Popular Trends I Won’t Be Wearing This Fall

I’ve often said that a touch of trend helps to keep us looking modern but wearing too many in one outfit looks like we’re trying too hard. The trends this fall are varied, so we have lots of options to choose from. I’ve learned never to say never about fashion because the longer I see a look, the more accustomed I become to it, and I’ve been known to change my mind. That said, here are a few popular trends I won’t be wearing this fall.

Vintage Inspired or Retro sneakers


I know they’re super popular and look chic on so many people, but they’re just not working for me. I ordered several pairs, and no matter how subtle the color combination, they felt clunky and too rugged for my style. To be perfectly honest, it feels like I’m trying too hard in these, so I plan to sit this trend out.

If I did wear them…see, I never rule things out totally; I would match the stripe or accent color to something in my outfit. That matching would appease my need for a touch of elegance in an outfit.

Wooden Clogs

Clogs have been on trend for a few seasons now, so I’ve been trying to work them into my look. I love the boost they give my height, but I haven’t found one that doesn’t make me fear for my ankles.


The Dansko clogs with a closed back seem to be an exception because your foot rocks in them which is actually comfy for my bunion. But are they really a trend? I wore this Dansko classic clog in various colors over 30 years ago when I stood on my feet working retail all day. They were life savers for my poor feet. This is an example of an old classic coming full circle and reemerging as a current trend.

If I did wear them, I would consider this style which has a closed back. I would wear them with bootcut jean that covers the shoe and elongates the look of my leg. Hmm..this brown leopard is pretty intriguing.

Pullover Sweater Vests

I love the look of an open sweater vest, but the trend for pullover “grandpa” style vests is less than flattering on my silhouette.


I’m an inverted triangle, meaning my torso is wider and larger than my bottom half. A sweater vest like the one above adds bulk where I don’t need it. I could try styling them with flares or wide-leg pants, but it just feels too chunky for me.

If I did wear a pullover sweater vest, I’d wear a darker color that recedes with a lighter bottom that visually advances. I’d also choose a thin knit with drapey qualities and a very low V-neckline. I do like the button one below but would prefer ones without buttons and in a 3/4 length like this one, which isn’t in the same category, so it’s not on trend.


Slouchy Hobo Bags

Hobo bags are back in a big way this fall, and they’re softer and slouchier than ever. They’re great for a boho aesthetic, but I have enough trouble finding things in my handbag without compartments as it is.


I’ve always preferred a somewhat structured bag, so I will be sitting the hobo bag trend out. I’m actually not fond of the term for these bags. I remember all too well dressing up as a “hobo” for Halloween and using a burned cork to smudge my face.

This and many other hobo bags do have interior compartments, and more structure than the term implies.

Do You Need Trends?

With all this said, please know that you don’t have to add trends to your wardrobe to look stylish. In fact, some of the chicest people I see, don’t wear trends. They stay true to their style recipe with small tweaks that helps to keep their look from getting stale. How you style your clothes is often more important than what you wear, so keep your eyes open for new ideas.

Thanks for reading, and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.




  1. PS:

    I still have 5 pairs of Dansko shoes in my closet: 4 different sandals (the oldest 20 years and still going strong) and 1 pair of Mary Janes in black that I wear when visiting cold climates. They sure hold up well.

  2. Jennifer:

    I missed your post about the queen yesterday and I express my most sincere of condolences. I shed a few tears as well even though I’m a born and raised US citizen. She was one of a kind and sadly, my belief is she is the last of the true Royals. I was always fascinated with her style, the Corgies and her tenacity to remain true to the Royal bloodline with morals and principles.

    Don’t know if anyone mentioned in comments that replacements.com has many unusual finds and a great place to replace lost or broken china, dishware, glassware, crystal, flatware, serving and sterling pieces. Ebay is also another great resource. I replaced the broken top of my Lalique perfume bottle through an Ebay listing and a few broken items of my dishware set through Replacements.

    I’m not fond of trends, especially those which reflect back on the 70’s forward.

    Dansko shoes were my favorite comfort wear when having the need to walk around cities and the hybrids served me well in lieu of pumps. The support provided as well as longevity justified the prices. My best friend still wears the Dansko closed heel clogs as she is a nurse on her feet all day (12-14 hours per shift). Wasn’t Dansko designed as a comfort option for nurses? For the life of me, cannot remember the backstory.

    Your vacation looked fun but so sorry about the weather not holding out.

  3. Interesting and fun to see how people feel about vests !! I for one love sweater vests, but prefer the button up ones, if they are a more cropped version, since I’m 5’1″. I’m so tired of just being able to find fleece and quilted nylon & down ones…which I have in every colour. Sweater vests are versatile and give you that little bit of extra warmth, and layer easily and create that “3rd piece ” to an outfit. I have a black one similar to the one you are wearing, which I bought last winter, and like to wear it , like a previous comment, to create a colunm effect w/ black pants….good when you are petite. I will occasionally wear a shirt tail hanging out, but it is a tricky style to get in the right proportion. I would never wear it with a strong contrast…again , because it cuts a petite figure in half . Wish maufactureurs would make ‘sneaker’ type shoes that don’t look like ‘runners’ or athletic shoes. Love the silver woven slip on ones you wear, but would like a little bit of a wedge. I have a couple of more structured purses for dress up but prefer a soft bag for casual wear , but not hobo….. can’t believe I’ve written so much !!

