Column Dressing for the Holidays

Happy Tuesday ladies. Who’s ready for Thanksgiving? I’m a guest again this year and happily bringing my famous Pecan Pie. The recipe I use is wickedly rich, but then I add a smidge more butter and loads more pecans which knocks the calorie count out of the park. I’ll try to limit myself to one slice but I’m not making any promises.

Jennifer Connolly wearing silk blouse with blue jeans and black booties
blouse c/o – jeansbooties similarearringslipstick in Marshmallow Pink

With that attitude, I imagine I’ll be intentionally dressing to take pounds off before this holiday season is over. There’re many tricks ways to dress so we look taller and slimmer but the simplest is column dressing.

Style blogger Jennifer Connolly wearinf navy silk bloiuse with jeans and black boots

Column dressing means wearing one color head to toe. Today’s look is close enough to give a similar effect with deep European navy, dark denim, and black boots. Simply combine items in the same or similar color family. It draws the eye up which makes us look slimmer. It also helps if they’re a similar depth of color.blue silk drawstring blouse over blue jeans and black booties

This silk blouse from LilySilk is a deep European navy silk. It avoids the boxy look that many longer tops have because it has a drawstring just above the waist which creates a peplum effect.

navy silk drawstring blouse from LilySilk with blue jeans

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I opted for simple hoop earrings and no necklace for a clean look. You could easily jazz this outfit up with a sparkly necklace and dressier shoes.

I’m loving navy for a change and this deepest European navy is the most formal.

Now onto our faces. Literally.

Do you sleep on your back? I try, I really do but I always end up flipped over with my face smashed into my pillow. It’s the absolute worst thing you can do to your face but I can’t seem to help myself.

silk pillowcases in the box for gifting

So what’s the next best thing? Sleeping on a ivory silk pillow cases from Lilysilk on antique bed from France

Lilysilk makes them in every size imaginable in tons of colors. I chose the zippered case and soft ivory because it makes my bed look like an oasis I can’t wait to dive in to. Face up of course.

LilySilk is giving my readers a 15% discount with the code awellstyledlife at checkout.

Think about treating yourself, or any woman on your gift list, to some silk pillowcases.

Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day.


Thank you to LilySilk for partnering on this post. I was compensated but all opinions are my own.






  1. The navy looks wonderful on you. I’m also short waisted but shorter than you are plus a few more pounds so I’m afraid this pretty peplum style would make me look pregnant and at 60+ that truly would be a Christmas miracle.

  2. This blouse suits you very well. I know….silk pillow…but you can’t clean it like cotton and that’s keep me off to buy
    one. Any cleaning tips?

  3. As a teen in the mid 60’s I fought my Mama who wanted me in sunshine yellow. But navy was my favourite. I like more colours now but navy continues to be a favourite as it goes with jeans, jackets etc.My hubby’s fave pie is pecan and I may serve pie or bars a la pecan tgis year. A recipe might help. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.Love your hair. This curly top is envious!

    1. Thanks, Susan. I am really struggling with my hair these days…post to follow;) I’ve asked hubby to grab some pictures tomorrow when I make the pie and hope to share soon.

  4. You look great and taller in the “column” dressing!
    I also use a silk mask and a roll soft pillow behind my neck which keeps me from turning in my sleep.

  5. This is a lovely blouse and perfect for your body type, Jennifer. I am loving navy more and more every year. Now, I would love to see your recipe for that famous pecan pie. Please consider doing a post as you make it this year and sharing with us. Need a good recipe!

  6. Lovely silk blouse and a very attractive look on you, Jennifer. I wear navy more often than black, so the blouse interests me. I’m curious about the sizing. Are you wearing a small? I usually wear petites because I’m short waisted and my arms are rather short. The sleeve length looks ample on you.
    I’ve never tried silk pillowcases, but I can see where the zippered closure might be very helpful to keep the case from slipping off. I think I’ll try those out also!
    Thanks for today’s post!

  7. A very flattering look on you and most people I think. There are also many days I just want any easy outfit without having to think too hard. I don’t sleep on my back but I’m thinking if getting a foam wedge to help with that. Meanwhile, silk pillowcases are great!

  8. I’m also wearing navy on thanksgiving…..and maybe the few days afterwards! Lol. I’m not a sweets person, but gorge on turkey, stuffing (aka: dressing), gravy. It so fills me that I like to wait an hour or two for any dessert sampler.
    You look very slender in your outfit, and hope that Intoo can pull this off…..

    1. Dressing is the term I grew up with. To be honest, my favorite part of this meal is dressing drizzled with homemade gravy. Followed by Pecan pie. Bring on the diet!!

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