There’s No Place Like Home

The sunrise was gorgeous on Saturday.
There's No Place Like Home


So we decided to take a trip over to see Lasqueti Island. We’d  read about their wonderful farmers market and wanted to check it out. There are only about 350 permanent residents and no car ferry, so we boarded the Centurion VII ( they need to bump it up a notch and launch the Centurion VIII), with Finn and Lucy in tow.
There's No Place Like Home
The trip took an hour…a long, loud hour and freaked the dogs out because we had to stay back by the engines. Oh boy, this seems like a fun day already.
I spotted this sign on the dock as we were unloading.
There's No PLace Like Home
Okay…this looks like a friendly place.
There's No Place Like Home
It’s a little smaller than I was expecting  but had some wonderful organic veggies and baked goodies.
Observing the crowd ( I adore people watching) visiting with their neighbors and catching up on each others news, I realize several things in quick succession.
  1. I am the only woman there wearing mascara.
  2. I am one of the few women who is not barefoot or wearing flip-flops.
  3. I am one of the very few women wearing a bra and the only hair colors used in this crowd are blue, purple and fuchsia. Sort of funny, but I felt just a tad out-of-place.
OK, heading back down to the pub for some lunch I spot…
There's No Place Like Home
Yes, that’s a pet sheep wearing a harness on a leash. Interesting for several reasons not the least of which was that my dogs were the only ones that were on leashes. Apparently the sign on the dock was only for tourists!
Onward down to the promised pub, we find they serve no food until 3pm. It’s 11 am, I’m starved and the return Ferry isn’t until 4pm. What’s a girl to do?
There's No Place Like Home
And oh yes, and the dogs can’t come on the deck of the pub so, “here you go honey”, I enjoy a lovely glass of wine while we wait for food and the ferry. Interesting glassware and it didn’t affect the taste..one little bit.
There's No Place Like Home
There's No Place Like Home
So Lucy, Finn and I sat on the lawn watching the local children trying to kill  themselves having  fun, climbing up on top of a phone booth, on the dock, and plunging into the harbor.
Pretty painting on the dock building. That’s Nathan taking the plunge! Another glass of wine later…
It’s lovely and warm sitting in the sun. And even though I have my full sun force shield on, (the largest hat I own and scarf to cover my neck), I lay down just to rest my eyes. I can hear the kids splashing and laughing. Finn and Lucy lay down too.
My husband calls, “Honey, they’re serving food now”. Which wakes me up just in time to catch this below!
This “gentleman” not 2 feet from his own boat, letting his nature call into the harbor next to the little swimmers. Classy to be sure, but hello! Use your own boat… there are children swimming all around you not to mention adults nearby.
“I’m not really hungry sweetie, you go ahead. Just please get me another glass of  Chardonnay?”
I kept my head down while enjoying another glass (how many was that?) of their fine white wine and that’s when I spotted  something really out-of-place.
There's No Place Like Home
My Prada flats are the most comfy weekend shoes
I’m pretty certain I was the only putz person who was wearing Prada loafers to this farmers market.

~ Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.~

The ferry ride home was long and just as loud, but way more enjoyable because I knew my deck awaited with another glass of wine while I roasted the fabulous tomatoes we bought at the farmers market.
There's No Place Like Home
Sure enough, they were having a little sailboat race off my deck for my enjoyment to watch while the tomatoes roasted and the sky turned colors.

~There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…~

Do you alter what you wear to blend into the crowd?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Lasqueti can indeed be an interesting place to visit… always a bit odd. I have had a place there for the last 19 years and I STILL don’t fit in. That might have to do with wearing a bra and not dressing like a hippie… but in any case I know how you feel. I agree with you on the leash bit, Olive is likely the only pet on a leash at the markets, but that is more for the veggies’ protection that anything else. Usually she is a very well behaved little sheep, but sometimes a head of lettuce is just toooo tempting to pass up.
    I wish we had met during your short visit so your puppies could have met Olive (said sheep on a leash). She really does love dogs (she has two of her own) and I think it might have added a little more awesome strange to your trip.
    I can vouch for the high quality of the Salt Spring market, it is a teeeensy bit bigger than ours…. OK its huge. BUT you will not get to see or meet any friendly sheep out for a stroll.
    Should you want to see more pictures of her or learn more about this little cutie sheep, she has a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/olivethewool

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you too!
      Is Olive your sweetie? Do you live on Lasqueti full time? Olives Facebook page is wonderful. I didn’t look all the way through and will go back to read more. I had been hoping to buy some local wool while there, do you use her wool? I’m guessing so just based on her Facebook name.
      This must fall into the small world category I’m certain. Nice to meet you.

