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Retirement Already?

My Mr. is thinking about retiring…next week. Say what? Yup. We’ve tossed around ideas of what we’d do when he does. But not seriously. When he sprang this on me Sunday I thought… already? Then I decided we needed an adventure. So this morning we tossed stuff into bags, popped the dog (Lucy) in her car seat, jumped in our car and took off. No planning, no destination in mind, just blow town.

In the road to retirement

My children’s idea of adventure is very different than mine. My son loves to  climb mountains and carve ice caves to camp in. My daughter loves to explore exotic destinations and is willing to stay in youth hostels to do it for long holidays.

I may be ready for an adventure, but I’ll be sleeping in a regular bed with pillows and blankets, thank you very much.

Five minutes before we reached the highway he flipped a coin to decide if we should go north or south. It came up tails…we’re going south! So I got on the highway and headed north. Luckily I’ve packed for any climate.

Driving through Humboldt County

Our first adventure had us talking a CHP officer out of giving me a speeding ticket. I was racing through ground zero for the marijuana industry in northern California and not paying attention. Luckily everyone is innocent in Humboldt County unless they’re hauling a truckload of pot.

I've always wanted a house with a picket fence

Passing through “cute town” I stopped to snap pictures of places I’d like to live. I’ve always wanted to live in a house with a white picket fence. I imagine life to be so picturesque there. Maybe yes. Maybe no.

We’re heading for the coast because I want to bond with redwood trees and hear the crash of ocean waves.

Lucy is not impressed with our trip so far. Eight hours in her car seat is not her idea of fun. Our first motel isn’t mine either.

We plan to be on the road for 10 days. I’ll keep you posted 🙂



  1. It is so encouraging to hear about those who are enjoying retirement. I am leaving the teacher profession this year after 26years as a high school teacher and librarian. I am interested to see what clothes you pick for this adventure. Not being much of a road warrior, I always have been challenged to stay looking presentable while being cooped up in a moving apparatus. (planes, trains, automobiles) Since I will be moving at the end of the school year, I will be taking the infamous “road not taken”.

  2. Enjoy this mini adventure. Sounds like it’s the first stop of a larger one!

    1. I thnk it may be Jen :))

  3. Love the spontaniety! Relish your time together. Stop and smell the roses. We made that trip a few years ago. We flew into San Fran from Dallas Tx, rented a car and drove to Napa. Decided Napa had changed from the old slow paced lifestyle so we took off heading west through Santa Rosa, Bodega Bay, stayed in Sea Ranch (highly recommend) , went through redwood forests, stopped at every winery along the way and so much more. Was the best decision we ever made. Look forward to vicariously joining you on the trip!!

    1. We really are fortunate. This is the pretiest part of the world!!

  4. I love everything thing about this post. This sounds exactly how my husband and I work. Your little part about throwing “stuff” in had me laughing out loud because I do the same thing. But seriously these are the best kind of adventures! Enjoy my friend????

    1. Thanks Trina!! I wish I now wish I’d packed more sweaters :))

  5. Julie Russell says:

    So exciting and a big – potential – change. We just sold our house with white picket fence – I miss it! Let’s have lunch when you return. Maybe I can talk you into being our neighbor on Fidalgo Island! ???? I admire your spontaneity. Have fun!

    1. Yes!! Lunch when I get back. I love the part of the world you are moving to…:))

  6. What a great adventure! You said that you’ve packed for any climate. Would love for you to share your packing list.

    1. It is fun. Here’s what I packed:
      2 pair of jeans
      1 pair of black ponte knit pants
      2 cashmere sweaters
      1 down vest
      2 silk scarves
      3 sun hats
      2 cotton short sleeeve and 2 long T-shirts
      rain coat
      leopard flats
      2 pair Eileen Fisher comfy shoes
      1 cotton skirt
      2 cotton sweaters
      1 cotton sundress
      2 nice knit tops
      Remember we are driving…but it still all fits in a carry on bag. I do not own a larger suitcase.

      I think I will do a post on this Kris, so I can demonstrate. Thanks for asking!

    1. We are heading up your coast and loving it 🙂

  7. Oh, I love cute house! We started our family in a house like that…I would love to one day return to one. I love hardwood floors and cozy. Hope you guys enjoy this time.

