Welcome to the Weekend: What’s in my Makeup Bag

As I packed for our RV trip I realized I have several new items that have become basics in my makeup bag and wanted to share them with you. As you know, I only use products that are NOT tested on animals which limit my options but I’ve discovered it doesn’t limit me to lower quality products.

I have a very rough texture on my chin from past sun damage which has bothered me for years. It’s not wrinkled skin that I earned living my life, it’s damaged skin that I caused through years of not protecting it. Short of a scary, expensive, intense laser peel which might fix it or leave me with worse scars, there are few things I can do to soften its appearance.

Several months ago I discovered the It Cosmetics line. The first product I tried was their highly rated CC Cream Illumination SPF. I found a perfect color match but also that it was way too heavy for the rough texture on my chin. I tried it several times but it always settled into my creases so it got tossed.

Bye Bye Pores pressed powder
Bye Bye Pores Translucent Powder

Then I tried their Bye Bye Pores Pressed Translucent Powder. This is the only powder I’ve tried that knocks down the gleam from my sunscreen and doesn’t make my lines look worse.

Bye Bye pores translucent powder

Powder used to be my enemy. I’m used to it accentuating my wrinkles but this one doesn’t make me look drier than I am.

Around the same time, I discovered this Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer.

Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer

I smooth it on my chin and crows feet before applying my tinted sunscreen and find it does appear to blur the texture. It looks thick in the jar but spreads on smoothly.

Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer

Nothing’s going to make the rough texture or wrinkles disappear but blurring works for me and it’s a simple step that I’m liking the results of.

Do you have a wonderful skin or makeup product you can share with us? I would dearly love some suggestions. Preferably cruelty-free.

And now for some retail therapy. There are several sales happening this weekend that may be worth a peek.

Ann Taylor is offering and extra 40% off sale merchandise and 50% off dresses and shoes with the code RSVP.

J.Crew is offering 25% off with the code YESPLEASE.

Clarisonic is offering 30% off all devices with the code FRIENDS. I’ve used my Mia for over 5 years and love how gently it cleans my skin!

Nordstrom is offering up to 40% off during their Half Yearly sale which is only on for 2 more days!

Saks Fifth Avenue is offering 40% off select items…including designer.

Neiman Marcus is offering up tp 65% off until June 3.

We’ve left in our trailer for Canada and I hope my internet holds up!!


Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. Jennifer, there is one product I use and will not be without. SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence – it looks like water and I honestly did not expect much. It was recommended by someone at Nordstrom’s cosmetics counter when I told her I thought my skin looked old and tired five years ago. I was not even at the SK-II counter, but she walked me right over there. In less than a month it restored my skin, which remains smooth and bright. I now live in the desert, and it makes a difference in keeping my skin from being too dehydrated. I use it morning and evening after cleansing, like a toner. Don’t bother using cotton – it is pricey and cotton just wastes the product. I pour it into a refillable spray bottle (small enough so I can take when I travel) and just spray it on my face and neck and décolleté and let it dry a bit and then follow with serums and moisturizer and sunscreen. I cannot say if it cruelty free. I now buy the largest size because the prize per ounce is the lowest. If you want to try it, the small bottle runs about $105, but lasts me 4 plus months, so the monthly cost is about $20 – $25. Love your blog…Pat

    1. I’ve seen the magazine ads for Skin-II and wondered about it. Living in the desert means the driest air possible so if this helps I need to look into it. Thanks so much for sharing, Pat!!

  2. Jennifer, this is more about skin care. I’ve used the Andalou products but recently have felt the need to step up to something more moisturizing at age 65. Although they are pricy, I’ve fallen in love with Colleen Rothschild products. If you wish to give them a try, I’d suggest starting with the Discovery kit. (Generous samples of the basics.) I’ve been following a very simple routine and love the way my skin looks and feels. Their website and product delivery is top notch.

    1. Thank Suzanne! I am familiar with that line but haven’t explored it further. Maybe it’s time because my dry skin gets worse every year.

  3. I’m wild about the the IT CC Cream with SPF that isn’t the illuminating kind. I don’t know if it would work better for you than the tube you have, but if you can get a sample sometime, it might be worth a try. At the risk of sounding like I’m tooting my own horn, here’s a true story: the very first time I wore it in public, one of the hygienists at my dentist’s office made a point to come over and tell me I have the most beautiful skin. That had NEVER happened to me in my life so is it any wonder I like the stuff?!

