The Anatomy of an Outfit: Balancing Leopard Booties

Fall officially arrived last night with a rip-roaring thunder, lightning and rain storm. I couldn’t be happier because it’s my favorite time of year. This is the season of booties, scarves, jackets, and wraps which offer myriad ways to switch up our simple basics.

Sam Edelman leopard booties on A Well Styled Life

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing Sam Edelman Leopard Booties

Leopard is popular year round but I wear it most often this time of year so when I spotted these grey leopard booties last month I knew they had to be mine. I assumed they would make a small statement but discovered they make a bolder impression than I anticipated when wore with pale gray.

Sam Edelman Leopard booties from Nordstrom on A Well Styled Life

I seldom want people to just focus on my feet so today I’m sharing why I styled my look this way. It is a column of gray with pops of color and the placement is anything but random.

Sam Edelman gray leopard booties on A Well Styled Life

These little booties pack a lot of visual bang for the buck. I could have opted for a monochromatic look and carried my gray handbag but that would leave the booties taking center stage so I added strong color to balance them out.

Jennifer Connolly wearing a column of gray

Strategically placing color in your outfit helps to move the visual focus around your silhouette. The bright pink handbag is a similar intensity to the pink in my scarf which draws the eye toward my face. I also wore pink lipstick to ensure the focus got to my face.

Gray silk cardigan from Lily Silk on A Well Styled Life

I expect to get lots of wear out of these booties this year because they are very comfy and a perfect cool neutral to coordinate with my black and navy.

Do you strategically place color to move the eye around your silhouette?

Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day!


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  1. I don’t tend to wear much color but I love the gray, I need a pair of gray jeans for sure, they would be so versatile in my neutral wardrobe.

  2. You look so adorable. I LOVE leopard……always have. Even have leopard carpet on our stairs….looks fabulous.
    I’m also on the hunt for some flats….I’ll look forward to see what you find.

  3. Great strategies here! I’m torn between the gray and brown leopard tones. I think I should go with brown as my hair is brown. Did your hair colour factor into your choice?

    1. Yes! I have cool toned hair and skin so I look best in cool-toned leopard.

  4. Clever tip about hits of color to balance the pattern!

  5. L H Carter says:

    Wow! You turned gray into a dynamic color with all these pieces. You looked fabulous leaning against the mural. You, the clothes/accessories, and the photography are a gorgeous combination of skill and imagination.

  6. Great outfit. I am the same height as you Jennifer and any tips on wearing outfits which give the illusion of height are always welcome.

    1. A column of color elongates and slims so are always favorites for me.

  7. I really love your look today! Your accent pieces are visually appealing, and interesting too! This is why you are a popular fashion blogger and I am not!
    I’m far too plain in everything I wear! I wore what I thought was a really cute outfit Saturday night, people told I looked good, but later when I saw photos of all of us at the table, I was so sad . I looked pale, blah( I do wear makeup, blush and bronzer!) just uninteresting…..
    Oh well…..still learning!

    1. Sometimes little tweaks make all the difference. I sent you an email.

  8. Great advice. I had a pair of leopard slippers that I loved (and that gave up the ghost eventually), and I kind of enjoyed having happy feet. Still, the way you played the scarf (not all pink, just a bit–very deft touch that keeps it from going all matchy-matchy) and the bag is brilliant.

    1. Thank you! I’m still on a hunt for the perfect leopard flat because my old pair got worn to death!!

  9. Love your thought process and how that generated your look, except for the leopard booties. I prefer to have my shoes/boots not be attention getters, but just a neutral progression of ‘the column of color.”

    1. I understand what you mean. I love all column of colors and adore pops of leopard.

  10. The boots are definitely eye catching, and a strong statement piece, I think a black wide pant would be interesting, and I’m sure you have thought of that!

  11. Jennifer Ellwood says:

    I really like this outfit, especially the scarf!

    1. I dug this scarf out of a sale bin in the Short Hills mall over 25 years ago and still love it!!

  12. Such a great look! I love the gray with the bright pink and the boots are perfect! You look lovely. – Amy

  13. I never thought of this! But I do love the pops of color and I love how you styled your clothes! Thank you!

  14. I love this look on you, Jennifer. The clothes and the great images make this such a fun and inspiring post. Great advice too.

  15. Interesting! I wondered how to wear leopard booties without it being all about the feet. I like this look!

    1. Here is one way and you can also do it by pairing them with other colors which I will be sure to do this fall.

  16. Suzanne Cheek says:

    Those boots are fabulous and your entire outfit is really well put together. I know from reading your posts on a regular basis that you are petite but you look 6’ tall in this outfit.

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. I am short but a column of any color helps us appear taller:)

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