Welcome to the Weekend: Dressing Room Edition

Did you ever spend over an hour trying on clothes in a gorgeous store only to discover you prefer what you wore in… to everything you tried on? That happened to me last week. I really wanted to like the clothes but ultimately they were just wrong for me.

I wanted to find something flattering so I kept trying until my energy wore out and common sense kicked in. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled LifeThat local store was not my style and I should have quit sooner. I always see things I love on their website so that’s how I will shop them from now on.

Talbots was across the street and I knew they had a new fall collection so I headed over for a look. I’m not a traditionally preppy dresser but love that Talbots carries misses, petite, plus and plus in petite. There are few major retailers who carry sizes for all of us and their pieces are classics that can be worn in creative ways.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life wearing Talbot's fall jacket

I started with this jacket in navy. I tried the petite but the armholes weren’t deep enough. Petite versions are shorter everywhere. The overall length, sleeve length, and armhole depth is shorter. At my age, I need a deeper armhole so the regular misses version felt more comfortable.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life in Navy jacket from Talbot's

That meant the bracelet sleeves were longer but they were still short enough to showcase bracelets.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Talbot's jacket

This jacket looks oh so Chanel and is a timeless piece to wear for years. The “misses” sleeves were too long on me. They didn’t have the petite version in my size but I think that would be preferable. I’d need to go up a size in the petite version to make up for the shortened armhole depth. A great fit is all about proportion and we need to be flexible.

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life in Talbot's jacket and jeans

Their classic 5 pocket jeans fit me perfectly in regular. I have a long torso so the petite version was too short in the rise. I prefer my jeans to come all the way to my waist to minimize any muffin top action.

Talbots new fall collection is currently discounted 25% and flying off the shelves so you might want to have a look soon. I love that you can pick and choose the same garment in different “fits” to achieve the look you want.

There are some amazing sales this weekend you might like to check out.

Bloomingdales is offering an extra 20% select with the code FASHFUND.

Macy’s is offering an extra 25% off with the code FRESH.

Loft is giving an extra 50% off select with the code SUMMER50.

Anthropologie is giving 30% off clearance, no code necessary.

We’re picking up my son and daughter at the airport tomorrow and heading into Glacier National Park. I understand there are more Grizzly Bears than wifi connections inside the park so this promises to be an adventure!

Do you pick and choose between sizes to get the look you want?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!





  1. Where do you reside? Sounds HOT !
    Nice to share time with Grand.
    We live in Tampa 8 months then
    3 months + travel . Want to streamline
    My wardrobe . So I delight in your

  2. Τhe Chanel-like jacket is awesome. You look great. You combine this wonderful jacket nicely with jean you look stunning.

  3. Love the jackets on you! I have good luck with Talbots clothes when I’m lucky enough to find them at Goodwill. Their petite length jeans means no hemming for me!

  4. Both jackets look wonderful on you. I stopped in at Talbots yesterday and, while the new fall collection does have some lovely things, I admit to being extremely disappointed in Talbots generally in recent years. Many designs are just plain dowdy and many jackets are too short to flatter. It’s been quite a while since I loved anything enough to take it home, and it used to be my favorite store!

    1. It’s interesting how brands change with new designers. I’m not familiar with their previous collections Nancy!

  5. Debbie Z. says:

    You look stunning in the Chanel-like jacket. So glad to hear you bought it! I agree with you that it can be dressed down with jeans and flats and needn’t be for work wear only.

    1. I’m a big fan of dressing garments up and down to get maximum use out of them!

      1. Yes, that jacket would be great with a black sleeveless dress or dressier black trousers. Hope you have a great trip and enjoy your birthday!

  6. I love the styles but good fit is essential. Have fun with your wilderness adventure. xo

  7. I never allow size dictate to me while trying on clothes. It’s all about the fit and feel. I shopped a lot at a Talbots while I was working. Great classic pieces.
    Have fun in Glacier National Park. Remember bears can swim.????

  8. The new fall collection at Talbots is really gorgeous. I looked at that white Chanel-like jacket, but I honestly can’t imagine where I would wear it. Bummer…the one thing I miss about not working. I did, however, find several have-to-have pieces and am really happy with them. The long duster sweater is lovely and I came across a gray T-shirt with tossed foil hearts that grabbed my eye. Would never have noticed it in the catalog, but it was adorable on, so it came home.

    I definitely try on various sizes and have several depending on the style. For example, I tried on the S in the T and ended up with a petite M. Just didn’t want the extra length and the slightly tighter fit of the S. The PM was more forgiving, which is important to my aging body. 🙂

    Hope Glacier NP is awesome…I’ve heard it is! And Happy Birthday!

    1. It is gorgeous! I’m thinking that ivory jacket will be great dressed down with jeans and comfy flats. Thanks Laurel!!

  9. I love the ivory on you! Hope you got that????

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