    1. Toot your own horn from every roof top, Ann! I love to hear it. I’ll get a sample to try with my fingers crossed 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  4. Could you please let me know which goes on 1st….sunscreen,face cream,make up…I am going to Ultra tomorrow
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sandra. Face cream goes on first, then physical sunscreen and makeup last. If you’re using a chemical sunscreen, it goes on first to soak into your skin, then moisturizer followed by makeup.

  5. Hi, Jennifer. I applaud your decision to go with cruelty free beauty products. It’s not always easy because I sure do miss some of my favorite brands that I used in the past, but my conscience won’t let me buy vanity products that cause pain and suffering to animals. I really like Paula’s Choice products, and they are cruelty free. I feel that my complexion looks pretty good for a 65-year-old. Paula has different lines of products for different skin types. I like her Resist line which targets mature or aging skin. She also has a makeup line, but I haven’t tried any of those yet. Check out Paula’s Choice online and read the reviews of her products, You can also find tons of reviews for other products on the site.

    1. I’ve seen and wondered about Paula’s products. I have been to her site for reviews of other brands and wondered if hers were any good. Thanks for telling me, Kathy! I didn’t know anyone who’d tried them.

  6. Hi, I love your posts. I do find them a bit hard to read on my I Pad. Is it possible to darken the typeface? Your posts are the only place I have this challenge. I think you would do a big service to those of us over 50 with this change. Thanks for considering.

    1. Hi Carolyn, Even I have a hard time reading my text on my laptop so I agree! I am working on a new template right now with the intent to enlarge and darken the text to make it easier to read. Thanks for your patience:)

  7. Jennifer, I so enjoy your blog. Thank you for your contribution to the variety of real world-yet-inspiring blogs for women in the prime of their later years (couldn’t figure out how to phrase my tribe best, ha ha!). I particularly appreciate your stance on cruelty free beauty products. There are so many CF brands out there; I too have found fine products in the Tarte and IT lines. I follow many of the top bloggers serving my demographic, and many of them are animal lovers and have the occasional doggie/cat photo bomber in their pictures, or refer to companion animal joys or sorrows in the context of their family lives. They all come across as caring human beings regardless of pet ownership; they strike me as caring and intelligent women who would not knowingly support harm to animals in any form. So, it baffles me that they often share recommendations and information on major and minor beauty brands that test on animals. One does not have to be blood-red paint tossing extremist to take a stance on this topic; there just is no justification for animal testing on vanity products. I have thought of commenting on this so many times to each blogger who lists animal tested products, but was shocked some years back on the reaction of one of them–an internationally respected woman who simply deleted my post without comment when I asked if she could clarify whether the brand she was discussing continued to test on animals as it had in the past. I am an courteous, educated woman who avoids shoving agendas in anyone’s face; I am not an internet troll lobbing harsh critiques in hurtful language. So thank you, Jennifer. Fine companies that take a stance and offer cruelty free beauty products will thrive and grow when given the attention that you have in this post. Simply checking an encyclopedic site like Beautypedia. com can confirm whether animal testing is involved in a product.

    1. Beautifully said, Clarrisa! I also check on Cruelkitty and the Peta site. The number of cruelty-free brands is growing and some of their products are stellar. Any brand whose products are sold in China gets tested before import. So while the brand may not test on animals themselves, they condone it to earn money by selling in China. I won’t use their products either. I don’t want to support their company by buying

      1. Yes, the China connection does complicate things! Often, a CF company gets purchased by one of the large cosmetic conglomerates and then lines are blurred…but if the original company remains committed to CF products, I think customer support sends a message to the top that cruelty free products can be profitable. That being said, I also stick with products not sold in China.

      2. Yes, the big conglomerates are swallowing up many of the smaller CF brands. Money talks, sadly.

      3. Jennifer, I did not know this about products sold in China. Thanks for this information.

      4. China requires it of any skin care or beauty products that are sold in China. It’s a shame.

      1. How do I find out about CF products, wold there be something on the stuff I already have

      2. Most products that are CF are proud of it and have a picture of a rabbit that says “not tested on animals” or and image of a bunny face that says “cruelty free”. If it doesn’t have a symbol it’s likely not CF

      3. Sandra, you can check your product out on the site Beautypedia.com. Leapingbunny.org., or PETA’s website. Another option is to just google the question’ ” is this product: ________________, cruelty free? and you will almost certainly get detailed posts from others who have already researched the question.

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