Ex-Tweeze me

It usually happens at red lights. You’re in your car running errands or worse yet, on your way to a party. As you sit waiting for the red light to change you absently reach

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up and find a sharp, inflexible, foreign object on your chin. A whisker! How charming.

Grooming In Your Car Lately?

You quickly pull down the vanity mirror in your car and yes, there is another one. Just before you flip your visor up you notice the woman in the car behind you making a similar discovery!

Having company in this exercise does not make it more pleasant.

Why does this nasty little discovery always seem to happen in the car? Is it the bright lighting or the idle time?
Grooming In Your Car Lately?
The cosmetic bag in my purse doesn’t contain tweezers. Does yours? And if it did, would you, could you, see well enough to pluck those little devils out by their stubborn roots?
And of course, personal grooming should be just that, personal… done in private.
Why are my eyebrow hairs re-positioning themselves to my chin? Mercifully it’s not my upper lip, but my Granny did have quite the ‘stache in her day, so I expect that’s on my horizon.
Grooming In Your Car Lately?
As I sit at my vanity table to remove the sneaky little devil, I gaze into my Hubble Telescope magnifying mirror and spot another one. It’s at least half an inch long, draped down my cheek.
How did I miss that one? How many people have seen it? Why didn’t my husband spot it and warn me? Argh…I can only hope people thought it was a stray hair from my (needs to be replaced) makeup brush.

Grooming In Your Car Lately?

I’ve threatened to go for electrolysis on my chinny-chin-chin and today was the day.
Laser hair removal isn’t an option for me because there isn’t enough contrast between the unwanted hairs’ color and my skin tone.
It didn’t hurt as badly as I remember. And as a lovely bonus, the woman who was zapping me hadn’t just eaten a garlic and onion sandwich prior to leaning over my face.
From previous experience I know it’s not a one-shot deal. It takes several zaps to kill most of these little darlings, but at least I’ve started their death knell.
Is it just me?
Have you spotted the woman in your rearview mirror hunting for strays?
Thanks for reading ladies and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident!




  1. One time I was in front of my own home leaving for work when I noticed a very obvious sparkling silver hair on my chin. I had tweezers in my makeup bag, but didn’t want any of my neighbors, who were also leaving for their jobs, to see me plucking my chin hair so I detoured over to a different street in my neighborhood, pulled over, and plucked that silvery little sucker.

    I just knew if I counted in plucking it at a stop light, it would have been the one time in my life I had all green lights.

  2. Get a Bellabe! It is my desert island beauty tool… I can’t believe commenters are talking tweezers. You can get it on Amazon.com or thru their site. $20.

  3. So, so funny, the other day I took my tweezers out to the car as I always always notice stray hairs whenever I look in the mirror! I too love the leopard chair, I don’t like the pattern i clothing but love it in interiors.

    Oh and what was that swine like last night? I was at the hospital with mum at midnight for 5 hours (she’s fine) and I saw that, I was fit to burst, what a horrible man.

  4. True confessions; I have a mole in my eyebrow that refuses to grow any hairs, and a mole under my left eye that refuses to stop growing hairs. WTF?? Is that actually in the dictionary under “Murphy’s Law”??

  5. Your vanity is gorgeous and I am so in love with the leopard chair!! I ordered a vanity a few days ago and I hope it will arrive soon:) Great pictures!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  6. This is so hilarious, Jennifer!!!
    Thanks you for sharing this fun and intimate moment with your tweezer and your chin!
    I thought I was the only one to suffer this awful and sudden “encounter” with a nasty little hair – and its equally nasty brothers. It’s comforting to read I am not…
    No tweezer in my bag but dozens of tweezers at home (it took me decades to find some good ones and my boys regularly steal them – turning them into tools for various purposes unrelated to hair – which makes me mad….) Giant Hubbles too in here. My bathroom is better equipped than an astronomy center!
    Have you noticed that we have a sixth sense to detect a hair which just grew (they can grow in a few secs, I think)? Have you also ever had a dinner with guests at home when suddenly you NEED to rush to the bathroom to pluck a little hair (then you come back smiling and you apologize pretending you had to check your cooking)? LOL. I do that regularly…
    Laser is THE SOLUTION. I had it done in the past – for legs. Fabulous. But the point is… the hair need to be visible enough to be eradicated. And here is the biggest issue. We can hide hair on legs until they are removed (viva pants) but HOW CAN WE ACCEPT TO LET CHIN HAIR GROW and be visible by everyone???????????? The only option I see is to hide from the whole world for weeks (any abbey you know of which accepts guests with suitcases full of thrilling novels and bottles of good wine ?) Then after a few weeks – or months – we just rush from the abbey to the Lasik center… That’s my plan. Are you on??? Let me know…
    You made my day with your article. Thanks again for this fun time,
    With love
    Anne, hairy fellow sister

  7. A friend with 3 sons envied me my daughters and one of the reasons she cited was that they were more likely to alert me to cosmetic or sartorial faux pas. Apparently, she’d been at some event or other with her husband and 3 late teen/early 20s sons . . . only when she got home and noticed a suddenly all-too-prominent whisker on her chinny-chin-chin did one of the boys say, “Oh yeah, I was wondering when you’d chop that off” . . .

    Do you remember that scene in Crossing Delancey? Amy Irving plucking her grandma’s chinwhiskers?

  8. Oh I had a similar experience…and now I need to be vigilant and check on my face,
    It was the bright light that illuminated a jet black whisker on my upper lip.
    It was thicker than any hair I have had on my face ever before and was very difficult to grab by the tweezers as my eyesight is so poor.
    Like you I keep wondering who saw it and why my friends or family never took me aside and mentioned it…
    oh the joys of aging 🙂

    1. I keep a mini battery razor in my purse for such emergencies. I joined a local senior center and I am the youngest looking grandma there, the rest of the women look ANCIENT and unkempt, and bored. Oh, I went out Christmas Eve with a guy in his 30’s, we pub crawled downtown Washington DC and got extremely drunk. I’m in my seventies and he (my neighbor) refuses to believe it. Because I always take pride in my appearance, I was a fashion model in my youth, so grooming is second nature I guess. Life is too short to look like a corporate controlled old woman.

    1. Sloooowly mending. We have another week of the staples and cone collared head. He still is not putting weight on it. Thankfully, I found an alternative to the plastic cone…an inflatable collar which is way more comfortable for him. Thank you for asking. Is your little peanut still doing better?

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