The Sheer Trend For Mature Women

I believe a small touch of trend keeps mature women looking current and visible. That doesn’t mean looking like mutton dressed as lamb. It means interpreting the trends in such a way as to feel confident and stylish. There are many new and returning trends to choose from this time of year so I’ve decided to start a new series to explore a few over the coming weeks.

Let’s start with a challenging one. Sheer. It’s all about what shows beneath and that needn’t mean your undergarments. They’re both elegant and tacky ways to interpret this trend.

Do you believe the mature woman can wear it?

Sheer shirt for mature women on A Well Styled Life


Would you wear this trend if it looked like this?

The sheer trend on A Well Styled Life

Or this?

The sheer trend for mature women on A Well Styled Life

Please share your thoughts below. I’ll be back with my thoughts and some ways to wear it later this week.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. Dagmar Vena says:

    I would wear any of these except the black one, black is not flattering on me anymore

  2. L H Carter says:

    The Karen Kane blue and white top is acceptable for me. Also the Calvin Klein black and white gingham one as a duster was good. The black heart one was not modest enough for me and it would make me feel like a serving of mutton.

    1. A serving of mutton is never what I what to look like either!

  3. Darlene B. says:

    Love the black and white gingham duster and see no reason why women our age should shy away from a little sheer expression of our personalities. The blue lace top is pretty and would be perfect for date night or a casual gathering. I do believe that the proper undergarments are key to this look, no matter your age.
    Thank you for this post and so many others.

    1. I love that duster too! It’s a great combo of menswear with femininity.

  4. Connie Miller says:

    Even though I’m a shortie, #1 is my favorite and I would wear that for sure. I think the key for women in our age group is to wear it tastefully. The undergarments do the heavy lifting for this trend. I would do a column of one color (probably white) in a tee or tank and jeans underneath. A cami would not provide enough modesty for me.

  5. beth byrd says:

    Fortunately, there are many different versions of the sheer trend and I think any woman would be able to find something that would look and fit great. I’m glad to embrace a trend to feel and look current as long as it is appropriate for my body type. Thanks for showing us different options! I so enjoy your blog, Jennifer!

  6. I wear some sheer tops over Chico’s tanks as the tanks come in so many colors and are substantial and do not look like under wear.

  7. I wore a sheer flowered top out to dinner last night ( I also wore pants lol) and even tbough it came with a camisole, it took three tries to get the right cami. We were with friends so I had no interest in showing any cleavage. Dinner out alone with my husband is another story ????

  8. Not a fan of the hearts or the blue lace … but I love the black and white check Calvin Klein duster! I’d wear that one, especially with a looser top under it. A fun dressier look with black top and pants!

  9. Hi Jennifer. I’m loving all your posts and am constantly learning from you. On a side note…how is your move going and where are you in the process? Looks like we’re about to make a major move from our big, beautiful home overlooking the Puget Sound to something much smaller with no view. I’m somewhat excited and scared to death at the same time. How’re you doing?

    1. Connie Miller says:

      Val, we just did that – left a beautiful home with a panoramic view and downsized to a townhome. Fortunately, we have a small lake out front now so the view is still a nice one. We absolutely love it! I feel like we are on vacation and staying in a condo. NO outside work so we go for walks every day. I am sorry we didn’t do this a couple of years ago!

      1. Thanks for reply, Jennifer. Glad you’re enjoying your new place. It’s encouraging to me to hear that!

    2. I’m very nervous too! I have no idea where we’re going but know leaving here. We’re up to our eyeballs in boxes which makes it all the more real.

  10. While I am not a trend follower, I do like feminity of these tops. What is underneath is important and I like the way these tops have been styled.

  11. I liked # 1, not hearts but loved #3. Wear what makes you feel good!

  12. I love the sheer trend when it’s done right and tastefully. That means always with a tank or cami underneath. I own and wear several sheer pieces and also have a variety of pieces to wear under them. The color of the tank or cami under a sheer top can make a huge difference in the look also.

  13. Jennifer, are there any trends that are so passé we should hide them in our closets? Or do you feel that if worn with enough panache you can continue to wear anything that you loved at the time of the trend. Thinking of bell sleeves, I love the trend and own a few pieces. In a few years when the trend is gone, will wearing a bell sleeved top raise eyebrows? Would love to hear your opinion.

  14. I love sheer as long as what is underneath compliments. I love the feminine look and lace is a favorite of mine. I guess I am a girly girl, at heart. I like all three of the shirts and would wear them if I had ideas as to how they look best.

  15. I like the long check top worn as a vest but, sadly, not for short people like me. Here’s a funny story about a trend. Getting my hair done this week and the gal doing it had a bell sleeve top. Her sleeves, although cute and trendy, kept hitting me in the face and the back of my head. Had to chuckle. Gonna leave that trend alone.

    1. Not to mention getting in your food – either cooking or eating.

    2. Not a great trend for her line of work! I like that checked best so I would hem several inches off the bottom.

  16. I have a sheer EF linen top that I’ve worn for a few summers. It’s best with a cami underneath that coordinate with one of the colors in it. Sadly, it wrinkles like crazy, so I don’t wear it as often as I could. High maintenance clothes often sit in my closet now, I find.

    Not a fan of the lace or hearts, but I look forward to seeing you style some sheer items. You always give me new ideas. 🙂

      1. Ha! TBH, I have worn it a few times without ironing it. Like you, I’m learning to love linen without cleaning it every time I look at it.

      2. Connie Miller says:

        I would rather clean toilets than iron. I’m all for fashionable wrinkles.

  17. Thank you for providing my first laugh of the day – mutton dressed as lamb, LOL. That sure sums up many potential fashion faux pas if we follow certain trends. (distressed short shorts, I’m looking at you) I’d wear the gingham tunic in a heartbeat and the blue/white top is pretty too, but I’ll leave the hearts one to teenagers.

    1. Short shorts are a slippery slope for many women, no matter their age 😉

      1. True!

  18. Finding a style that flatters the silhouette and softens parts like upper arms is tricky. I often ask my daughter to share her opinion if I am trying to look too young or if it is actually flattering on me.

  19. I love it!! Not tacky but in feminine styles. I like the idea of a pretty camisole underneath and something feminine and flowy over it. I love soft and feminine — without too many ruffles and bows.

    1. I love a little feminine touch without ruffles and bows too.

  20. Julie,Melbourne,Australia says:

    I like the look and would wear it with the right style and colours.I think mature women can wear this look as long as they get the layer underneath right.

  21. Francesca says:

    The white blouse that exposed arms – YES! Showing bra
    -absolutely not

  22. I think sheer is fine, if done right. I really like the Karen Kane top.

  23. Oh definitely! I would wear all of those. These days I always wear a Uniqlo camisole and I find that a drapey sheer top over the cami is both comfortable and surprisingly flattering.

  24. Yvonne Grzebien says:

    I totally agree Jennifer – a bit of a trend keeps us current. I really like this trend and will wear it. The underpinning doesn’t have to be tight as in the photos above – I would wear a tank top that falls away from the body a bit.

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