Restyling a Mannequin – Lemon Chiffon

Happy Wednesday, ladies. Several readers asked why there wasn’t an example of a winter palette in yesterday’s post, and the reason is I had a total brain fade and forgot to add her so here she is! Please know that this is just one type of winter because Colleen’s palettes are all customized for the individual woman. If you are a winter, these colors aren’t necessarily your best.

And now for a color challenge. You know that I try on plenty of clothes that are not my style or best color. I do it for you.  If I only showed my best shapes and colors, most of you would be bored and uninspired. When you see me wearing a terribly unflattering color or shape, please know that I’m not saying it’s for me. I am showing you options.

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In my hunt for color, I stumbled upon this mannequin earlier this week.


She’s colorful but not overly bright so I decided to turn the volume way up:) And here’s Jennifer in a color that makes her look ill, even wearing it 3 feet from her face:)


This is one of my favorite style jeans from Talbots and they’re certainly cheery. They look great with the scarf but overpower the jacket, and me. This yellow would look fabulous on many women…I’m just not one of them.

I needed a palate cleanse after that yellow so I tried on one of their latest dip-dyed sweaters. Dip-dye is a fun alternative to tie-dye.


Can you wear this yellow? How about dip-dye?

I hope to get back for a dressing room diaries later this week.


Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



  1. Susan Gowan says:

    I would not wear the lemon chiffon jeans. Not my shade?atall but as I said I fond squash yellow more apoealing to me. I love the dip dye sweater and would definitely wear it. Good for you for showing us styles and colours when they are not your preference!

  2. I would certainly wear the twill jacket and the jeans, probably not the gingham scarf. Yellow isn’t one of my flattering colors and I wouldn’t choose the lemon pants even though they’re not close to my face. I’m not a big fan of ombre or ‘dip dye’ but might purchase a less expensive piece like a T-shirt – it does look great on you though

  3. I like the twill jacket. I wear lots of Talbots clothes and have several of their twill jackets from past years. I am with you on the yellow jeans. I have blond hair and yellow makes me look ill. I love the dip dye sweater. May have to buy that for myself!
    I enjoy your dressing room diaries. Hope to see one soon.

  4. I like the twill jacket. I wear lots of Talbots clothes and have several of their twill jackets from past years. I am with you on the yellow jeans. I have blond hair and yellow makes me look ill. I love the dip dye sweater. May have to buy that for myself!
    I enjoy your dressing room diaries. Hope to see one soon.

    1. I am working on one for Friday:)

  5. Love the yellow pants…very cheerful as long as it’s not near my face. The manikin is great and I like the scarf. The dip sweater is nicer and really looks good on you. Nicer…Then tie-dye.
    The winter palette is not for me.
    Thanks for the post.

  6. Yellow makes me turn yellow. I can pull off a very light yellow, maybe.
    Love the green jacket. Have one very much like it. It is one of my favorite. It is very versatile while looking sharp.
    Love the dip dyed sweater looks very nice on you. Makes your eyes shine.

  7. I’ve felt confident wearing similar field jacket, khaki with silver snaps on collar [Tribal brand, old]. My favorite scarf with this jacket is long, textural, cottony, muted-plaid, in red-oranges/sage. Wide bangle in leathery copper-colored metallic. Bold hoops to mimic jacket snaps — sometimes jewelry combining wood and silver [from Soft Surroundings, purchased on sale 2020]. Metallic bag, from Lo & Sons purchased through Jennifer’s site [LOVE this bag; great for travel with many pockets]. Field-jacket look is completed with substantial everyday sandal in pewter color, such as Mephisto, which conforms to your foot and is so comfy you’ll crave them and receive many compliments on their modern style.

    1. I love your styling ideas! Just great

  8. Jennifer! I ordered the field jacket in Blossom Pink last night! I was glad to see it came in Plus sizes. Ten years ago or so I had a similar field jacket from Talbots in a khaki or stone color that I just loved. Unfortunately, I “outgrew” it hahaha. Am looking forward to wearing the new jacket this spring, summer and fall.

    1. The pink is gorgeous! I know you’ll love it

  9. Love everything that’s on the mannequin! I have a similar jacket that I wear all the time in spring.I think the winter palette is for me. At least those are the colors I gravitate to.

