A Great Tee, Two Ways

Happy Wednesday ladies. This trip to Japan promises to be uhmazing! We’re struggling a bit with the language, (we’ve now had 4 toothbrushes delivered to our room) but everyone is so polite and helpful. My posts may go out at unusual times but for now, I have secured WiFi and an adapter so I can charge my laptop. I guess you could say I am learning all about what it means to be a travel blogger this week!

Today I’m sharing what I wore to travel plus how I styled the same tee for a dressier look.

Jennifer Connolly dressed for a long international flight

Long international flights require comfy clothes and layers. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing ECCO sneakers to travel These ECCO sneakers are awesome. They are wide and cushiony which my traveling feet need. I wore them all summer in white so knew I needed a dark pair for fall. I topped it with a silk scarf and this tee in  Rebel Red. This kept me warm and comfy on the nine-hour flight to Japan. I added a new red lipstick to feel glamorous and refreshed despite the lack of sleep.

A great tee is versatile and worth the investment. Last week I dressed up this same red tee from Fig & Lily with velvet jeans, black mules, and a statement necklace for a night out; I can also see it working for entertaining family and friends around the holidays… which are quickly approaching!

Velvet jeans from Ann Taylor on A Well Styled Life
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I’ve shared how much I love these Fig & Lily tees with you here and here. Their super soft quality and company ethics can’t be beaten.


Travel style for me needs to be comfortable, stylish, and practical. I have always believed in dressing nicely when I fly. This outfit was the perfect mix of cozy and fashionable.

How do you like to dress when you travel?

Fig & Lily is generously offering my readers 25% off, just for the holidays with the code HOLIDAY25 at checkout.


Thanks to Fig & Lily for partnering on this post. They provided the tee and I was compensated. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Hello Jennifer,
    I love the tee. It looks perfect for my Virginia/Texas lifestyle. But as many times as I have tried the Fig and Lily website will not load. Is is not a US company ?
    I have several pairs of Eileen Fisher pants in her different fabrics and styles. They are fabulous and completely worth the money.
    Happy travels. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.


    1. It is a US website. I think it’s slower to load on mobile and the exact link to the red Tee took too long so I linked to the shop page. I hope that helps! I’m wearing another pair of EF pants today!

  2. Jennifer, most Japanese are reluctant to approach an obvious foreigner and offer help because they have been taught that it is rude to speak to strangers. If you ask, however, they will usually go out of their way to help you. Even if they do speak some English, they often hesitate to use it because they are embarrassed by their lack of fluency. Your best bet is to ask a young person as they do study English in school. If you have difficulty making yourself understood, it often helps to write out what you’re trying to say as their reading and writing skills are often better than their spoken English. Hope this helps! Have a fabulous time! The language barrier is just part of the adventure.

    1. Thanks Elaine, those are great suggestions. We are having a wonderful time.

  3. Fig & Lily says:

    You look stunning, as usual. What a cheerful way to travel!

  4. You wear this look particularly well. That necklace is just fabulous!!

    Today’s look reflects my own style. I’m retired and have a very casual wardrobe. I wear tees accessorized with statement necklaces and/or scarves over pull-on pants or jeans. Hats and jackets complete my everyday look. My footwear is determined by the weather and is matched to my bottoms. When I need a dressier look, an ankle-length skirt fills the bill.

  5. Cynthia Dailey says:

    Hi, Please tell us what airport you flew into. What are menus like? And the food? Is it an American hotel or Japanese?

    1. We flew into Norita airport. This is a Japanese hotel and amazing!! The restaurants cater to all tastes and we’ve found the menus to be extensive.

  6. The Eileen Fisher ponte pants ARE wonderful. Yes, they are pricey, but the cost-per-wear is tiny in my experience. I wear the heck out of them!

    1. I wear mine until they begin to look dark gray! They wear and wear and wear which makes them great investments for me too.

  7. Your outfit looks comfortable and practical, which you need on a long travel! The necklace was very nice with the red top! You have given me some great ideas!

  8. That pop of red in tee and lipstick does wonders! You look great upon arrival….so much better than I’ve ever looked arriving anywhere…lol.
    Have a great trip, Jennifer.

  9. You look fabulous! What a wonderful trip to do with a daughter.
    I’m flying out of Tel Aviv tomorrow, going back home after a 2 week holiday travelling all over Israel with 2 friends.
    I saw the jacket you featured a while back, from an Israeli designer… didn’t buy it and regret it…
    I’ll be wearing whatever is clean and comfy for the flight home, not looking as good as on the flight over ????
    Enjoy yourself!

    1. Thanks so much. Your trip sounds amazing trip Lea. How fun to travel with friends. Few people fly home from holiday looking as good as when they flew out! I bet I won’t.

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