Welcome to the Weekend: Walking on the Wild Side

Leopard is one of those things women either love or hate. Some see it as trashy and cheap looking, other’s see it as chic and edgy. I like it in small doses, never more than one piece per outfit for me but there are those wild ladies who pile it on, the more the merrier.

Traditional leopard print usually contains a lot of warm, orange tones that aren’t flattering on my cool skin tone so I gravitate towards alternative colors when I’m lucky enough to find them.

Vince Camuto colored leopard on A Well Styled Life
Vince Camuto V-neck top in cool blue

I like leopard accessories that have texture. Either real for faux calf hair adds a level of punch to the pattern that appeals to me.

Claire V colored leopard print foldover clutch on A Well Styled Life
Claire V Leopard Clutch

This Claire V clutch has my name all over it. The green is fresh and this bag will coordinate with everything black that I own. It’ll look great with denim and works all year round.

Sam and Libby Augustine Mule on A Well Styled Life
Sam Edelman Loafer Mule in Leopard

I prefer leopard items to have something unique about the design to step it away from ordinary. Although these are the traditional leopard coloring, the shape is distinctive. It’s dramatically pointed toes, sleekly raked sides and hammered golden heel make these mules anything but ordinary.

I wear less leopard in the summer because the pickings are frequently slimmer, but sandals and shoes are always available, as are sunglasses and hand bags.


The Nordstrom sale continues to go strong but they’re not the only game in town!

Loft is offering 50% off everything with the code SUMMER17.

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Do you wear leopard in the summer?

What color do you prefer?


Thanks for reading ladies, and have a great day!

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  1. I do like a splash of leopard. Shoes, bags, belts etc. However I do also have a few tops too, I admit.

    1. Splashes is a great way to put it. That’s how I like to wear it too!

  2. Louise K. says:

    I don’t have anything personal against faux-animal prints. They just remind me of the wild animals who were killed for their hide. I know they’re not real, but that’s the association in my mind, so they just don’t appeal to me.

    1. That’s not a good reminder so I understand why you wouldn’t wear it!

  3. Sandy Andry says:

    About a year ago I went shopping for one of those leopard Claire V clutches. Instead I found a Claire V small purse on a chain (I can hide the chain in the purse) at Nordstrom Rack for half price. It pays to shop around!!

  4. Love leopard. Bought a Clare V clutch on sale. Worn out my leopard ballet flats must buy another pair. I also have a great fake leopard coat. I must say I don’t wear them during the summer.They seem more fall and wintery to me. Love the look at that green leopard. Must check it out.

    1. It feels wintery to me too but some of those sandals are really cute!

  5. Deborah Davis says:

    I agree wholeheartedly!! Love leopard in small doses….just bought a pair of black mules with a leopard top by the toe box from Nordstrom’s that I saw it when I clicked on your shoe link. Backordered but worth the wait with the sale! As always, love your blog….you and I definitely have very similar taste and I love the classic look with a bit of flair that you exude. Thanks for all the great advice and your wonderful life snippets. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I loved that green clutch so much I ordered it! It seems unique enough to add fun to everything I wear it with. Thanks for reading, Deborah!!

  6. Hi, Jennifer,

    Love this post! I found and purchased the Sam Edelman mules during the Nordstrom’s sale and love them. The line of the shoe is very flattering and the gold heels are so fun, and they are comfortable. I definitely AM one of those women who loves leopard print! It is a neutral for me. Like you I wear only once piece at a time – don’t want to look like roadkill! I now have lots of leopard print in my wardrobe. I have leopard print pumps and ballet flats, and a clutch and two small cross body bags with touches of it.. I have a dress and some blouses and tops and a sweater and a cute jacket from Chico’s in leopard print and scarves. I find myself reaching for it a lot, just the right print with solids in black, chocolate brown, white, red, or denim. My favorite item is a faux fur leopard print coat I found at Nordstrom’s about 6 years ago. It is so fun and I love it. Every time I wear it, at least one woman asks where I got it. I love your blog. Thanks…Pat

    1. Thanks Pat! I still miss the faux fur leopard coat I had in my 30’s! Since I’m not a print lover, leopard is my go to pattern too.

    2. Sue Lewellen says:

      Pat, I’m a leopard fan myself. Love it!

  7. Jennifer, my coloring allows traditional leopard, but since I hardly ever wear prints, I do love leopard accessories in small doses. I have a pair of eyeglass frames in leopard. They always garner compliments. And they match my hair color. Lol. I also have leopard bras and panties. No one knows they’re there but me! My best friend wears tons of leopard……

    1. Lucky you, Linda because it’s most available in your coloring! I treasure the cool colored ones I’m able to find. I too, have leopard lingerie 🙂

  8. Janet Williams says:

    I’m with you; cool animal prints preferred and accessories often. I do love them, more in cool weather and one piece at a time.

  9. Gail Schwartz says:

    Leopard flats are a staple in my wardrobe

    1. They’re so fun. Mine are worn out so I’ve ordered some new on sale.

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