  10. I fell in love with the scarf at first glance. I love those colors. I even like it with olive jacket. The closest I get to colored pants is probably my burgundy or deep brownish gold. I like tie dye, color block, color dipped but usually indulge in very little. I’m a stripe, windowpane, check and plaid in winter. That’s my walk on the wild side.🙂

  11. Thank you for the winter palette… and as you said, there are many variations. I have absolutely no pink in my skin and green-blue eyes and virtually nothing in the pallet shown would work for me. But I love seeing the variations. And I really love the color analyst’s comments that style and color depend also on personality and essence. AND I love the dialog among your readers.

    1. Me too. My readers are the best!

  12. Love, love, LOVE the outfit on the mannequin! In fact, that is my spring and fall “uniform.” I own three field jackets–sage, rust and camel–and wear them all the time with jeans, a t-shirt and a scarf. Although I tend to choose a scarf that ties in with other colors in my outfit, on my last trip to France I saw many French women wearing scarves that complemented, but didn’t necessarily match, the other pieces they were wearing. I like the cheerful colors of the scarf with this outfit, and since the soft tones in the scarf echo those in the jacket, I think it works. I wouldn’t wear the bright yellow jeans with this jacket, though. Unlike the soft yellow in the scarf, this yellow is too saturated for the muted color of the jacket. Besides, that shade of yellow looks terrible on me too!

  13. Pink Azalea says:

    On the mannequin I like the jacket and scarf with the jeans. I wouldn’t wear a big scarf like that because it would bug me. I prefer either a v-neck top or a shirt (pink?) with a couple of buttons unbuttoned to lengthen the neck/throat. I do like the colors together. As for the yellow jeans, they are too bright and too saturated a color for me to wear. The dip-dye sweater is nice, but would probably choose a solid instead. I can see that the dip-dye could be styled different ways though.

  14. I would wear every item in this post except the dip dye top. Just not a look I like but to each her own. I have found jackets like the one shown to be as versatle as a jean jacket. I can not wear yellow close to my face but I think I could pull these off on the bottom half of my body with a white, black or navy top. Will be keeping an eye on future sale for these $95 pants since I would not wear as often as nutral color pants.

    1. I am a winter and I do wear a bit of yellow, especially in the summer months. I actually like how you styled the yellow pants and think the outfit looks nice on you. The green jacket is good looking neutral. The grey days of winter make us crave some color.

  15. I thought, after reading many articles and following a couple of blogger analyses/journeys, that I had the seasonal color thing down. Apparently not, because I don’t see Winter in the beautiful woman you featured. Her skin tone is warm, her eyes are warm, and they even put her in peach lipstick. Her palette of colors is 2/3 warm tones. To me, she looks like a Blue (deep) Autumn, and I agree the colors chosen, especially the darker tones, would look fabulous on her.

  16. I, too, wondered what the dip dye actually looked like. It looks much better on you than online, but I still am not a fan. Like tye dye, it seems more a kid’s choice than an adult’s. I like the model, although I think the scarf’s color is a distraction rather than a complement to the rest of the outfit. It’s dreary in NE but I still would not wear the yellow pants unless I was walking in the road in a mist – LOL. I love yellow, but this color is too intense for me. Talbots pushes this jacket style out every year, but this one seems nicer than last year’s. Thanks for showing these!

  17. The dip dye sweater is adorable on you!

  18. I have a green jacket like this . I wear it with jeans or black pants and a black or white shirt, black booties. I don’t like it with this particular scarf, too busy maybe, kind of too much around the neck going on.. I am not a fan of bright colorful pants, not very slimming, draws attention to legs and hips. I love the jacket though. I have one in kaki as well.

  19. I have a Talbots jacket in that green sage color. This is a color that I rarely wear because I don’t think it flatters me, but when I paired it with a soft red top (Talbots calls it patio red, I think), it looked surprisingly nice together. (I don’t care for the pink or yellow with the sage.) I’ve also worn this jacket with a flowered top – black background with a little sage green in the print – and it looked interesting that way too. Thanks for showing this jacket! I am inspired to try some new combinations with it.

