stay. Those drapes that are dated and distracting? They have to stay too.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life at the Sun City Clubhouse

We registered at the clubhouse yesterday and tried out their gym. It’s beautiful and has more than I will ever need to get and stay in shape. We’ve eaten at their restaurant several times and love the convenience of having it right around the corner. This active adult community seems very well equipped. The list of daily activities one could join is impressive so it will take us time to find what we enjoy most.Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life enjoying the Sun City view

Our backyard is a tranquil respite from unpacking. There’s a great shady spot to put my feet up and gaze over the golf course. The Canadian Geese are plentiful and make up most of what I hear except when our resident family of Quail comes out to chatter.

Most of what I’m not unpacking is the accessories. They’re like jewelry for our home so without them, the place will feel a bit sterile. That’s ok because I don’t want to have to repack them when we find a home to buy. When we do finally unpack them it will be like opening birthday presents. A pleasant surprise in each box as we remember a special treasure.

This move has been physically exhausting but also uplifting. I know there are many changes to come and we feel ready for them. Today is our first time to watch our grandson play T-ball which promises to be a hoot!


Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Audrey Murray says:

    How does Lucy like it? Has she made new friends?

  2. Kay Oubre says:

    What a lovely place! I also live in an active senior community and really love it! I look forward to seeing suggestions for what to wear in this new life…quiet evenings with friends, concerts, daytime lunch dates with the ladies….

    1. I’m excited to discover more about this place and will keep you posted. I sense it is more laid back than where I used to live.

  3. Darlene B. says:

    The community you moved into looks beautiful, love your back yard!
    We rented 5 times before buying our current home, and I found it helped to unpack a few of our favorite things to make the place we were living in feel more like home. A favorite painting, vase for flowers or nic-nac can really lift your spirits during those first few weeks when everything feels foreign. As for those drapes, I would be tempted to take them down and store them while living there and re-hang them before moving out.
    Enjoy your new adventure!

    1. I have dug our one box of things I think I will unpack tomorrow. I want it to feel like home. And yes, I am very tempted to take the drapes down. I’d rather see bare rods than these;)

      1. I was thinking the exact same thing. Take down the offensive drapes and add a few personal touches. You’ll feel more comfortable. Your temporary home does look lovely.

  4. Cheryl Ann Johnson says:

    “The only constant is change”…not sure who said that but the older I get the more it is true. Congratulations, Jennifer! Great survival skills!

  5. I have enjoyed your journey so much and thsnk you for your willingness to share it. I’ve never followed a blog and actually don’t consider myself too savvy re social media but somehow I found you and really have gotten much more than I expected. In a very good way. I hope that you completely enjoy your new digs and all that it has to offer.

  6. L H Carter says:

    I am ready to hear what you participate in at the adult community and your opinions of the good and bad of this life style. I’m curious if it would be a good fit for me.
    Your back yard looks wonderful. You look cute as a button in your photo.

  7. Julie Anne says:

    The proximity to family will offset the unsettled feeling of not owning your place. You now have the time to explore this area and find your new ideal home.

    Do the neighbours wonder about the new lady who is always being photographed? LOL.

    1. You’re so funny! We haven’t taken too many pictures yet but I’m guessing they will think it’s bizarre;)

  8. marlene alves says:

    Jennifer, YOU DID IT…yes, search for next chapter, home readied for sale, home sold, packed up, and are there! Any chance you’ll share with us where you’ve landed? P.S. being able to enjoy your grandson’s quickly growing up is SUCH a blessing!

    1. It is a total blessing. I’ve already seen him for lunch twice!!! That’s the best part of all.

  9. Jennifer I love your area and pretty pictures. I am just now after 7 months feeling at home. It takes time but I would not change my decision for anything. Enjoy finding and creating and connecting! I am off to the Bay Area next month to see friends and family. I will miss you!

  10. From what I can see, you are in a very well equipped adult community designed so you can relax and enjoy each day God gives you! Adjust, relax and let your future unfold!

    I envy you!

  11. I’m not sure that I’m ready for an Adult Community, yet. I’ll be pleased to get your take on that lifestyle. I’ve stayed in RV ones and tire of the sameness, even though there is lots to do.
    Enjoy the day with your grandson. They make us feel and act young again. Good for the soul.

    1. They are good for the soul! He’s a total delight. I’ve already noticed the sameness and not sure how it makes me feel. I’ll keep you posted.

  12. Happy to hear you’re settled into the next step of this journey. It looks beautiful and I’m sure you will be enjoying all the amenities and family so much…before you realize it that perfect home will appear.

  13. Did you get your place in SCLH? How do you like it? Rest up! Enjoy!

  14. Mary Lou O’Callahan says:

    Jennifer… enjoy your blog. We moved to an adult community 7 years ago and have never been happier. Our home is small but so manageable and comfortable. We are blessed with lovely neighbors and a wealth of social opportunities. You will love it. Many blessings in this new chapter of your life.

    1. I’m encouraged to hear that Mary Lou! Thanks for reading and sharing here.

  15. That place is gorgeous! It sounds like heaven to me, but I’m still in the heart of picky eaters and chauffeuring everyone to school. The idea of a restaurant at the ready sounds marvellous. But I’m a doer too and like to put my own stamp on things, so I can see your frustration at times. I’m sure it’s a new process. Hopefully you can take this time to rest and relax and then when you have your real home, you will get to dive into all of your projects. Thinking of you. xx

  16. It really looks like a lovely property and the conveinance of everything will save time and hassle in traffic! I bet you end up loving it…though I would be frustrated also at not being able to make it your own!! Rest and enjoy!

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