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Wearing Leather in Midlife

Many women over 50 love and wear leather. I wear less than most, by preference. The classic motorcycle jacket remains an iconic classic, but you’ll never find me wearing one. I prefer soft and suede over zippered and hard.

Welcome to this week’s Hit Your Style Sweet Spot, my weekly collaboration with Pamela Lutrell from Over 50 Feeling 40.

Style Sweet Spot

You’ve hit your Style Sweet Spot when your appearance is sending the message you intend, and you feel confident that you look your best. Last week we shared how we wear flats. This week we’re showing how we wear leather.

I bought this leather jacket over 15 years ago. The brand has gone defunct, but my jacket remains a favorite.

People Like Frank Leather Jacket

It’s unhemmed edges and fabric lined peplum soften the hard look that leather frequently has. Lightly distressed texture tones down its shine.

People Like Frank Leather JacketIt’s cut-out flower pattern adds a touch of whimsey without being sweet.

Styling a Leather jacket in Midlife

I wear it with jeans, skirts, pants and little black dresses for a bit of softened edginess. I dislike leather next to my complexion so usually add a scarf for softness.

Style and Fashion blog for women over 50

This reversible red leather and suede coat has been in my wardrobe for over 20 years. Mostly unworn.

Red leather coat styled in midlife

When I do wear it. It’s always suede side out because I don’t like the shine.

Style Tip: Shine accentuates the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.

Red suede jacket is softer than red leather

Red is not my favorite color, so I always wear it with this burnout velvet scarf to soften the look.

Style and lifestyle blog for women over 50

Many of my shoes and handbags are leather, but not all. If I’m wearing a leather coat I prefer nonleather shoes and handbag. These shoes are microfiber and the handbag is faux fur fabric.

Leather must be soft and have a feminine shape for me to feel comfortable wearing it.

This is how I hit my Style Sweet Spot wearing leather, now let’s go see how Pam hit’s hers!

Do you feel comfortable wearing leather? Or do you prefer suede?

Have a great week!


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  1. I think red is one of the best colors I’ve seen on you. It brings your entire being to life! And I like the coat without the scarf. It makes you appear taller.

  2. Hi
    I’m 50 in a few days and I’ve only had a leather jacket for a year; paper thin Italian leather and falls in a waterfall at the front to draw attention away from my larger bust, but honestly I still feel strange in it. I loved your myriad of ways to soften it with scarves (not hung around the neck as is often the boring go to look we see) and your softer bags and shoes. This is insightful and helpful for a softer trendy look for ladies who are still full of life!

  3. retro-roost says:

    The statement necklace paired with your suede coat is perfect! The color and material of your coat calls for something larger/heavier, and the look with your necklace is “of this time”. Interestingly, I believe the red suede suits you well, and the scarf sort of distracts from the simple beauty of the suede and its color. I have learned a lot in the short time following you — thank you.

    1. I love this!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Other readers agree with you! Thanks for sharing. xx

  4. Big leather fan……love the your look. Suede….for me, not so much.

    1. You are not alone about the scarf! It’s so interesting to get your take on it. Thanks!!

  5. Love faux leather and real leather. These are very cute coats/jackets. I like the fit of the brown one and the that red suede is very pretty.

  6. I prefer leather over suede. We get a lot of rain on the wet coast and suede would get ruined quickly. I like soft leather or good quality faux leather jackets in colors such as camel, grey and plum without any of the embellishments of the ubiquitous biker jacket that seems to have gained popularity amongst all ages.

    1. I agree about suede in rain! Sadly, we don’t get much here in CA

  7. Two years ago I bought some black leather pants. In the fitting room, I kept telling my friend I was too old for leather pants, but she disagreed. It is attitude and as long as I’m not trying to perfectly style it… that’s when I think women of a certain age don’t look like they should be wearing them. Dress everything else down. In the winter, they’re my favorite thing to travel in. xoxox, Brenda

    1. I still have leather pants from 25 years ago! I’ll have to dig them out.

  8. I love leather,any kind. I often ride with my husband on his Harley so the leather is important to protect me against the weather and in case of an accident.
    I don’t notice my wrinkles any more than normal but it doesn’t bother me if it does accentuate them.
    I find suede is harder to keep clean ,especially on shoes and boots. I do use a suede protector I purchased from Nordstrom though. But I still avoid wearing suede if there is a chance of rain. I wear smooth leather shoes in bad weather, and I avoid any kind of fabric shoes. In really cold weather I wear a down midi coat that has a hood from Eddie Bauer. I am 65 ,retired and live near Dallas Tx

    1. Leather is a huge “must wear” on motorcycles! I agree about the rain. It’s brutal on suede.

  9. You look great in both pieces! I love the beautiful details of your leather jacket. A unique and special piece!

    And I like both sides of the leather coat on you – quite different looks. But I do see why you like the suede side with that gorgeous scarf – it’s a softer look.

    I don’t own a lot of (faux) leather but added some faux leather leggings to my wardrobe last year and ended up wearing them a LOT more than I thought I would. And I just got a moto jacket that I LOVE…

    1. I’m a huge fan of faux leather and suede. It’s so easy care and comfy.

  10. These two jackets are beautiful and I love how you’ve styled them.

    I love leather and have three jackets that I wear now. Like you, I prefer the soft leather or suede, and the moto jackets with hardware and zippers are not my style. I do find the softer leathers seem to get worn looking sooner than harder, stiffer ones, and I often have a hard time finding another I like. But I’ve been lucky the past couple years.

    Back in the day, I had a beautiful cinnamon colored suede cost that I purchase on a trip to Chicago with an old boyfriend. It snapped up the front, the cut was flattering, and it had (of course) huge sentimental value. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of wearing it out with my new (first) baby and forgot to cover my shoulder with a ‘burp cloth’. Of course, he burped on my shoulder and I was never really able to get it clean again. I still think of that coat fondly and wish I had it!

    1. Oh no! Baby burp could be fatal to suede. It sounds beautiful though.