Adding Velvet to Your Casual Wardrobe

I love the soft nap of velvet and touch of glamour it gives everything. For many years, I reserved my velvet pieces for dressy occasions and then, only during the holiday season. What a waste! That meant they didn’t get worn much and spent way too much time languishing in my closet, waiting for that party invitation or special occasion.

Now that velvet is firmly entrenched in daytime wear I’m finding ways to dress it down and incorporate it into my casual wardrobe.

adding velvet to a casual wardrobe

Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life wearing LilySilk velvet jacket

adding velvet to a casual wardrobe

One of the easiest ways to feel causal in velvet is to choose it in an informal style. I seldom gravitate to bomber style jackets because they’re very sporty. When I spotted this Silk Velvet version from LilySilk, I knew it was perfect for my lifestyle.

Jennifer Connolly from A Well Styled Life wearing velvet baseball style jacket from LilySilk

To keep things casual, I opted for silver earrings and no necklace. Adding a necklace or bracelet could have tipped the balance on my top portion into a much dressier look than the bottom.

velvet baseball jacket on A Well Styled life

This fabric is 18% silk and 82% rayon which has a shimmering, almost fluid surface and soft, flexible drape. The traditional baseball styling onModeling velvet baseball jacket on A Well Styled Life

Many bomber style jackets can get drafty through the waist because they’re overly cropped. Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled life wearing LilySilk Velvet baseball jacket

You could easily dress Style blogger jennifer Connolly modeling Velvet baseball jacket from LilySilk

It’s available in a rich Claret or this vibrant Navy which I adore. For reference, I am 5’4″ and wearing a medium. It has plenty of room to layer over a light sweater.

LilySilk is generously offering my readers 15% off all full-priced merchandise with the code awellstyledlife at checkout.

Have you woven velvet into your everyday wardrobe?

Thanks for reading ladies and supporting the brands that allow me to bring you new things.


Thank you to LilySilk for collaborating on this post. They provided the jacket and I was compensated. All opinions are my own.



  1. Sue Lewellen says:

    That color, style, and fabric are gorgeous! Love it!

  2. This is beautiful on you Jennifer. How do you think this would work on a 5’1” short waisted person? Also, living in the Midwest where it’s cold in late fall and winter, would you treat this as a jacket/blazer and wear an outer coat or jacket over this?

    1. This is not warm so you’d need to wear a coat over it. I am 5’4″ and long waisted so this will be lower hip length on you which I think would be fine with a narrow bottom pant or long skirt

  3. I haven’t found a velvet jacket that was suitable for casual wear but this definitely works! I’m another Canadian with limited clothing selection but will look around including LilySilk. I appreciated the tips about not overdoing accessories and buying the right length. I often avoid bombers because I am hippy but this may work. I didn’t realize others wore their buckles offside too. I don’t like them protruding at the front.

    1. That’s exactly why I wear mine off center too, Janet! Why add extra bulk up front?

    1. I love dressy meets casual too and velvet makes the transition beautifully.

  4. I love the belt. Where is that from Jennifer?

  5. Love your outfit Jennifer! I adore velvet and it’s so easy to make it casual. Thanks for the post.

  6. Wow!!! Fabulous outfit!!! I love everything…your shoes, jeans, earrings, sunglasses…such a great combination with that bomber jacket. Just PERFECT!!!!

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I will wear this outfit often, styled exactly the same way.

  7. I love velvety and sueded fabrics and have always included them in my wardrobe whenever I could. I wear what I like without concern about if it is in style at the moment. I have tops, pants, and even dresses that are velvety or include a velvety component.

    1. Suede is another favorite of mine too! The feel makes them so luscious to wear.

  8. Very chic outfit! The cropped straight leg jeans with a tuxedo stripe and velvet bomber jacket are made to be paired. Adding a simple shirt with minor detail and big silver earrings complete it perfectly. It’s not overdone and is suitable as everyday wear. This outfit can and will take you anywhere in style. Winner!

  9. That jacket looks fabulous on you! I was waiting for you to tell us about your shoes! I need those! Would you mind sharing>

  10. sophia montgomery says:

    Yes, need to add a piece of velvet to the closet. The cut of a baseball jacket is a great way to offset the rich fabric and color. And thank you for wearing your “O” ring belt to the side!!

    1. My pleasure Sophia! I prefer buckles off center. Why put it where my waist sticks forward the most:)?

  11. I really love this jacket, but thought I couldn’t wear the bomber style. After reading your take on it I realized it was because in the past they were jut too short on me to be flattering. I went to the site and was so impressed!! I notice they don’t carry petite, at least not in this jacket. I’m 5 ft. 4″ with short arms. You mentioned your arm length in a past post but I can’t remember if you said short or long. Did you find the sleeve length in the medium size to work for you? I have only been on your site for about a month now; so glad I found you.

    1. Welcome, Elena! I am also 5’4″ with slightly longer arms. The elasticized cuff allows the sleeve to billow at the wrist which makes it totally wearable.

  12. I love your shoes as well! Did I miss reading what brand they are ?

  13. Can you give info on the jeans?

  14. What a great sporty look! The belt and jeans are perfect too!

  15. I don’t own any velvet at the moment, but this blue jacket is a winner!

  16. How pretty! I agree, we may as well wear those items usually relegated for “special occasions”, otherwise they never get worn.

    1. Yes! I am pulling all my velvet out today to see how I can wear it casually.

  17. Beautiful jacket and I LOVE it in the blue. I’ve never been a fan of velvet……until right now! My only problem is…’s out of my price range! It’s beautiful on you!!!!

    1. This blue is stunning…the photo’s don’t do it justice!

  18. Yes, I love it will try and find one in Canada.

    1. LilySilk is from China but you may find a similar style in Canada

  19. Really nice, Jennifer. I have never cared for this sporty style jacket either, but in velvet and deep blue…it’s a wow!

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