Shopping for Comfort Shoes: Spotlight on Metallics

My post last week on the mule shoe trend for 2017 got many comments focusing on comfort. Like most of you, I won’t wear uncomfortable shoes. My feet don’t deserve it and the consequences are just not worth it. This got me thinking and shopping in the comfort shoe department.

Eileen Fisher Fame Ankle Strap
Eileen Fisher “Fame” ankle strap

When I put the term “comfort shoes” into a search bar, the options that come up are frequently unattractive, bulky things I don’t want to wear. (think Gnome shoes) Comfort is critical and stylish comfort is my goal.

My search produced some great options. I focused on metallic styles because it’s a great choice for spring/summer and coordinates well with most colors.

“Wrapped shoes” are on trend for spring 2017. Honestly, they’ve been around for a long time but they are more popular than ever this spring. Here are some great wrapped shoes I found in the comfort category.


Kitten heels are back on trend for spring 2017 and not a moment too soon. I can’t wear high heels but like a feminine heel with dresses or skirts. Kitten heels are a delicate option for dressy occasions. Here are some kitten heel comfort shoes in versatile metallics.

Booties are on trend and flat shoes are perennial favorites for spring. I found some terrific ones in metallic that are stylish and comfortable. Many come in wide widths and have arch support and/or cushioned soles.

I’m looking to update a few metallic shoes in my footwear wardrobe this year. Many of mine are very old and some are looking too “tired”. I’m thrilled to find so many with the “comfort shoe” designation. Comfortable feet are happy feet.

Do you like metallic shoes? Do you have many in your wardrobe?

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  1. Oh man, I always spend money when you do a shoe review!! But I am always glad I did! Remember the Pincolinos’ sandals from last year? Met comfortable CUTE sandal ever (although $$ in CDN) so worth it!
    Thanks for the shoe suggestions, LOVING!!!!!!!

    1. I’m so glad you like them Allison! Pikolinos are soooo comfy. I’m always hunting for stylish and comfy options.

  2. I’m thrilled to know that kitten heels are coming back! My one dressy pair is wearing out and I desperately need to replace them. I usually wear flats, but there are times when I want a bit of heel.

    I don’t own any metallic shoes at the moment… must add those to my wish list too!

    1. Kitten heels are a favorite of mine when I need a heel for a pretty skirt or dress. I’m glad they’re back too!

  3. Completely agree that comfort is essential, yet style matters too! I was excited to see that Munro has a new sandal called Jillie Slingback. I’m thinking it will be just right for my narrow width and high arches since I’ll be able to tie the laces snugly. AND they come in metallic pewter – score!

    1. Super score! I have a wide foot so I need to check those out too, Ann.

  4. I absolutely love metallic shoes and have several: Two (!) pairs of Nine West “jeweled” flats, in bronze and pewter. One shiny gold pair of Nine West flats – pointy toe, but very comfortable. Another pair of black suede and pewter striped Nine West flats – again, pointy toe, but very comfortable. One pair of silver Lands End ballet flats – love these! One pair of Chico’s silver sandals, with a bit of gold trim – two straps across my foot and a back strap. I’ve had them for a few years and aaaaadore them! Yes, I am DEFINITELY in the metallic shoe camp, all the way!

    1. I love pointy toed flats, Candy! They help our legs appear longer and for a short woman like me, it’s really helpful. Your’s sound terrific. BTW- I had no ide Chico’s sold shoes! I must look for them.

  5. I’m so glad you are showing fabulous but comfortable shoes. I think our footwear can make such a difference in our overall look. And with all of the advances in materials, etc…..they can be stylish & feel good!!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many great options. It didn’t used to be that way. The shoe manufacturers are finally catching on!

  6. Jennifer, I think you and I are about the same height (around 5’4″) but I find ankle straps of any sort to shorten my leg too much. Of course if they are worn under slacks then it won’t matter. Do you like this style and wear it often?

    1. I agree, ankle straps can shorten the look of your leg. I do wear them under pants but also with skirts. I’m careful that my skirts are not at a dowdy length with them. I’m fortunate to have narrow ankles and like to highlight them, which a ankle strap does. I sacrifice a little leg length to highlight a good feature of mine. At my age I like to highlight my better features and disguise my not so great ones. (Upper arms, tummy, knees..the lists goes on 🙂

  7. I saw a friend wearing these and they were so cute, I bought them for a Hawaiian vacation last fall. Really comfortable and great with skirts or capris, etc. I am looking forward to wearing them again this spring/summer.

  8. Gretchen Waas says:

    My one experience with metallic shoes was when I bought some gold metallic sandals and my son asked me if King Tut knew I had raided his tomb! Not for me!

    1. That’s hilarious, Gretchen! I admit I prefer subtle metallics. You must trust you sons fashion advice. I NEVER take my husbands advice on style and my son never comments 🙂

      1. I once brought home a silver and gold (both muted) purse, that I bought while shopping with my daughter. When we got home, my son in law made cracks about it. He thought it was his wife’s purchase. You should have saw his face when he realized he had insulted my taste. Lol Sadly, I could not carry it after that. The idea was in my head.
        I did but a pair of metallic runners last year. They are very comfortable and stylish. They look good with cuffed chinos. So happy yo hear they are still current.

      2. That’s funny, Joanna! This is why I hold on to things I love. They’re always in style for me.

  9. Amy Robertson-Smith says:

    I don’t see a link to the pair highlighted on your email. I love those, please let me know the brand and link.

    1. They are my favorite ones! That’s for reminding me. I added it to the post and here is the link. They’re Eileen Fisher which makes some of most comfortable shoes!

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