Splurge vs Affordable for Spring Handbags

I seldom love a new trend enough to buy something out of my usual style. But this spring I’m head over heels for the pale, neutral handbag. Most of my bags are already neutral, but they’re on the dark side…black, navy, leopard, tan.

These days I’m wanting a soft blush, dove gray, etherial blue or whispy beige handbag. I want an elegant, pretty colored, feminine handbag.
I never put my handbag on the floor, but these colors inevitably pick up grime and look dirty around the corners after a few months use…which will drive me crazy.

My answer is to look at very affordable options. I will spray it with a water repellent which makes it easier to clean, but it’ll never be as bulletproof as a black handbag.

Here’s a few I really like. Their soft color is feminine and would coordinate with everything in a spring/summer wardrobe. They would be a great accent piece to a pale outfit and a fabulous punctuation mark on a dark or all black outfit.


For many women, these gorgeous handbags are totally within their budgets. For others, they’re out of the question for either financial or ethical reasons. Here are more affordable and look similar options.


I don’t have an unlimited budget and my desire for this potentially short-lived trend is pointing me to the less expensive options. I can get a very similar look for less and then won’t feel bad when it gets the wear and tear marks that go hand in hand with the light colored handbag experience.

Another option is patent leather. I always love the fresh look of a patent leather handbag for spring and summer.


I adore the look of patent shoes as well but the leather is frequently stiffer and effects the comfort so they need to be vetted carefully for your feet.

How about you?

What looks are you liking in handbags this year?

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!xo-Jennifer


    1. Me too! They’re such a fun alternative

  1. Great post Jennifer and now I really want a light colored handbag or blush shade. I love the one with flowers from Norstrom and I totally agree, the patent leather are fun but I wouldn’t splurge on an expensive one either.

    Hope you’re doing well,

    1. The one with the flowers has really caught my eye too! Let’s try to get together soon! XO

  2. I agree. I buy a new white purse often, as they get dirty and even though I clean them regularly, they seem to stain. So, I started buying less expensive versions. Thank you for the options.

    1. For white and pale colors, I’d never spend too much. They’re a magnet for stains.

  3. For summer I like to use a straw or fabric bag that is not too expensive. Talbots often has bags like this on sale.

    1. I’m a big fan of straw and wicker bags in the warm weather too, Jill.

    1. Almost as flexible as using a black bag!

  4. I have a gorgeous DVF bag I bought at Nordstrom 2 – 3 yrs ago, love to pull it out for the warmer months. It’s beige and ivory, dark brown strap with some gold links and bright green DVF accent tag. I work hard to keep it clean and keeping it off the floor definitely helps. Because I like it so much I would not be inclined to buy another bag in the same color family, but a blush bag sounds fun in a lower price range. Thanks for the ideas Jennifer!

    1. That sounds really pretty, Deanne! Sometimes the original just can’t be duplicated

  5. Those are lovely bags, but might you have more suggestions for those of us who prefer a warmer color palette? As one with “autumn” coloring, I have trouble, particularly in spring, finding complementary colors for my complexion. Most blogs aimed at the over-50 set focus on a black/white/gray color scheme, none of which look good on me. I have yet to find a blogger who focuses on warm colors. I always enjoy your posts and try to interpret your suggestions into color combos I can wear, but I have trouble finding suitable neutrals, particularly online.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Barbara! Stay tuned, I will post some alternatives for warm toned complexions. Right off the bat I would suggest salmon or rich coral. Both are great spring/summer accent colors in the “pink” family. Warm taupe and beige are terrific neutrals. Rich chocolate brown gives black a run for its money everyday of the week!!

  6. I have a few totes for spring and summer but none are in pale colours…I would shy away from them as they do mark and that drives me crazy!
    I will look at the thrift stores for bags as there is such a large assortment in the charity shops here in town…many women tire of their handbags and being frugal I like to update my look with an inexpensive option whenever possible.

    1. You may not find pale colors in the resale shops because they take such a beating. That’s why affordable is the only way to go for me.

  7. I was never into purses much until I started blogging, ha ha!! Now I have quite a few that I change out depending on what I’m wearing—and it’s fun!
    I usually am drawn to the bright colorful ones, but I do have a pastel blue one too!! Maybe I should try the light pink as a nice change??

    1. Pale blue sounds so pretty. I’m really loving color this spring. It looks great with black :))

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