New Ways to Wear Summer Scarves

I love the way a scarf can elevate an outfit and add a touch of elegance to your look but I can seldom wear them around my neck in hot weather. Today I’m sharing a few ways I style scarves during the dog days of summer.


Choose a very large square scarf. Fold in half into a rectangle and tie small square knots with the corners on each side. Square knots will not slip out. Cross left over right then right over left, and tug tight.

Square knot is corners of silk scarfThen simply slip your arms through the openings created and voila, instant coverage.

Directions on how to wear a scarf as a tied wrapIt’s flowy and cool and works over any sleeveless or strapless dress or top.

Wearing a scarf to cover your upper arms

Head Scarf

I also love using scarves to cover my hair. Being at the beach, windy days, or just driving will tangle and damage my baby fine, thinning hair. Here’s a favorite way I tie a scarf to protect my hair and cover a bad hair day. I’m using my favorite Herme’s scarf that my husband surprised me with several Christmases ago.

Tying a silk scarf as a doo rag

Fold a square scarf into a triangle. Place the center of fold low and straight across your forehead. Then bring the sides back and wrap them over the long triangle at the back of your head. Then tie them into a snug square knot at the base of your skull.

How to tie a doo rag over your hair

Many times I leave it full in the back, but today I loosely braided the ends for a more compact look. You can also tuck the ends up under the back.

Do you wear scarves in the summer?



  1. I love the scaffolding!

    1. You’re most welcome,Stephanie. Thanks for being here.

  2. Jennifer, Don’t give up on your arms> You can change them the trick is to lift heavier weight. I love scarves on everyone else but me. I guess I need to just wear one and get used to it. I like the headband look it looks really good on you. I am going right now to find one and try it. Thank you!

    1. I started using arm weights the minute I got home from my trip!! They’re really sore so I think I’m on the right path. Thanks!!

  3. I wear scarves all the time. My grandsons always ask me when we are at the beach and actually on the beach, where my scarf is….I love scarves..

    1. I love them too! They add so much personality to our look.

  4. We’re waiting in suspense for the announcement,

  5. I really like the way you created a scarf wrap that will stay where it should. Right now its too hot and humid here for me to tolerate a scarf worn in any way when I am outdoors, but it would be perfect to tuck a pre-tied scarf into my purse to slip over my shoulders to keep me from shivering in the freezing air conditioner drafts in offices and restaurants.

    1. Having a scarf at the ready, in your purse, is brilliant!

  6. Paula Lusk says:

    I really liked what you did with the shawl. They always fall off my shoulders. I will definitely use your technique. Pretty scarves.

    1. Sometimes I even join the knots in the front. That helps too!

  7. I love the wrap. I always forget the tips I see online when it’s time to do it before I go out, but this one I will remember! And, btw…you look pretty badass in that head scarf!

  8. Mary Lovstad says:

    Cute — and still cool way to wear a scarf as wrap — too bad all my scarfs are heavy, Iowa winter ones –might have to look for some fun summer ones.

    1. Silk is usable year round and a great investment, Mary. Look for some on sale!

  9. I love the idea of using the scarf as a wrap! I always forget about that, it is such a great look!!

  10. I love the flow wrap, as you know. I added a chunky pin because the “sleeves” kept falling down, and I want to move freely. Although, withe the sleeves down, it still makes a pretty accent.

    The perfect wrap for air-conditioning.

    1. A pin is a great idea!

  11. Barbara Wilson says:

    awesome post. I love the head scarf idea. For upper arms you must, must, must go heavy on the weights. Exercise bands won’t cut it.

    1. I’m finding the bands worthless, Barbara, so I’ll take your advice. Thanks!

  12. You always teach me something, Jennifer! I bet you are the most stylish traveler out there on the road!

    1. It’s funny you should mention that Pam. I don’t quite blend in 🙂

  13. Love the idea for tying them as a wrap, but chemotherapy for breast cancer made me vow never to wear a headscarf. That’s all I see when I see a woman wearing a headscarf. May just be me… xoxo, Brenda

    1. It’s not just you Brenda. XX

    2. I’m sorry what you’ve been through. But I think scarves give everybody flair. My cousin had brain surgery this winter and I think I’ll show her this idea I think it’s really cute. She loves scarves and I think it’s a much cooler option than even the fashionable little crochet hats. Best wishes to you!

  14. Atonia Walpole says:

    Unfortunately here in the sub-tropical heat of Columbia, SC, scarves are not practical in summer. However, I love the idea of using a big square for extra coverage. Great idea for evenings with a tank top. Good way to add a pop of color too.

    1. Yes, Atonia! I also love using them to add pattern and color to my mostly neutral wardrobe.

  15. Jan Brown says:

    Thanks Jennifer! I especially love the idea with the blue print scarf! Great tips.

    1. Use a big scarf for that one, Jan. I think you’ll love how it works.

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