  2. wow, what a place!!! Looks like you had a very interesting visit

  3. playingwithscarves says:

    Hi Jennifer !
    I am so glad you left a comment on my blog! It made me discover yours which is absolutely hilarious and irresistible! Count on me to be a faithful reader 🙂
    I hope your Prada shoes returned home safe from this delightful place where men are not really well mannered, food is served later than it would be in any French restaurant, and dogs are not welcome. By the way I literally hate flip flops too. The worse creation (?!) ever. The only good point was obviously the Chardonnay wine…
    Thanks again for sharing this fun trip to nowhere.

  4. Great post! Actually sometimes I do alter what I wear when I want to observe others, it can be quite a helpful little tool and a great way to get information. I can’t help it, I was a Navy brat and it was always pressed upon us to be a chameleon and blend in with others, especially when overseas. That being said you wouldn’t catch me without mascara! Have a great weekend. XO, Jill

  5. Your trip sounds “interesting”!

    I would never go out without my makeup on
    as soon as I have my shower
    I blowdry my hair and put on my lippy, mascara and the works
    I would feel totally naked without it!

    As for going braless
    wouldn’t appeal to me at all I’m afraid
    wouldn’t everything be just jiggling about the place
    uncomfortable and definitely “not” a good look!

    The wine sounded great though
    and your little dog is cute.

    Happy September


  6. WaveLength says:

    I don’t think many of the folks there were looking at your shoes, so I wouldn’t be too concerned…

    Salt Spring Island is wonderful. I go every June for a week of knitting and am thinking about going for another week for weaving. The complaint I’ve overheard at the Saturday market is that there are just sooo many tourists coming now that it’s becoming too crowded to really shop. I really like the small stands that are put up by kids with their cookies and handmade crafts. Do go.

  7. I love your sense of humor, -awesome. I never want to blend into a crowd, I love to stand out. I feel that my sense of fashion whatever it may be is a part of my personality.


  8. Oh such an enjoyable post my dear! i felt completely transported and so enjoyed your sarcastic tongue! Beautiful scenery ripe with humor …and sly fashion barbs…yep…that ‘s all enjoyment in m y book! Thank you for the entertainment.

    As for your question…no…I rarely if ever alter what I wear to blend into the crowd…not really interested in the blending concept. i usually dress for my own enjoyment and sometimes give a nod to the utilitarian aspects of dressing needs of the occasion and location. That being said i would never purposely dress in a manner to make others uncomfortable. B

  9. “Do you alter what you wear to blend into the crowd?”

    Horror! Why would anyone want to do that?!

  10. Prada and mascara well, you are just an utter harlot aren’t you? Budge up, I’m on your bench.

  11. Looks like you had a fun time. What a beautiful boat! Yes, I do try to blend in sometimes. I don’t really like to stand out too much so I tone things down if I think I’m going to feel over dressed. I hate to admit this, and your blog is private right? 😉 I have a friend who never dresses up. Worse, she only wears grungy stuff and doesn’t care a thing about clothing. I never dress up if I’m going to spend time with her. In fact, I’ll be grungy right along with her. Some of that is nice for a break from caring…but I could never do it every day.

  12. vintagefrenchchic says:

    Ummm…I sure wouldn’t WANT to with that crowd. First of all, I would be arrested if I didn’t wear a bra. Second, flip flops and I–well, we just don’t get on that well together. Third, I always wear mascara unless going to the…no, nevermind, I think I always wear it. You looked very chic for your farmer’s market visit.

    1. The pain of going without a bra doesn’t bear thinking about.

  13. A good friend of mine has a waterfront second home on the island, a gorgeous getaway. It’s always fun to hear her stories about island culture, and I’ll have to point her to your post. I’m surprised your mood wasn’t much enhanced by the secondhand, erm, smoke . . . 😉

    1. Funny you should mention that…I tried not to inhale! It was wafting everywhere and brought back many memories. I said to my husband, “doesn’t this feel like Woodstock revisited?”

    2. Mad giggles now. You see I am back to the internet – oh the fun!

  14. Hi just stumbled on your blog, just being nosy and looking at Rhonda’s newest followers from A Little Bit French Blog and decided to see your blog. Love the story about your trip. I always say I need to take another vacation after I travel and especially if I’m roughing it! Looked like good memories…xx Pam

  15. Oh now you MUST visit the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market!
    It’s got a lot of action, colourful characters and you will not be out of place at all!
    Lots of free samples of food and so many things to tempt you that it’s difficult not to go home with an empty wallet 🙂

    Your adventure does sound a wee bit comical but I am sure that it did not feel like it at the time.

    1. OH! Salt Spring Island! My heart does a little happy skip to hear that name again. I can smell the Arbutus trees…

  16. It almost seemed they would be starting a fire soon to dance around and howl at the sky! I’m glad I saw it, I think.

  17. There’s nothing like an earthy crowd to amuse oneself. I like the outdoors and I like camping but, barefoot and braless is going too far! I pretty much wear whatever I like.

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