Look of the Week: The Grown Up Way to Wear Gingham

Happy Monday ladies! Our open house went well and now we wait. I’m loving the feel of minimalistic surroundings and wonder if I’ll unpack most of those boxes we just stored;) I’m glad for the breather from the packing then expect it will get frenzied again when someone buys it. In the meantime, I’m happy to get back to fashion and what’s new for spring.

Today I’m talking about Gingham, that traditional pattern that’s as classic as polka dots and stripes. It’s most common in tablecloths, famously worn by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and nothing I could picture myself wearing. It’s everywhere this season and showing up in sophisticated ways so I’m on the hunt for some unusual looking pieces.

Gingham moto jacket from Chico's on A Well Styled Life

How about this gingham Moto Jacket? The sharp navy and white with zipper detailing looks anything but girlish. It’s got stretch built in for comfort and would be great with a white sundress, blue jeans, white jeans, etc.

Naomi Scarf-Tie-Denim Sandals on A Well Styled Life
Naomi Scarf-Tie-Denim Sandals  (on sale)

Gingham ribbons can be totally girlish but also preppy and feminine in these denim sandals. I see them dressed up with a sundress or down with skinny jeans


J Crew Gingham Tulle Skirt on A Well Styled Life

The juxtaposition of tulle and gingham make this skirt unusual and fabulous. I love how they’ve dressed it down with a chambray shirt which is just how I would wear it. I’d add espadrilles, simple jewelry and call it a day. Super fun! I also see it with a white tee and denim jacket.

MANSUR GAVRIEL circle checked bag on A Well Styled Life

I love this circle bag. The black and white gingham nods to the 50’s with a modern vibe. The shape is on trend and the pattern is classic making this an investment bag that’s wearable for many years.

Gingham Slides from Talbots on A Well Styled Life

These slides are from Talbots who is known for their traditional shapes and patterns. These are not unusual but the whimsical pattern would be fun in the hot weather.

Do you wear gingham?

Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day!

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  1. The J. Crew shirt fits more with my style. I do love that round purse…but, not price tag, lol!

    1. It’s a beauty of a bag, but not in my budget right now either:)

  2. It’s about time Gingham came back in style! I love everyone of the examples you showed us!

  3. L H Carter says:

    Thank you for reminding me about gingham. Dots, stripes, and gingham suit me better than florals. (Yet I admit to liking large tropical flower prints. )

    1. I used to say I don’t wear pattern, but the longer I think about it, the more I realize that I do wear prints…mostly geometric or simple ones.

  4. I could use one piece of gingham…a fun shoe or bag, scarf maybe a a well priced shirt or ankle pants ( tiny, tiny print) No way would I invest three figures into a piece of clothing or accessory in gingham as it’s a trend and can go so wrong so fast. At 5’1 a gingham skirt can be too sweet or overpowering. It just reminds me of the red gingham café curtains my mom made for my first apartment kitchen. I don’t dislike it but a little goes a long way.

    1. I agree, a little goes a long way. I don’t see it ever going out of style because it’s a classic pattern so it’s versatility is in its shape.

  5. I’m in love with gingham. I bought a top in that pattern and it plays well with solids and other prints. I’m seeing it everywhere and want more. A spring coat in gingham would be a lovely addition to my wardrobe. With the rain up here, I like to change my outwear daily, as that is all anyone sees as you’re out & about.
    That purse is very wearable for those not sure of too much pattern on their body.

    Crossing my fingers that a good offer comes in ASAP. Selling a house is a stressful time. Keep plenty of wine handy. ????

    Still not receiving your posts in my inbox. I have to refer back to an old one, go to HOME and find the latest. Can you help?

    1. I just added your email myself Joanna, so you should be all set now. I’ve missed you too! Good point about your outerwear! Variety is important in your climate.

  6. Margie from Toronto says:

    I have just bought a black & white gingham shirt – a dressy shirt with a great collar and a slightly longer length. I wore it yesterday over a black turtleneck & leggings and got quite a few compliments! I’d love a lightweight blazer for the summer either in black & white for the office or navy & white to wear with jeans. It always says summer to me.

  7. Thanks to a previous post of yours about your Target finds, I discovered an adorable black and white gingham midi skirt, fitted through the hips then flared – perfect for my 6 ft frame! Can’t wait to wear it when the weather warms up. Merci beaucoup for passing on the Target buys!

    1. It sounds great!! I’m becoming more a fan of Target each time I visit. I’m glad you found something you’re excited to wear. I love when clothes do that!

  8. Gingham doesn’t fit my style of neutrals, silver jewelry and black, white, grey and denim…That said, I do like the look of a bit of gingham to call spring to my blacks and whites…Hence, a gingham scarf…black and white and just perfect to say, “Hey spring is really coming”…Thanks for validating my choice with your post…I have worn mine daily since it arrived…
    (How’s my girl, Lucy?)…-d

    1. I love it in a scarf! Less fussy for some reason. Lucy’s health is wonderful! Thanks for asking. She’s feeling a bit disoriented by all the changes to her house so I’m keeping her close to me. She rides shotgun for me while I run errands;)

      1. (emojis)……CLAPPING….smile…-d

  9. Here in the Midwest there is gingham popping out here and there in the department stores. I’m not sure how to wear it on me but it does look summery!

    1. It does look and feel summery. I’m going to experiment with it in accessories first.

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