Unlined Coat For Casual Outfit

My northern California climate gets chilly but it seldom gets really cold so my coat collection has not been worn much. I began
donating them to a nearby battered women’s shelter so I’m now down to the bare essentials.

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woman wearing unlined coat and cashmere sweater

I spotted this unlined one a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist the color. I’ve never owned an unlined coat like this but my friend Eileen, says she has several hanging in her wardrobe. What turnip truck did I fall off that I never considered a coat like this?:)

Since it’s unlined, it’s a great option for milder climates like mine, shoulder seasons, and people who run hot, like me.

blonde woman walking in brown coat and jeans

This unlined coat is loose and oversized which leaves room for layering bulkier things under it. It comes in 3 colors, sizes XXS-XXL 16W. Because it’s not overly structured, I was able to size it down to a small.

I’m wearing it over a pale blue cashmere sweater. I love these sweaters because the colors are yummy, they’re very soft and the price is right.


I spotted this alternative which I’m anxious to try. I’ve been reading wonderful things about the way Naddaam does business and when I learned their sweaters are sustainable plus they provide vet services for their goats in Mongolia, I knew I loved their company values.

blonde woman walking in unlined coat and blue jeans

We’re on a bit of a roll here with comfy shoes because my feet have been persnickety of late. This classic bootie has a low, stable block heel, and comes in 3 colors, sizes 5-13, AAAA-WW! The black is totally classic, this fudge color is more casual and the red is beautiful.


Toe shapes come and go in footwear, but this classic almond toe is always in style. It elongates the look of your leg slightly with no toe pinching. They have a removable cushioned insole with arch support which really helps with foot fatigue.


My jeans are an easy pull-on style with tons of stretch. I needed to go down one size so they do run large, which is a good thing with Thanksgiving coming up. They’re sustainably made with stretch denim. These jeans are made from sustainable cotton, spandex, and recycled polyester that’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. I am wearing a 6.

Now that I know unlined coats are a thing, they’ve been on my radar. I found this cape which has me intrigued because I adore the drama of capes. You need to know that being unlined is not a sign of poor quality, it’s simply a style feature. Here are a few others I’ve found-


I promised I would let me know when the handbag you see my carrying all the time was on sale. It’s currently 40% off as is most of their stock.

many picture of lo and sons bag

It’s a crossbody bag that seamlessly converts to a shoulder bag, a large clutch, and I’ve worn it around my waist to be totally hands-free. It has tons of pockets to keep me organized and is perfect for traveling.

Thanks for reading ladies and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

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  1. Could this be your sweater, Jennifer? I love it so much on you, but I’m so short waisted that I’d be afraid to try it without petite sizing. I thought I’d post it for others though.

    1. Yes it is!! Thank you, Mary!

  2. . I have unlined jackets but no coats, I wear my longer trench coat if it gets cold. I miss out on wearing winter coats and hats living on the Coast. Usually a lightly quilted jacket with a sweater is all I need. That’s a beautiful coat though so I’ll just eat my heart out. Enjoy your coat. 😊

    1. But…you live on the coast, so there is that!:) I’d take that tradeoff any day.

  3. So good-looking! I get cold easily, so the fact that it covers the back all the way would be great for me, and it adds a lot of class to the outfit. Sadly I can’t wear cashmere (itchy!!!) or wool (worse…), so unless I could find a similar coat in another material, it’s out for me.

    1. I will keep an eye out for you.

  4. Christine says:

    I love unlined and zip-out linings in raincoats and coats. The taupe wool coat is beautiful but to much for SoCal. Plus, cashmere and wool is too warm; for me, it’s one or the other and only on certain days. Thank you the link to the funnel neck cashmere sweater. The camel is perfect and on its way! My daughter received a knee-length black wrap coat from Naadam last Christmas which was too large for her, so she “gifted” it to me 🙂 That’s what caused me to order the sweater you linked, I’m well aware of the quality of Naadam garments. Enjoy the season, autumn is my favorite!

    1. I’m so happy to hear of your personal experience. I’ll look more closely through their wedsite:)

  5. You look gorgeous in everyone of the photos, all the different outfits so easily put together….love it!! Years ago I had a beautiful black unlined long coat that I purchased in Macys in NYC. I adored that coat…..before we moved to Florida I gave the coat to my niece and she is still wearing it and it still looks brand new. Have a great week Jennifer!

    1. Happy Monday, Dianne

  6. Cindy Gill says:

    So glad you posted this about unlined wool coats. I wear wool only when it’s very well line because it feels irritating on any skin except my hands. I love the way wool coats look and I had seen the term “double faced” coats on Nordstrom site, but had no idea that it meant they weren’t lined. Also, I saw the term “shoulder season” and I hadn’t heard that used before, but I can see what that means by the context of your post.
    The boots, coat, sweater and jeans all look casual but elegant on you!

