Sunscreen Edit: A Primer

You wouldn’t be the first person to call me obsessive when you discover that I’ve added a fourth sunscreen to my routine, for my face alone! None give me the Casper the Friendly Ghost look and are all paraben-free, cruelty-free and contain no endocrine disruptors because they are physical blocks. I didn’t need an additional sunscreen but after reading about this one, I had to try it. 

I know that layering sunscreens will not increase the SPF factor but this new one is amazing.



Sunforgettable 50 SPF
Sunforgettable SPF 50

I discovered Colorscience when my daughter showed me this which I fell madly in love with and carry in my purse, everywhere I go! My grandson will even let me brush this on his face without complaining.

Colorscience primer review on A Well Styled Life
Colorscience Brightening Primer

This new sunscreen is actually an elegant primer that appears to brighten my skin and smooth the texture. It makes my skin feel like silk, which is no small feat these days. It only has an SPF of 20 but I really use it for the brightening and priming qualities…the added SPF is a bonus.

I know this seems like SPF overkill but having melanoma will do that to a person. Here’s the order I use my sunscreens.

  1. I start with this Josie Maran moisturizer which has an SPF 47.
  2. After that has soaked in I use my Colorscience Primer
  3. I could almost stop there but I need a little coverage for spots and broken capillaries, so I use this Elta MD SPF 41 which is lightly tinted and acts as my tinted foundation.
  4. The final touch is a light dusting with this Sunforgettable.

In spite of all this, I still have small growths and spots burned off every 6 months so you’ll usually find me also wearing a hat!

This primer was a great discovery and I’m thrilled with how it smooths the appearance of my skin. I’ve tried other primers but was never as pleased with the results.

Do you wear a primer?

I know you wear sunscreen, right??

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. I need to get a better sunscreen system happening for my face. Something to use on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing your recommendations and your regime. I’m curious which of the 4 products you mentioned would be your favorite for me to try. Which would be your favorite if someone didn’t want so many layers. The moisturizer? The powder? Or?? Thanks!

    1. The moisturizer is heavy, but I have dry skin so it’s fine. I think the Elta MD might be a good start. Either the tinted or untinted. I love this primer but a 20 SPF isn’t strong enough on its own and the powder might not give enough coverage by itself. Habit is a wonderful thing for sunscreen so I hope you find something you will stick with. Keep me posted.

  2. I use the Elta MD sunscreen ( the no colour version) I was very impressed by the great article you wrote last year about sunscreen endocrine disrupters vs physical blockers. I don’t mind the no colour version as I am very pale anyway if I need a bit of colour I mix some liquid foundation. I had Melanoma and although sunscreen is a given it won’t prevent it 100%. A thorough skin check once a year or noting any changes in a mole or a new and unusual growth will almost always guarantee a cure. Most small suspicious moles can be removed with punch biopsy and will be left at that if the margins are clean.. Mine wasn’t so I had a wide excision on my upper thigh and now have a six inch scar. I use the sunscreen but monitor my skin very carefully.

    1. I am very diligent about my skin checks too and hound my husband to get his checked regularly. My dermatologist tells me most spots are from damage that happened in my youth. We can never be too cautious about spots that look off to us.

  3. Does this come in just one color? I’m with you, I have tons of sunscreens, but some are my favorites! I’d like to give this a try.

    1. They make a few different primers, this one is for brightening. The yellow rubs right in and turns clear on me. The powder does come in different colors, I wear the palest one.

  4. Yes I have listened to you on this topic for a few years and am now fastidious. My face is never neglected. I have accidents with other parts of my body though as we get caught out in the UK by unexpected heat leading to delayering.

    1. I have accidents too occasionally..just recently with the tops of my feet, of all places!

  5. Re: the Sunforgettable powder, just be careful not to knock the screwcap on the bottom against anything hard. Mine dropped onto the bathroom counter & broke into 3 pieces. It’s taped together, but not sturdy enough to travel in my purse anymore. Other than that, it’s my go-to powder.

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