  4. Retro look in 2022 – not my style. I’m classic, traditional and … boring. 🙁 I have a very nice Coach “hobo” bag with sections; however, everything still gets jumbled. Sigh. Vests – what’s the point? My arms end up cold. As for the clogs – the heel portion of the “shoe” is far too large and won’t stay on my feet. What is a girl to do? I do have a great pair of Van Eli lug-soled loafers (Marmi) that a soft and great for walking all day. Also, Chico’s has a fabulous faux suede pant that I can’t wait to wear when it cools down.

    Thank you, Jennifer, for the great post.

  5. I just discovered Alex Mills, and I am impressed with the quality. I got a denim chore jacket, so I think I’ll check out that vest to wear with it.

  6. Showing my age, I’m sure, but those shaker knit vests with shirt hanging out at the bottom are too unkempt for my style. I tried that black vest on and it just adds weight. I do love a good down vest in the shoulder seasons though…they’re perfect in the Midwest.

    Danskos are so cute, but I can’t wear them because of my high arches. I have tried twice in my lifetime and gotten the blisters to prove it. Sad but true.

  7. Yes, not fond of the grandpa look, although I’ve seen some pretty vests (Boden) and like the V-neck with buttons you showed. I walk a lot so appreciate lug soles and trainers / walking shoes, but ‘retro’ and ‘combat’ are styles I avoid. I like hobo bags and clogs … on other women. I’m moving into boot season now and am more likely to carry a tote than a bag. What I’d really like is a chic leather ‘backpack.’ Sing out if you see one, will you?

    1. I bought a lovely leather backpack at Cole Haan and the opening is against my back– more secure, and the outside is sleek

  8. I won’t be trying any of these trends. Hobo bags are too large for me and I really don’t get the point of vests. I remember wearing those tennis shoes and clogs back in the day. At my age I think I’ll stick with my classic style with maybe a few trendy pieces of jewelry. But it’s always good to know the trends.

  9. I agree that I won’t be trying most of these trends. I clearly remember falling off my clogs on the sidewalk of Main Street in the late 70s! I did purchase the black cable knit sweater vest from Talbots. I sized down so it’s less boxy but still skims my apple midriff. I’ll wear it with black jeans for an unbroken line on my petite frame. I will tuck in my button-up blouse under the vest. I might include my red flats to keep attention up with a lighter blouse and down with the red shoes (and away from my thick middle!)

    1. That’s a great idea. Do you have a red blouse to wear under the vest? That would really draw the eye up and be so cute.

  10. I don’t think pullover sweater vests work for inverted triangles or triangles. On triangles, they widen our torsos and hide our narrower waists. Who needs to look like a block? This look did work when I was a teenager.

    Yes to clogs, but only around the house. Mine are Sanitas with an ankle strap and flexible composite sole.

    I love hobo bags, but I don’t need any new ones. I must use pouches to keep things organized. Mine are pencil cases from the back-to-school sales.

    Likewise, I don’t need new sneakers at the moment.

  11. So relieved that I am not the only one. Thank you, thank you for confirming just what I have been thinking about these options for fall. I used to love pullover v neck vests when I was younger and wore them as part of my work uniform as a teacher, but now no way. I am very fussy about my purses and hobos do not work for me either. Never wore clogs. The summer and fall trends of 2022 have been a look back to fashion of years ago. I am not interested in looking back. I don’t think my daughters or my teen granddaughters are embracing the current styles either.

  12. I loved my Dansko clogs during my 30+ years as a nurse. I may have to order those cute leopard ones. I never had problems with my ankles.
    I’ve ordered a sweater vest from Talbots and am awaiting its arrival- I’ll try it on and see if it works for me. Definite no on the retro sneakers although I’ve been wearing the same style Tretorns for 50 yrs so I guess that’s retro?

  13. Please help me! I don’t understand the sneakers—haven’t we been wearing sneakers of all kinds and colors and designs with our jeans forever?? Am I so out if it that I can’t recognize the difference? Exactly how are these something that has been gone and now are in again?

    1. They look like bowling shoes!
      I’ll never understand the fascination with the latest sneaker style! At the gym recently, someone told me they loved my sneakers, were they new, where did I buy them?Answer: bought at Runners’’ Roost, six years ago!
      I guess they’re vintage!

    2. I had the same thought!
      Is it the narrower shape and striped detail?
      I still prefer a boxy toe look for sporty (not exercising, just general wear): perhaps the “retro” goes better with a dressier look?

