How I’m Strengthening My Immune System

Happy Wednesday ladies. It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless these days so I’m taking control of a few things that I can control.  My immune system. I don’t think of myself as having an overly healthy one so I asked on my Facebook page, what others were doing.

There is no magic pill or potion you can take to boost your immune system but there are some popular best practices that many of us are using.

*Please note- I am not a doctor so please check with your own physician before changing your supplements or trying anything new. This is what lots of other ladies are doing to help boost their immunity.

Healthy Lifestyle

This is the biggee and includes-

  1. get plenty of exercise
  2. eat more fruits and veggies which are full of antioxidants
  3. eat fermented food to boost your intestinal flora or see the probiotic I recommend below
  4. stay hydrated – clean water is the best
  5. eat healthy oils like olive oil which is anti-inflammatory
  6. manage your stress levels with yoga, aerobics, mindful techniques like meditation or a gratitude journal
  7. getting enough sleep
  8. supplements to fill in for where your healthy diet may be lacking

Tumeric Turmeric

I’ve been taking Turmeric for inflammation for many years. I even take it for headaches. It turns out that many of you are too. Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric which is a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Many of us are taking it to boost our immune system right now, and I say, it can’t hurt. In fact, I’ve started sprinkling Turmeric into our eggs because it really has no taste and just makes them yellower.

Vitamin C

I take 1,000 mg each morning and if I feel like I’m coming down with something, I’ll add an additional 1,000 mg a few times a day. Vitamin C which is a terrific antioxidant and bolsters our health.


Many people swear by zinc to lessen the severity and shorten their colds so it stands to reason that it could help bolster your immune system.

Oregano Oil

My husband has this in drop form but I find it too strong that way, so I take it in capsule form. Oregano Oil has been used medicinally for years and is reported to be antifungal,  antibacterial, antiseptic, and immune-boosting.

Probioticbottle of probiotic

A strong intestinal flora is well known to help strengthen your health and immune system. I take this one which says it “provides digestive and immune support to promote a healthy microbiome”. I’ve taken far more than my fair share of antibiotics over the years for chronic sinus infections so I find a daily probiotic very helpful.


Many of you swear by Elderberry and if the shelf at my local Whole Foods is any indication you are not alone. There are gummies, lozenges, syrup, capsules, tincture, you name it. You can also just eat the berries🙂


It’s said that the alliin in garlic can boost the number of virus-fighting T-cells in your bloodstream which can help fight infection. I use a ton of fresh garlic in my cooking and know that many people also rely on garlic supplements to get enough. Here’s the thing, if you eat enough garlic people will be more than happy to stay 6 feet from you, which is a good thing these days.

What are you doing to strengthen your immune system these days?

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Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.



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  1. Marcella Foster
    May 19, 2020 / 12:47 pm

    I don’t know if others mentioned this as I didn’t read all the posts, but Olive Leaf Extract is excellent for upper respiratory illnesses. I always take more than what is on the label (ex.: 2 in am, 1 at lunch, 2 at bedtime).

  2. Bab
    April 30, 2020 / 6:49 pm

    Always great to hear how other women are promoting their health. You can’t fulfill all of your nutritional needs from foods we consume daily. Certainly it is your choice to take supplements. I take several to help my body deal with an auto-immune disease.
    A note about pet peeves…….don’t sweat the small stuff. 😊

    • Jennifer
      April 30, 2020 / 10:29 pm

      Thanks for putting it so eloquently. 🙂

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