Why It’s Smart To Pack Black for Travel

Tuesday, I packed my bags and headed back to Texas to meet with a brand. After my under-packing fiasco for the convention in Dallas, I’ve made up for it this time and definitely likely over-packed. The biggest difference is the inclusion of more black in my suitcase.

black Eileen Fisher for travel
skirt | tank | jacket/similar | shoes | fishnet tights  | scarf

I travel using carry on luggage only, which limits the size and number of garments I can bring. That means items need to multitask and there’s no color that does it as effortlessly as black.

black flats for travel
fishnets | shoes

I like to travel wearing comfy flats that allow for the inevitable feet swelling I always get on flights. I change into something dressier when we land if the swelling is minimal. If not, these suede flats look presentable and aren’t a sneaker.

Accessories are the great game changer for an outfit based on a column of color in classic shapes. I brought a silk scarf, a straw evening clutch, a crossbody bag for day and a waist pack for the travel day.

French Kande white turquoise necklace

I also tossed a cashmere wrap into my bag because you never know if the plane will be frigid or stifling and I’d rather be prepared than gamble they have a cardboard-like blanket I can borrow.

the hazards if travel on fishnets

Of course, no travel is without incident and you need to roll with punches. The lady next to me had the largest carry on I’d ever seen which had zippers sticking out everywhere. Luckily, I had an extra pair of fishnets in my bag so could switch them out.

Do you pack black items to stretch your travel wardrobe?

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!



  1. Bonne Hall says:

    Ha, years ago when I headed to France to visit my daughter in school there for a year, I asked her what I should bring to wear. All she said was BLACK, including shoes! Just wish she had mentioned scarves too. Everyone was wearing one! Same when she lived in NYC after graduating.

  2. Black Is my base my travel. Coloured tops and jewellery for colour pieces

    Love your little waist purse. Years ago I had something g similar and was wishing I still had it while on a recent trip. I use a reasonably small, crossbody purse that doesn’t weigh much but still left my shoulders aching after hours on the go after two and a half weeks.

    1. I love this little waist pack! I’ve had it for years and it’s the only way I can breeze through travel with only carry on bags.

  3. Black is a winner for all the reasons everyone has stated. I just need that jolt of colour with it to feel good, otherwise it feels too drab for me.

    1. I love how accessories can add that pop of color too!

  4. I love my black…it feels like me. I will always wear it whether traveling or working in my city. It sends the messages I want to send.

  5. It depends where I travel. When it is a tropical location, I don’t take much black.
    Love color!!

    1. I still take it but mix it heavily with a pop of color.

  6. YOU carried BOTH those bags onto the AIRPLANE?YIKES, I don’t think I could lift those anymore!
    As you know black is NOT a BASIC for me…………..CASHMERE wrap from CATHERINE ROBINSON IS!
    YOU sure have been on THE GO!!!!!!!!
    HAPPY FOR YOU………………FUN meeting NEW people!
    You are not missing anything back home as the weather has been so FICKLE!
    I must pack for LONDON soon…………..but I will be checking my bag!

    1. Both are carry on. I pack my purse inside the smaller carry on and call it my handbag:) Catherine’s cashmere is my wrap of choice! Xx

  7. I do not travel frequently other than our boating holidays…
    when I flew to Paris for 3 weeks I used a carry on and I relied heavily on black classic pieces and a few scarves for interest and a pop of colour.
    Ouch those fishnets took a beating…clever you for having a spare pair!

    1. Black is my travel friend. Scarves are magical aren’t they? You looked fab during that whole trip, Leslie.

  8. My sister and I just got back from France. Thanks to Delta, we missed the first two days of our Viking River Cruise. We started out looking tres chic and happy, determined not to dress like most travelers today. By the time we finally got there, we had been wearing the same clothes almost 3 days. We looked/felt like refugees! Even our black looked pretty bedraggled. The entire Viking crew went out of their way to make up for our travel woes. The trip through Bordeaux’s wine country was fabulous!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that, Roxanne! I never check a bag for that exact reason.

  9. HoustonTraveler says:

    I travel a fair amount for work and pleasure. It’s hard to beat the versatility of black! It matches so many easily with other items. It doesn’t dirty or show it. I wore an off-white jacket last week on the plane, it seem to attract dirt!
    I really like your scarf and accessories, they really brighten the look.

    1. White and pale colors are always a magnet for me too. I love that black can be reword many times and not be recognized.

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