Softening Ebony and Ivory with Gray

Our weather is all over the map. Ten days ago we were in the high 70’s, yesterday we woke up to the mid 40’s. No wonder everyone is battling colds. Mine seemed to go dormant and is threatening to come back so I’m popping vitamins like crazy and adding extra layers for warmth. Today’s ebony and ivory look is a softer take on black and white.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing ivory v-neck sweater with gray accessories

I’d almost forgotten about this cozy sweater and was happy to pull it on. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Ivory sweater and gray cowl with French Kande earrings

I added a liquid metal bracelet, earrings, and brooch. Their soft gray blended so nothing took center stage.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing ebony and ivory with gray accents and Eileen Fisher booties
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These ivory and black Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing houndstooth pants from Ann Taylor and black booties

This bracelet has a similar pattern because of its ball mesh design. I love how lightweight and thin this is to wear.


Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing gray accessories with ebony and ivory clothes

I intentionally chose a gray rather than black handbag to keep the look soft.

Do you think about pattern mixing in your accessories?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  1. Barbara Lembo says:

    A question on the Purple Poppy website… I cannot seem to see other color choices in their products, only the one shown. Am I failing to do something? I am not comfortable buying another color without seeing it first.

  2. It never occurred to me to wear checked pants with gray for winter, but I loved it!

  3. Julie,Melbourne,Australia says:

    Love the outfit and the mixing of patterns.I want your pants ????????….. and I’m on the look out for some here.

  4. Love the soft, cozy look! The weather seems to be having wild mood swings everywhere. We woke up to -33C (-27F) on Monday morning. By the following morning it was +3C (37F) and raining!

    1. That’s quite a huge swing. Hard to know how to dress in that weather.

  5. Isn’t amazing how a scarf can warm you up? You look fabulous, and I would wear tis outfit in a heartbeat.

  6. I love Jane Airedale lip fixation! Which color are you wearing?

  7. This outfit is totally me from head to toe! Absolutely love it! I like clean, fresh, classic lines and this has it all.

  8. L H Carter says:

    Excellent outfit! Totally thought out in every detail. You look great!

  9. Our weather has also been crazy. In San Antonio, we are accustomed to warmer breezes this time of year and lately it has been more like Seattle…cloudy and rainy….drizzle. I love this outfit and would wear it in a moment. You look amazing.

  10. Applauds to you Jen, always gorgeous! Decades ago when I was a young mom, I showed up at church for a Bible Study class at about 9 am, and the harridan but sweet leader of the group challenged my grooming. “Why do you look so glamorous all the time, you’re wearing make-up this early in the morning? Do you enjoy your motherhood?”

    I replied, “I want to look good for my baby, and yes, I don’t consider my baby a burden.”

    My baby is all grown up and I look better than she because somewhere along the line, she succumbed to Communist ideology which culminated in tattoos all over her body, stringy hair and metal studs inhabiting her tongue, nose and chin. Just goes to show that vanity has its own rewards, Jennifer. Praise to you and your good works that include staying beautiful for God.

  11. You look lovely in these soft colors!

  12. You look great as always! I love the scarf especially, and remember looking at that when you first modeled it several weeks ago. Thinking about buying it in the blue. Checking out the circle tote, the info on the Anthropologie website does not indicate size but looks pretty roomy in the photo where it”s near you feet. Do you think it would be a good bag for travel? I assumeit’s not leather, but no info about materially on the website either. Thank for the ideas!

    1. It’s a great size for travel.They call it a tote. It’s funny. I thought it was leather but just looked in the website and it’s not:) It sure looks like leather.

  13. Love the sweater! You look very cozy and comfy! The bracelet is also really cool looking!

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