  7. Was so excited to purchase your multi purpose , very attractive purse ! Sadly the
    company presently does not ship to Canada.

    1. Oh no! That’s such a shame and bad business for them. They are a small company.

  8. I like my unlined coat for in-between weather in fall and spring. I have a wardrobe of coats and jackets because winter and everything in between takes up so much of the year. Wearing one coat for months on end becomes tiresome. My unlined coat works well with heavy sweaters, as it’s not so constricting.

    What I don’t need so much of is summer clothes. However, when it’s hot, it’s very hot.

  9. Our (RI) shoulder season is still here but it’s getting progressively cooler every day. I bought an unlined cordoroy jacket from Talbots a month or so ago, and it is surprisingly warm. Thanks for saying ‘unlined is not necessarily cheap.’ I tend to equate the two b/c I grew up in an era of lined clothing. My grandfather was in the clothing business, and he’d be rolling in his grave about unlined jackets or coats.

    1. 🙂 Not cheap at all. I’ve come across a few in the multi-thousand-dollar range that are stunning!

  10. Eileen here, I love these unlined coats, they are perfect for certain climates! I love the light drape around the body, as it’s not bulky. And the structure holds up better than a sweater. I have a few in my closet, and this color is beautiful, on you.

  11. Leslie Greaves Radloff says:

    My JJill ha taken me through at least five late fall to early winter’s. Black with an extra button at the shawl collar gets warmer and with a thinner puffer vest withstood gale like winds one November weekend in Chicago: Lake Michigan storms, like those of Lake Superior, are nothing to scoff at.

    1. Oh yes! Those storms are especially cold.

  12. I love that your bag has zippered inner pockets for organizing. Mine doesn’t, and seems like a bottomless pit some days.

    1. Bags with no compartments drive me crazy

  13. I adore that style of coat although I’ve never seen one unlined. The style and colour looks great on you. Enjoy the cooler weather.

    1. This taupe is one of my favorite colors

  14. Beautiful unlined coats and I love the colors you presented. Alas, my region’s shoulder season is just about over. Already. Could you post about styling down coats and jackets? I haven’t missed mine but I will see it soon.

    1. I do have a post coming in a few weeks on styling coats, and will look for a down one to try.

  15. I have to say I’m with you in never really hearing about unlined coats. They look very intriguing. You would definitely get more use out of them. Love that handbag,!

  16. Cath🇨🇦 says:

    Jennifer, I am back 🇨🇦 home after our month touring the West Country of England . I am very happy to no longer be the navigator in our little car. Many adventures and awesome scenery, and a few hiccups along the way, but when traveling, isn’t there always?
    And because I persisted with my disappointment regarding one unclean cottage booked through Airbnb, which the host did not acknowledge at all, I am having the substantial cleaning fee reimbursed with thirty dollars extra
    ( service fee?) Quite the win , after initially being grossed out when we first arrived ,tired and ready for a tea ( no sugar either). The other four cottages were really quite the opposite, and two of those were exceptional.

    Seeing your unlined coat, I must admit to loving the ones I have included in my wardrobe in the past three years… best for spring is a pale blue /cream reversible coat from Max Mara Weekend (on sale online at The Bay) which coordinates beautifully with a blouse and scarf in the same blue with grey and cream from InWear, a European line found at another local boutique.
    My first unlined coat was a shorter version, a taupe jacket a tad darker than yours, bought as an experiment and which became a staple for a 2019 visit to London and Paris . It was found at my favourite local boutique, Little Black Dress. I add colour with a Hermes silk scarf , my one luxe purchase from Harrods during that visit, and much loved , which has the same odd taupe in it along with pinks, peach and pale greens.
    Adding several months ago … to keep the local shops going during these difficult times! …are a rust coloured belted unlined jacket which is worn beginning in September, and so fun to accessorize with autumnal shades, and lastly a slightly heavier unlined coat version in a soft brownish shade from the same LBD shop. Scarves are worn, and usually short boots . Now that our local world is opening up slowly, these favourites will be enjoyed when it is not wet out , or windy, as there are usually no closures.
    Just as an aside, my Isla Jacobsen perforated shoes were so useful on this past trip, and strangely still kept my feet dry in rainy weather in Cornwall. Very light to pack, popped into separate shower caps , and stuffed with little bags of jewelry, as I do with all of my shoes in luggage. Amazing how many of those you can accumulate while traveling!

    1. LOL, you’re so right about the shower caps. Your trip sounds so wonderful. I always worry about using Airbnb, for those sorts of reasons. Your outfits sound lovely, Cath. I’d love to get a peek into your closet:) xx

  17. Jennifer,
    You said you went down a size in the Liverpool jeans, but what size are you actually wearing? I’m looking at the chart and am totally confused.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to say, I’m wearing a 6.