  8. There’s a theme here – we did something similar after I retired from 35 years of teaching, there were very few falls that I hadn’t headed back to class (either in school or teaching it) so I knew it might be a hard transition for me. We started out from our home in Northern CA with a loosely defined plan of heading up the coast and on into Canada then east. We call it our ‘Roots Tour’ because we visited the birth towns/cities of our parents – his in Canada and mine in Nebraska and Colorado. We thought we might be gone for 6 weeks or more, but got tired of living on the road and like someone else said, “ran for home” after 3 weeks. Fun times, great memories – retirement is great – we do what we want to do whenever we want to do it.

    1. 3 weeks is a long toime Cyndi! We’ll see how long we last :)) Retirement is an interesting concept. Figuring out how it works for us is fun!

  9. Cheryl Nicholl says:

    How exciting. I’ll stay tuned for updates!

  10. That’s just the way we like to travel. No hotels booked, sometimes not even a final destination. Road trip!!! Have a fun, relaxing time.
    The freedom, of retirement is wonderful. Don’t be afraid to take that step.it’s just a new beginning.

    1. Thanks Joanna. It is sort of unnerving!!

  11. MY house had a white picket fence when we moved in!That was a SELLING FEATURE………
    Well, off you go…………..I suppose YOU can write from anywhere.A change of scenery does us all good.BUT LUCY MUST LIKE THE LOCATION AS WELL………best of LUCK on the HUNT!xx

    1. I’ve always loved white picket fences…it must have some Norman Rockwell connection for me:)) xx

  12. Your travel tale made me laugh and laugh this morning! It was great!! I read it to my husband as we enjoyed our leisurely second cup of coffee on the porch. That is what retired folks do. He has been retired7 years and I have been retired 1 1/2. We have great pensions that allowed us to go out at age 62. Although we had very satisfying careers teaching at the college level, we LOVE being retired. We are so happy and much healthier now. My hubby said when a man decides to retire as quickly as your husband decided, it is really time to do it. You won’t regret it!

    1. Thanks Roxanne..it’s time :)) I’m looking forward to the chill time!

  13. Atonia Walpole says:

    My husband and I took that trip some years ago. Flying into San Francisco, renting a car and heading north. We made it all the way to Crescent City. Crashing ocean, tall redwoods, many picnics along the way. Great memories.

    1. We just passed through Crescent City! It’s such a pretty part of the world. We are loving it!!

  14. That sounds like so much fun! Have a great time!

  15. This is my idea of retirement – spontaneous adventure, I love it! So exciting!

  16. Sunny Henderson says:

    My husband retired the same way. Unexpectedly. We had a month before he retired and we decided we too would take a road trip. We called it “The Trip of a Lifetime”. We wanted to go to all the places in the country we always wanted to visit. We left on Aug 7 and returned Oct 31st on Holloween. We live in So CA, Orange Co. We traveled across the south through Texas and LA to the Panhandle in Florida to Seaside. We stayed in a cottage there for a week. We stayed with friends in Atlanta for a week. Did all of N Carolina, Blowing Rock, etc. we then did all the cities in the South one has to see. Then headed north to the seashore in New Jersey. Then to the Hamtons via the N Fork at the tip in a cottage on the bay. Traveled by ferry to the S Fork each day to explore. Went on to Vermont for 5 days, then New Hamshire into Maine for 10 days. We came back across the north part of N Hamshire and Vermont then to Lake Placid. Stayed at the Lake Placid Inn then went to Niagra Falls and we began to realize we were one day ahead of the storm of the year, “Sandy”. We were going to do the “cheese” route in Wisconsin but decided to run for home. Like a horse when he turns back to the barn we were at a dead run. Forgot,we did several days in the Berkshires as well. It was quite a trip. We stayed in a combination of boutique hotels, cottages, lodges, B and B’s and in between we stayed at Hamton Inn’s. Washed clothes and caught up on election news. All that to say it was a wonderful time to be together and ease in to retirement life. You will have a great time! Enjoy.
    Sunny Henderson

    1. Your adventure sounds amazing Sunny! These sort of trips make memories that last a lifetime! I remember “Sandy”. You were smart to run.

  17. I love that area! Can’t wait to follow your adventure. Will you go into Oregon? Kimberly XO

    1. We are there now 🙂

  18. Oh how exiting! I am so curious about this trip. It is great that you and your Mr. decided to take such an impulsieve trip. I am looking forward to your posts! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Nancy!! We are having a blast.

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