Where to Find Chic Things

My post on Sunday generated lots of questions and emails about the things I was wearing… so since you asked…here’s where they came from.

Several readers emailed me to ask about my white shirt. It’s from the Chicos no iron collection.

Chico's no iron blouse with pearls and a leopard bag
This blouse is pretty much perfect and it’s now on sale for more than 50%! When I toss it in my washer and dryer, it comes out looking freshly pressed and crisp. I usually iron my clothes but this shirt never needs it.

Chico's no iron white shirt

In fact, The collar was looking bent when I took it out of the closet, so I blasted it with my hairdryer for 3 seconds and it straightened right out.

This is a crowded time of year in my closet because I’ve got both winter and summer clothes in there. Our weather fluctuates so much in the Fall, I never know what I’ll need.

Majorica Pearls and great white shirt from Chico's
Directions on the perfect way to roll you sleeves are here.

My pearls were an impulse purchase aboard a flight to Europe years ago. I was enduring a particularly cramped airline seat when I spotted them in the duty-free magazine. They’re Majorica Pearls (faux) and are as pretty as real ones. You can find them at Nordstrom.

Chico's Kathleen Leopard handbag

My touch of leopard is a fun handbag from Chicos. I use leopard as a neutral and like how it adds a bit of sass to outfits.

Luisa open toe bootie by Munro

My booties were a new find at Nordstrom. They have an outside zipper and are very comfortable.

Luisa peep toe bootie by Munro

I have a post planned for later this week on what you need to be aware of when wearing a peep-toe anything.

See you back here tomorrow for a particularly fun Dressing Room Diaries. There was Pink Champagne involved!

I’m wearing- Majorica Pearls // Chico’s Effortless No-Iron Shirt // Chicos Leopard handbag // Vegan Suede Leggings // Luisa open toe booties //

Have a fabulous day.

xo Jennifer

Disclosure- Chico’s sponsored this post, all opinions are my own. My full disclosure statement in here.




  1. I just found this blouse at Chico’s in Ontario, Canada. I loved it so much, I bought it in white, red and purple!

  2. Love this classic black and white style on you Jen. The collar upright with the pearls, elegant! Those pants sound very comfy and stylish as well. Loving the leopard clutch for a fun pattern, I have one similar that folds 🙂 Looks great!
    Have a great weekend!
    jess xx

  3. Chico’s no iron shirts are wonderful. I have several. That one is very flattering. And I love the leopard bag. But the pearls are to die for! Must check them out.

  4. I love this look. Very stylish.
    Your blog is immensely practical for the ’older woman’. I particularly like the way you don’t gloss over the difficult bits of growing older like some bloggers tend to do.
    I am a similar build to you and find your style inspiring. No more frumpy middle- aged clothes for me!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    I read your post about the eyebrow pomade and last night I ordered it and the brush from Sephora. I ordered dark brown because my hair is darker than yours. I know I will love these products and thank you for the great idea.

    1. Hi Betty,

      Let me know how it goes. It’s always hard to guess colors online. Use a light touch…you can always add more.

  6. Ralph Lauren also does nice no-iron shirts. I do iron (I don’t use a dryer–they’re terrible for your clothes) to get a sharp crease on the sleeve. But the beauty is that they stay crisp no matter how steamy the day.
    The length on your shirt is very flattering.

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