    1. I love the jacket and have one that is very similar. I love it with denim and black jeans and have worn a denim shirt under it. I don’t wear yellow very often, but I actually like the jacket with the scarf as an unexpected look for spring. The bright yellow jeans are too much for me, but I think you look great in the outfit as well as the dip dye sweater!

  20. I like the idea of the yellow jeans with a white or navy top but it’s definitley not a color I would wear. I don’t think I have any yellow clothing in my closet! Cream yes, but no yellow or orange. I agree with MP3, even the bit of yellow in the scarf is too much for me. I like the field jacket, I have something very similar from Talbots that I purchased a couple of years ago and it looks great with black or blue jeans. I tend to wear solid color sweaters so I would pass on the dip dye sweater.

    1. I agree, they’d be fun with Navy.

  21. I LOVE YELLOW! I don’t think it’s really my color- or at least I have to be careful with the shade/tone- but those jeans are yummy! And so cute with that scarf and jacket. We’re in the middle of winter storms up here in Bellingham, WA…I’m so ready for spring!

    1. Stay warm! We love Bellingham

  22. I love the color yellow but it does not look good on me. Sometimes I can wear it, if its not too close to my face. But this bright yellow would have to be in a separate room! I love the jacket & scarf though. I would wear those now with a pair of winter white cords and some booties.

    1. I love that idea! Winter white is so flattering.

  23. Cynthia B says:

    That scarf is so yummy…I wish I could wear it! I sort of surprised that I actually like it with the green jacket. Not something I would have thought of. But that dip dyed sweater, though….those colors just make me happy!

  24. The dip dye sweater is very nice. That sweater + dark blue jeans + black pointy shoes/booties + the green field jacket would work. Yellow is not a color for me even the small bit in the scarf is too much yellow. I think the beige shoes throw both outfits off and black would look better. Happy Wednesday!

  25. Hmmm. At least in the photo the yellow pants look great on you! Your whole outfit (scarf, jacket, t-shirt, jeans) is miles better than the mannequin. The jacket on the mannequin skews boring and the scarf makes no sense. But with the yellow jeans, everything really pops!

  26. Thank you for posting an example of a winter color palette. For years, white was my favorite base color but has been slowly edged out by a softer cream color. Also, this model displayed simply gorgeous makeup application. Just enough to enhance but not overpower. I find myself taking a hard look at my makeup choices.
    It may not be my best colors but I would wear the field jacket and scarf! The style is definitely one that I gravitate towards. The dip dye top looks so much like a bright spring option.

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t post it yesterday for you. It makes sense that softer white would be more flattering because the white of our eyes and teeth fade as we age.

  27. I love how you tied the scarf. Could you please show how you did it? Thank you!

    1. Love the green safari jacket. Looking for a knit one that’s comfortable to wear. I like olive with black and of course denim. Enjoyed the dip dyed sweater.

      1. I love this type of green with black too

    2. I looped it twice around my neck then wove each end through the front cross like a pretzel.

  28. Lezlie Davis says:

    I’m stunned that I really like the way you styled the scarf, top and jacket. Looking at the mannequin, I thought there was no way to make that work. But I really like it. I also have wondered what the dip dye would look like in person. I really like it! Thanks!

  29. Love the gingham scarf. That would defiantly go home with me.
    The sage jacket is too muted for the clear yellow pants and they feel discordant together to me. But they are both cool colors which could work better if they were not totally different intensities.
    The yellow is too cool for me but I think they are a dash of pure fun. I’d love to see them with a bright white shirt and interesting belt. Maybe a bright periwinkle color.

    1. They would be wonderful with periwinkle!

  30. Paulette Levy says:

    Yellows (my opinion) are a tough color to pull off especially if it were close to the face. Actually I like the outfit with yellow pant.. it’s very bright, but bright is good around here —Northeast US -right now. We’ve had some gloomy weather lately.
    And I like the coral scarf with muted olive green jacket quite a bit too! They seem to complement each other. I’d wear it!

    1. I am a winter and I do wear a bit of yellow, especially in the summer months. I actually like how you styled the yellow pants and think the outfit looks nice on you. The green jacket is good looking neutral. The grey days of winter make us crave some color.

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