  14. Thanks for this timely post. You have explained perfectly what I have been thinking of these particular trends. Glad to know that I am not alone. Having said that, will you write a post on some of the trends that are both flattering and practical . Hopefully, there is at least one trend that I can use to feel current.
    Your posts are a welcome read each day.

  15. The trend i won’t go near is a white blouse hanging below a sweater or vest. Why waste a white blouse? (Smart to be careful with your ankles!)

  16. I may need to pass on sweater vests and all clogs. But, I did just purchase an olive colored bag that might be a bit hobo. It’s loaded with extra storage sections including an exterior zippered pocket. I hesitate to buy the structured purses because so many appear matronly to me. I also feel that since I find myself wearing more casual styles these days, a softer bag fits my current style. I also love a simple clutch.

    1. I agree. I can’t wear a structured handbag as it is too fussy for me. I much prefer the hands-free aspect of a shoulder bag. The structured handbag looks too much like something the Queen would carry (may she rest in peace). However, since I am working from home and not commuting each day, my large hobos now seem impossibly big. I just don’t carry that much stuff! Good to hear they are back in style so now perhaps I can sell them on Poshmark? I have never tried that, but it might be worth it.

  17. I’m with you on these trends, I’m out. I did ordered a pair of the lug soled loafers but after looking at them in person didn’t even try them on. Soles were much thicker than they looked on line. For me at 73, they were a accident waiting to happen. Some trends are better left to the young and thin 😊.

    1. I like lug-soled shoes, if they are good they are cushioned and my feet need cushioning. The problem is that most of them are really stiff and your foot ends up rubbing against the upper because the sole doesn’t flex. One luxury of old age that I will not forgo is not buying shoes that hurt my feet or need to be broken in. It’s like buying green bananas.
      I won’t order them b/c before I even try them on I want to see that I can bend the sole.

      Oddly I like Dansko clogs, which have a wooden sole. Their uppers are nicely designed, usually with strategic elastic and the footbed has shape so your foot slides into it.

  18. Excellent post. When something is a trend, I use it as an opportunity to buy things that I always like but that aren’t always available. This year I will look at vests. Of course, I will be wearing them in non trend years.

  19. Other than clogs, I have it all: retro colorblock sneakers, hobo bag, sweater vest. I immediately liked the sneakers when I saw them, not caring about whether they were trendy or not, and the hobo bags I’ve had for years. It’s one of my favorite purse styles, but of course it’s hard to find anything in them so they aren’t the most practical. As for the sweater vest, I bought it a year ago in a typical orange rust fall color, and that was a deliberate move to update my wardrobe.

  20. I agree with you on all points! I also have an inverted triangle shape and do not need extra bulk on top. I wore those sneakers and clogs back in the 1970s and find that they no longer appeal. Hobo bags have always been a no-no for me; my slightly OCD personality requires that I keep my handbags very organized. As always, love your posts!

  21. Oh I so agree. The shoes and vest are just too heavy for my taste and style. I have used a hobo type bag in the past, but as you mentioned, things tend to get lost in there. A softer look structured bag is my go to, and I admit, in many colours. It does not look like the lug sole chunky style is going anywhere and I guess I will be avoiding that trend for sure. I have a pair of zip up Merrils that are as close to ‘running shoes’ as I will be getting, sleek, not white soles, and in a soft neutral.

  22. I agree with you on the vest and the hobo bags. I am on the fence about retro sneakers. I agree they are clunky but when I wear them my kids tell me how cool they are, so I think I’m hooked on the flattery!

    I didn’t realize you were a Canadian living in the US: Same here! No wonder I share your sensibilities. It also doesn’t hurt that we are the same age. Anyway, keep it up, we love you.

    1. That’s why I reserved the right to change my mind :)! I may keep trying bevayse I know my feet will love them.
      Kindred spirits!

  23. I agree with you on the clogs, sweater vests and sneakers. I hurt my ankle years ago wearing a cute pair of suede clogs. You don’t forget the pain. I like my hobo bags because the purse fits nicely on my shoulder.

  24. I agree with you and find those things too young and not classic. I try to add items that will work from year to year and build upon my wardrobe. Appreciate your advice, insight and outfit ideas.

  25. 3/4 of these trends are not for me but I love hobo bags. The other trend I’m avoiding is “lug sole” footwear. They looks so heavy and clunky. I just don’t see the appeal.

  26. I so enjoy your insights Jennifer and I also will not be purchasing the trends above. However, the faux suede trend is appealing to me. I have my golf banquet in a few week, and even though I can pull together a dressy outfit from my existing wardrobe, I am contemplating adding a faux suede top to wear with wide leg pants. I rather like the idea of adding a few items to look current.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed your cruise and particularly old Quebec City.

      1. Thank goodness, I now know why I never wear vests. I am a triangle too. I love vests on everyone else but me and couldn’t figure out why. One other trend I am having trouble with is flat mules…I love the look but realize I’d lose them and end up on my bum!

      2. Lol. I can only wear mules that come up higher on the foot. I hate having to grip my toes to keep shoes on.

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