Trend Report: How to Wear Ruffles Over 50

Are you a fan of wearing ruffles? If you are, you’re in luck because they’re a big trend this season. I’ve never been the girly girl type who wears ruffles easily. Structured, cleaned line garments are my preferred look so this trend won’t be easy for me. Lots of the ruffles being shown are too juvenile looking so I hunted for some options to wear them in a grown-up way. 

Wearing them on your feet seems easy to me. I like these espadrilles and would wear them with tailored jeans and pants.


These striped mules have a dreamy ruffle along the top and ring every bell for me. I must like ruffles more than I thought. Of course, my feet couldn’t wear them…having “challenged” feet is such a bummer.

Ruffles mule from Nordstrom on A Well Styled Life
Avec Le Filles Maya Mule


These have a chiffon ruffle which is over the top for me but look way more comfortable and would be cute with a dress for a wedding or even with black jeans. Maybe they’re not out of my comfort zone.

Ruffles are popular on handbags this spring. They needn’t be big or full to get the effect.

Gianni Bini Florence Ruffle Tote on A Well Styled Life
Gianni Bini Florence Ruffle Tote

Ruffles are popular on handbags this spring. They needn’t be big or full to get the effect. This backpack combines feminine ruffles with a utilitarian look. This one adds pink to the mixture which gets into a whole different category for me. I’d wear it with black or dark structured clothes to tone down the girly factor.


Adding a ruffle to black leather tones down the ruffle and softens this jacket. The leather is edgy, the shape is structured and the ruffle is soft.
Ruffle-Trim Leather jacket from Chico's on A Well Styled Life

Here is a Faux Leather version that’s budget-friendly.

Chicos soft ruffle jacket on A Well Styled Life

This jacket has a waterfall front which creates a soft ruffled look. This shirt combines a tiny ruffle with a black and white check in a structured shape. The pattern is also a spring trend. The color and pattern make this shirt look even more structured.

There are ruffled dresses and tops galore to choose from but if you want to wear subtle ruffles there are lots of options for you this spring.

Are you a ruffle lover?

Thanks for reading ladies and have a great day!

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  1. L H Carter says:

    I liked the look of the ruffles on the two jackets because they are not too girl-ish.

  2. Julie,Melbourne,Australia says:

    I like the leather jacket, even though ruffles are something I’m not really attracted to.I suppose the only way to find out is to try something on,such an obvious comment but sometimes you can be surprised.

  3. I’m not overly fond of ruffles either, but I have a grey denim jacket with a ruffle very similar to the one on the black leather jacket that you’ve shown here. I’ll have to dig it out to wear it when the weather warms up a bit more.

  4. Kathy Lucas says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    How can i find an older post of your? I need that smoothing belt you review a few? weeks ago!

    I’m tired of the the waistband of my jeans poking out in front.

    Thank you

    PS i do like a bit of a ruffle, I’m going to get a couple of cotton jackets from Talbots out for spring. So far I like the items that were out last time ruffles were big, just a ruffle down the front.

    I tried on a jeans jacket at Talbots recently and I was overcome by all the ruffles on the collar front and sleeves

  5. I haven’t been “at ease” with wearing ruffles for a very long time! However, I do love the waterfall look on sweaters and have knit myself a few sweaters with the waterfall front. I love them and wear them frequently.

    1. I love the waterfall sweaters too Barb. Just enough ruffle on a garment for me.

  6. I’m not quite sure why, but I find ruffles to be fussy and frilly, yet I find fringe to be chic and cool. I suspect it has something to do with being dressed in ruffles as a small girl versus the “grooviness” fringe represented during my teen years. Hmmm…it gives pause to think about how my preferences are formed.

    1. Great observation Linlee and I agree fringe is definitely cool and groovy:)

  7. I adore those denim ruffled sneakers. That’s how I would want to add ruffle. Edgyfy it a bit. Feminine ruffles I feel are too young for me and even when I was young too feminine for me. I was never a girly girl dresser.

  8. I’m not a big ruffle girl either. I love those denim slip on shoes you showed. Those I would wear! I have a few things that have a little bit of ruffling, but as you say, so many of the pieces out there are over the top. Thanks for sharing your finds. – Amy

  9. Thanks for addressing ruffles. I like ruffles but am cautious when buying now.

  10. Hmmm…a jacket with the waterfall front is something I might try. Perhaps that would give more attention to my top half & take attention away from my wider bottom half?

    1. It’s a very graceful shape. I’ve always loved the look.

  11. I always thought ruffles were not my thing but several years ago I tried something on with ruffles and found thet were flattering on me. I think they framed my face and balanced out the fact I am smaller on top than the bottom. I still avoided anything that looked too girlish. I only have a couple of items with ruffles now but would definitely wear what you have shown above. The shoes would likely never work for me in real life but are pretty.

    1. My shoes need to work in real life too but I do like pretty ones:))

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